Round 19: Pies move into third spot with a bullet

It was an important game. Adelaide were playing for a top-four chance, Collingwood for a top-three chance after the Bulldogs’ loss against West Coast earlier that day. I sat on the couch to see another live game of footy.
The game got under way and Collingwood immediately looked switched on. A couple of minutes in and Didak had kicked a ripping snap through for a goal. A darker-haired Anthony kicked a long, high one from 50 which sailed through. Collingwood had the first 2.3 of the game on the board. It reminded me of Adelaide V Hawthorn last year, when Adelaide scored the first 2.3 of the game. Porplyzia puts the first score on the board for the Crows. Both teams miss some chances before the Crows start to wake up. The back-in-form Burton snaps a goal, and Knights runs with the ball and swings one through from just inside 50.  Scott Thompson nearly kicks a remarkable goal from about 65 for Adelaide but that hits the wood work. In a defensive battle, the Crows trail by one point at quarter-time. 2.4 (16) to 2.5 (17). Stevens and Thompson have 10 possessions each for Adelaide; Shaw leads all comers for Collingwood with nine.

The second quarter started and Leigh Brown gives away a free to Tippett, who kicked a goal which put Adelaide in front. Tippett got the ball again from Burton, but missed to the near side. What a great player Tippett is. The youngster’s only flaw is probably his kicking at goal. James Sellar (the guy who has averaged 6.7 possessions and 0 goals in his career, and has somehow stayed in Adelaide’s team) gives away a free kick to Cameron Wood who kicks a much needed goal for Collingwood which levels the scores. The end of the quarter is played with unfashionable footy. Dick misses. Douglas misses. Burton gets a free but misses from 25. At half time the Crowd hang on to a three-point lead, 3.10 (28) to 3.7 (25). Vince and Goodwin have 21 and 20 possessions respectively. Shaw has 17 and Maxwell 16 for the Pies. I put my dinner in the microwave and hoped the second half would be better.

The second half begins and in the first couple of minutes Toovey turns it over which gives Knights his second goal. Knights is such a thumping kick, you feel like he is never too far out. The Porpoise (Porplyzia) kicks another good goal which sees Adelaide reach a 15-point margin. Dawes marks inside 50 for Collingwood and wobbles one through to bring them back in it. Porplyzia marks and kicks his second. It’s turning into a good contest. Anthony puts a textbook drop punt through the middle of the sticks from 50, and Cloke snaps one through on the run. A Tippett mistake (not opting to go for goal) sees Anthony slam through his third. Collingwood are in front. It doesn’t stop there. Davis kicks it to Cloke who puts Collingwood further ahead. Tippett misses another set shot. At three-quarter time Adelaide trail, 6.13 (49) to 8.7 (55). Goodwin has 31, Vince has 30 and on the other side Swan has 23, and Shaw and O’Brien have 22 disposals each. It should be a close finish. I hope Adelaide win, but only because I tipped them.

Collingwood’s open forward line lets Didak kick his second, but the veteran McLeod answers with a trademark goal to bring the Crows back to within a kick. Dawes marks but misses, kicking Collingwood’s first behind of the second half. Misses from Cloke and Medhurst could prove costly but Dick marks and kicks a good goal. And he celebrates like he has for all of his 20 goals in his career. Symes kicks a long goal on the run to keep Adelaide in it. Collingwood slow the game down but they are rewarded with a goal from Dawes which makes it hard for Adelaide. But Porplyzia kicked another goal to bring it back to nine points. He is a great mark for a guy of his size. A defensive fumbles from Adelaide gives Didak the ball, who dished it off to Thomas and Thomas smashed it through. Wood finishes the good work off with a 50 metre penalty and goal to seal a great 21-point win for the Pies, 9.14 (68) to 13.11 (89). Wood deserves credit for a great game as pretty much the lone ruckman. Thompson finished with 35 possessions, Goodwin 34 and Vince 33. For Collingwood: Didak had 31, Swan 30 and O’Brien and Shaw 28 apiece. I was amazed at the overall possession count of 873. Collingwood move into third spot on the ladder and could easily win their next three games.

Adelaide 2.4 3.10  6.13 9.14 (68)
Collingwood 2.5 3.7 8.7 13.11 (89)

Adelaide: Porplyzia 3, Knights 2, Symes, Burton, McLeod, Tippett.
Collingwood: Anthony 3, Didak 2, Wood 2, Dawes 2, Cloke 2, Thomas, Dick.

Adelaide: Goodwin, Thompson, McLeod,  Porplyzia, Vince, Symes, Stevens.
Collingwood: Didak, Swan, Davis, Wood, O’Brien, Pendlebury, Maxwell.

My Votes: 3. Alan Didak (Coll), 2. Simon Goodwin (Adel), 1. Dane Swan (Coll).

Umpires: McLaren, S. Ryan, Jeffery

Crowd: 45,128 at AAMI Stadium.

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Steve Healy is an entity of a Melbourne supporter.


  1. Good work Steve.
    Even i got bored of the match and resorted to doing some study. It was close but not in an entertaining way.
    Luckily Superman’s hair was enough to keep me awake.
    I had two Sacs not going to jinx myself but lets just say I left almost the whole last page blank….ohh gosh.

  2. Steve Healy says

    Thanks Danielle. I left the last page blank on my maths exam. I didn’t realise how many marks were on that page.

    It’s funny that we both mentioned the same Toovey mistake in our reports.

    How do you study for over 11 hours? Do you actually need to study for that long? Or are you just studying and doing other things at the same time?

    Studying in my langauge is sitting down with a few books and ignoring them and looking at anything to do with footy.

  3. lol.. well that last page i left out was about 10 marks so…god help me.

    yes i really do study for that long.
    All my subjects have a LOT of facts that i have to remember so it takes ages for them to sink in. you should have seen me on Sunday i looked like i could get a role in a horror movie. i listen to music when i study. i also try to mix up the subjects a bit.. like 3 hours of religion then two hours of history ect.

    wait till next week ive got 3 Sacs and tow of them are on the same day!! ARRRGHHHH

  4. Josh Barnstable says

    When Toovey made that blunder, i thought to myself “Jeez i wonder what Danielle is screaming out at the moment”. Haha :)

  5. Steve Healy says

    I didn’t think Toovey played that badly, he just doesn’t do much of the amazing. He does those one percenters though.

  6. If you really think so then you can have him..infact PLEASE JUST TAKE HIM!!!
    i dont want him anymore..ohh the AGONY!!

  7. Josh Barnstable says

    Okay but North also want Anthony and Cloke thank you! I really don’t think Goldstein can be our main target up forward. Hmmm…where is Barry Hall these days?

  8. ha-ha nice try Josh!
    Superman isn’t going anywhere especially with his gorgeous hair! & Travis well i love Trav! so you cant have him either…BUT i will give you Ben Reid??

  9. Josh Barnstable says

    Reid has an unorthadox kicking style which will bring more laughs than goals, so i’ll pass haha

  10. Steve Healy says

    Josh, North already have Jones, Hale, Edwards,Hansen and Petrie as well.

  11. i wish i could give you both Toovey for a game each, just so you can see what i have to go through!!!

  12. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah Steve and they do nothing!! Except Jones and Petrie. Hansen is on the rise though

  13. Steve Healy says

    You know what’s a good kicking style, Josh? Aaron Davey’s

  14. ill beat you steve..Aaron Davey is NOTHING next to Superman!!
    if i could pick a player to kick a goal to save my life why would i pass on the SUPERHERO? LOL :)

  15. Steve Healy says

    I don’t know what number Toovey would wear for the Dees. Not 9, because that would be a disgrace to the club. Maybe 51, cos Rhys Healey has 50.

  16. NAH..just have the name TOOVEY on the back..that alone is enough! LMAOO..OHH GOD

  17. Steve Healy says

    Actually maybe he should wear 00,because of his possum eyes.

  18. lmaoooo omggg HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA

    that my friend was funny!

    argg its only tuesday tomorrow!!
    hey ive got Religion first thing!! YAY!!! :)

  19. Steve Healy says

    I would have maths, but I’ve got a social justice mass instead.

  20. Ohh your lucky!
    i havent got mass until Friday.
    lol i sound like a nerd all excited about Religion!! :) cant help it, hes my favourite teacher!! :)

  21. Steve Healy says

    Yea, I forgot to bring in stuff to donate though lol, we were meant to bring in soap and shampoo ad stuff like that.

  22. Lol i hate when i forget stuff lke that.
    This week on Friday im doing the 40 hour Famine so im giving up my ipod for 40 hours and getting money to donate for doing so. its a real wakeup call when you see how people are living.

  23. Steve Healy says

    I have a day off on Friday, and Monday, and half of Thursday, cos of Parent teacher interviews

  24. you might as well not rock up at all! lmao :P

    i hate parent/teacher nights…i spend the whole interview staring at my embarrassing!!

  25. Steve Healy says

    Yeh same, I hate talking to teachers when not in class. I don’t think i’ll go this time though.

  26. lmaoo its not that, i like talking to my teachers about stuff that doesn’t concern work. Once you get to year 11 the teachers become more like your friends. its just intimidating when the parents ask so many questions and its more about serious issues. otherwise teachers are my friends LOL :)

  27. Josh Barnstable says

    Do you guys have teachers that are madly into footy? Coz i do hehe everytime their team loses i give it to them bigtime! My p.e teacher goes for the Bulldogs and after their shock loss to West Coast i have been letting him know all about it :P

  28. year seven teacher (left in 2006) was my favourite! he went for Geelong and everytime he would lose or i would lose the other would get bagged big time!
    My Religion teacher is now my favourite, he goes for Collingwood and he doesnt make fun of my Nathan Brown Obsession :)

  29. nawww i feel so sad now… :(
    im telling you we cried soo much when my year seven teacher left and were still not over it..WE WANT HIM BACK!! :( :(

  30. Steve Healy says

    I haven’t had that many passionate supporters as teachers- except my homeroom teacher in year 7 who was a passionate Collingwood supporter. My Geography teacher this year is a passionate Richmond supporter as well, but he doesn’t like me very much.

  31. LMAOO Steve..what did you do?? lmaoo
    the best tip to get along with teachers is just to agree with what ever they say even if you disagree and never talk back.
    lmaoo i cant imagine what you must have done for him not to like you LOL!

  32. Steve Healy says

    It’s a funny story.

    On my first class he walked in and saw that I was using a bit of paper instead of a book-

    He saw my atlas was ripped. He threw it in the air and looked at my paper and shouted: “My four year old could do better than this”!! He delibratly asked me all these questions I didn’t know the answer to. Or if I said the right answer, he’d say I was wrong. And he didn’t think I knew who Al Gore when we were watching An Inconvinient truth.

    Today I presented my powerpoint on global warming and everyone was expecting me to fail but I actually got 80%.

    But he gave me a spray for saying “Global warming is a term that effects everyone.”

  33. lmaoo naww poor thing!
    gezze thats one evil teacher!
    you know what annoys me is when im getting good grades with a teacher and then when that teacher is replaced i go from an ‘A’ to a ‘C+’
    oh well, looks like ill just have to try harder! :)

  34. Steve Healy says

    He also wears a red and blue tie which I find funny.


  35. lol you should point that out to him!
    i like ties :)
    i really like light-bluey turquoise coloured ties. im so random! :)
    In year nine i was advising my maths teacher on which colour tie he should buy next, he found it funny!

  36. What does “lol” mean? Sorry I’m an old fart.

  37. Andrew Fithall says


    You are going to have to be patient. The authorities are probably all in class. You should get a response later this evening.

  38. Peter Flynn says

    From one of the brigade that should be in class (although nearly 43 and hence well and truly in the OF Camp), I’ll go with “laugh out loud”.

  39. Hmmm. Is it that hard to write “laugh out loud” or am I just being asof (a stupid old fool)?

  40. …hello!
    Yes LOL does mean Laugh out loud
    there is also LMAO which means Laugh my ass off and ROFL which means Roll On Floor Laughing. :)

  41. what about “Imaoo naww” ?

  42. well.. thats when you find something funny but in a cute/sad way. :)

  43. I see.

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