Round 19 – Sal’s Preview: Duck surprise

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Ducking is back on the menu this week and not sure why the AFL even needed to make any comment – especially mid-season.  They have made the toughest job in the game even tougher.  Was intrigued by the comments of Luke Beverige who was right in questioning why the statement.  The commentary around protecting the player that goes in lower and harder might not have been to support his ducking transgressor, but to make sure lowest and hardest player in the competition gets his share.  Libba doesn’t get many frees – usually because the ball is gone before anyone gets to him.  We watch this week with intrigue!



Roo Hoo ($1.89) vs Lobbed Out ($2.10)


How will the Tigers bounce back after going down to the Roos, a great test for them taking on Freo.  Would be a ripper at the G where I suspect both teams would prefer to play but we are in the loungeroom instead.  With Lobb out expect Logue to reprise his role up forward as the extra tall, by the same token the small and speedy Dockers up forward could present problems for the Tiger defense who thrive on picking off the high ball, while at the other end Richmond are still missing Tom Lynch.  Both midfields are strong but it will be a big job for Sean Darcy taking on Nankervis and Soldo, especially after the Tigers have consulted the umpiring department during the week.  Fremantle have the team to win this, however with the season on the line expect Richmond to respond and maintain their spot in the eight.



Hobart ($3.70) vs Launceston ($1.36)


The Tasmanian sponges battle it out at Bellerive for the “local” honours.  The Roos got on the board last week and would consider themselves some chance over the Hawks.  The Hawthorn defense has held up well over the last couple of weeks against moderate opposition, Zurhaar and Ziebel will present challenges but none they can’t handle and expect the Hawks to win.



Warnering Signs ($1.13) vs Out the Daw Son ($8.00)


The Swans are still right in this with a great win in Perth, are they getting into gear at the right end of the season.  No room yet for Josh Kennedy to return shows their trust in the current personnel.  Chad Warner is a beauty, Sydney fans have been excited about him for a while.  They host the Crows who have been disappointing over the last few weeks and doubt they will be up to this.  Jordan Dawson’s reception will be interesting.



Luck of the Drew ($2.40) vs The Auditors ($1.71)


It is Port’s turn to be inspected by the Cats, the one thing in their favour being in Adelaide.  Geelong though have a smell of 2007 about them, they are eight on the trot now and are playing full of flair and confidence.  Reckon their only issue might be against a top ruck combination, however Stanley was superb last week and doesn’t have a genuine ruck opponent this week.  Kenny will have some thing crafty, reckon the Cats will have it dismantled quickly and keep purring along.



Rich Pickings ($1.26) vs Bullied Boys ($4.40)


The Suns have made great strides this year however if there is one team they must put up a strong performance against it is Brisbane.  The Lions have won the last 8 encounters and the last 7 of them by at least 7 goals.  An additional challenge is that the Lions get plenty of their good ones back including Rich, Zorko and McInerney.  Expect the Suns to challenge strongly but Brisbane will be keen to reinforce their dominance at the Gabba and over Gold Coast.



Baileyed Up ($2.58) vs Thumbs Up ($1.61)


Another chance for the Dogs and all their Baileys to turn the table on Melbourne and critical to do so for their hopes of participating in September.  The Dees did their duty defeating Port Adelaide but there is room for improvement, they should get some of that just from the return of Oliver.  The Dogs looks more potent up forward with Naughton and Bruce giving them more scope to stretch the opposition defense – unfortunately Melbourne’s is the hardest to stretch.  Reckon the Dogs need at least one more banana up there – maybe it’s Ugle-Hagan but he needs to clunk a few before the opposition take too much notice.  At the other end I doubt the Dees will get six out of a small forward again so Brown and Fritsch need to be better targets.  Great test for the premiers and expect they will pass this one.



Audited ($1.20) vs Spiked ($5.70)


The Blues got the audit it needed from the Cats, the challenge now being what to take away from it in order to improve.  Expect to see some changes in personnel with McGovern straight back in after one week at VFL level.  They take on the Giants who should be dangerous looking to respond strongly after a couple of poor performances and not doing Spike McVeigh’s chances of keeping the reins much good.  Neither will the continued muck raking from the journos about impending departures from their list.  Reckon the Blues get it done but nerve racking!



8 on the Bounce ($1.80) vs 3 on the Bounce ($2.20)


The Pies and Bombers are both on a roll, but one is chasing finals action the other a mere disruptor.  The Cameron-Cox match up on Draper-Phillips will be a great test for the Pies as Grundy approaches a return.  The Bomber pair have been influential in their return to form.  As have a couple of rookies in Martin, Hobbs and Durham but not sure they are in the same realm as Nick Daicos who is close the Pies most important player.  Essendon would like nothing more than to damage the Pies aspirations, however those aspirations are a great motivator and take them to 9 on the bounce.



Fine Feathered Flops ($2.06) vs Not Worth a Zac ($1.80)


The disappointing Eagles get to host the disappointing Saints.  Despite losing to a team not in the finals race no-one has suffered the axe yet at West Coast – they seem to be taking the end of this season too comfortably.  Ratts has wielded and threatened more to come with Zak Jones copping the brunt, the loss of Paddy Ryder for the remainder of the home and away season will severely impact any chance partake in September a cause furthest from the coaches mind.  Paddy desire to play on is interesting, interviewed earlier in the year he just loves to play footy and will go on somewhere.  Is it at the Saints or another AFL club?  If St Kilda hold him it should surely only be for insurance with Jack Hayes ready to go for 2023.  West Coast have the team and structure to win this, they don’t appear to have any desire though.  Pretty sure St Kilda will have the desire and should win.


Go Blues, Go Friars


Cheers, Sal


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