Round 19 – Fearless’s Review: Retro Round, a salute to mullets everywhere, take a bow Greg Anderson.

FEARLESS 2016 Rd 19 – Retro round – a salute to mullets everywhere. Take a bow Greg Anderson!

The Dogs travelled the down highway some 10 minutes to the Cattery to kick off rd19 on Friday night. That they stayed at Torquay and treated it as per interstate routine showed the game’s significance. Enright 326 (club record) and Bartel 300 gave the Cats fans a reason to attend. And the Cats saluted by 25pts, as did big, mobile Rhys Stanley, a breakout game with 5. Libba, Macrae injured. Dogs brave.

Lessons in spin from the political masters of the nation meant Richmond’s trip to Canberra was not all lost as the finals-bound GWS handed out an 88pt belting at their home away from home. 1.2 in a half by the Tigers must’ve left coach Dimma feeling nauseous. The ease with which the Giants scored their win a real worry for Tigerland. Greene, Stevie J, Reid 3 for GWS. Cornholio 33, Scully 30, Dusty 28.

Carlton headed to Aurora Stadium in Launceston to take on the Hawks for the first time since pre-season. For Blues coach Bolton, inside knowledge of Tassie conditions and the opponent became a bonus. Similarly, inaccuracy by both managed to keep the scoreline tight. Tuohy and Cripps led the Blues possession count and kept them in the hunt. Hawks by 19pts. Kerridge kept Mitchell controlled.

West Coast returned to the MCG to refine their away form in the finals leadup. In their way stood Collingwood. The Magpies had regained some momentum as the season progressed, enough to take the media heat off Bucks. By the main break, the Pies led and meant business thru Adams, Treloar and Pendles. Eagles’ forward Darling kicked 4 but the Eagles were erratic. Moore 3, Pies upset by 19pts.

Port travelled to the Gabbatoir, the setting of some of some terrific stoushes with the Lions a decade ago. Circa 2016, both sides had been erratic with Port having finals aspirations. A solid start by the Lions soon fell by the wayside as Port powered away. Butcher, he who often butchers the ball, served notice kicking 4, upstaged only by gun Port champ Wingard with 5. Port by 94pts over Leper’s Lions.

Over at Etihad, Brent Harvey entered the footy field for game 427, passing Michael Tuck’s record. It may never happen again…but was probably the only highlight between two sides wanting to win but not really knowing how to get up. Mistakes, intensity, wayward goalkicking for 3 quarters, the Roos won by 23pts thru Brown 3, Petrie, McMillan. Froggy Dumont kept Saints ball magnet Steven quite quiet.

Gold Coast got a rare insight into playing on the MCG against Melbourne on Sunday afternoon. Jack Watts managed to finally shake off the Naitanui curse by kicking the winner and taking the game-saving mark all within the last minute at opposite ends of the ground. Suns deputy Lynch nearly stole it at the death but his kick for goal skewered left on the siren. Demons by 2pts. Vandenberg, Watts 3.

Sydney travelled west to spoil Matthew Pavlich’s 350th game for Fremantle and did it in a most emphatic fashion. A 90pt victory by the Swans crushed the Freo fantasy, the gulf between the two sides highlighted by Fremantle’s extensive injury list and Sydney’s ruthless professionalism. Pavlich kicked 2, whereas Swan young gun Isaac Heeney kicked 4 on return. Kennedy 3, 45 stats starred.

Adelaide hosted the Patchwork Bombers and by half-time, the result was beyond doubt. A 45pt lead became an 83pt win. Positives for the Bombers: Leuenberger 53 hit outs, maybe assisted by an injury to big sauce Jacobs but a good effort nonetheless, Zach Merrett 31, Laverde 2, Polkinghorne 20+ stats. For Adelaide, Betts 5, Cameron 4 covered for the injured Tex. Laird 36, still unheralded, outside SA.




  1. Paul- I saw Greg Anderson in a café only a few weeks ago and the mullet is exactly as it was in 1993. It’s as if it were cryogenically frozen which if he patronises Arturo Taverna, master hair stylist, it probably is.

    He has out-mulleted Brian Mannix.

  2. Dave Brown says

    Yep, Greg Anderson still rocks the mullet and sits with us plebs at the footy – legend:

  3. I almost ran GA over as I entered the Adelaide Entertainment Centre for The Cure Concert on Tuesday night. Wonderful memories of the 80’s both inside and outside the arena! Neither Robert Smith nor Greg Anderson have changed a single hair strand in 30 years.

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Here’s the man behind many a Port Adelaide mullet, Jim The Snip

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