Round 19 – Adelaide v Richmond: Tiger Taming

The day begins with Adelaide University FC long lunch the Almanac’s very own Tim ‘Plug’ Harcourt has been an entertaining guest speaker as always. I am up next interviewing Brenton ‘Sticks’ Phillips (coach of SA Under 18s). I ask him about the rule with zones trialled in the under 18 championship. Sticks sees the merit in players actually competing for the ball and being forced to try and kick goals unlike so many AFL games, with the Crows’ opponent tonight in the Tigers a classical example.


After the lunch I am out and about selling raffle tickets for Down Syndrome. News comes through of Deledio being a late withdrawal. I am now very confident – the Tigers’ record with him not playing is atrocious. I compare the sides and in a lot of regards am stunned that the Tigers have done so well in season 2015, in that if you lined up the two sides and did the old schoolboy game of each side having a pick, Richmond’s last 5 picked would be same 5 picked doing this exercise. But their extremely defensive shutdown, clog-up footy has worked for them.


The game starts and is tight early but then the pattern starts with the Crows dominating inside 50s but failing to convert the ascendancy into goals. Jacobs is dominating in ruck over the mystifyingly recalled Shaun Hampson. While every male is in awe of his off field success the simple fact is if he was 185 centimetres tall he wouldn’t get a game for the Scum (Adelaide Uni mighty C3 side). The 1st quarter ends with the Tigers holding a two point lead, only due to the Crows’ poor conversion.


Rory Sloane has been outstanding; having discarded the helmet he is settling back in to the rigours of AFL footy. The 2nd quarter follows the same pattern with Martin the only dangerous forward for the Tigers with the AFL’s best stopper in Daniel Talia well on top of Jack Riewoldt. Charlie Cameron is proving elusive up forward for the Crows and has arrived as a genuine, consistent, AFL player. The Crows may have uncovered a desperately needed quick outside running player in Rory Atkins with good disposal skills. I am totally mystified with Trent Cotchin being used as a negative tagger on Paddy Dangerfield. Not only is Dangerfield too good, it is robbing Richmond of one of their better players. While he is not a gun he is far better than the way he is used and this helps play in to the Crows’ hands. Taylor Walker is well on top of Alex Rance – he kicks his second goal with the last kick of the 1st half and the Crows, despite dominating in all facets of the game apart from the scoreboard, are only a goal up.


In the Tigers’ loss to the Demons earlier in the season, Hogan had beaten Rance and the rest of Richmond’s defence had a domino effect and fallen over. I had the feeling that this would happen again. After an early Crows goal in the 3rd quarter, the dangerous Martin goals to again bring the Tigers back to a goal down. But finally the Crows start to actually put the fact that they’re well on top in general play on to the scoreboard with Josh Jenkins proving too quick and too good for Troy Chaplin (yes, I enjoyed writing that), kicking two goals in four minutes, followed up by a Dangerfield special and the Crows enjoy a 26 point lead at the last break.


Richmond try Martin one out in the goal square but they are just not winning enough ball to really concern the Crows. Adelaide have a lot of very good players on the night with Henderson playing easily his best game of the season, Scott Thompson just too tough in the clinches and Jacobs dominating Maric and Mrs Gale. The crowd is delirious and starts chanting ‘Eddie’ after Betts takes a gutsy mark running back in to a oncoming pack and goals. Walker’s clearly beating Rance does see the rest of Richmond’s defence struggle and just shows how vital he is and the Tigers need him to clearly beat his opponent to be competitive. David Mackay playing as the dreaded sub tonight puts the icing on the cake to complete a very comfortable six goal win.


The crows are nearly at that old school line; the ‘all played well’ apart from appalling goal kicking and as Hardwick points out afterwards it felt like a 100 point loss in the coaching box. Well how about actually trying some attacking footy, not just strangle the opposition? It is boring!


A fantastic Adelaide Uni and Adelaide FC day and night. May Bob be with you!


Adelaide 11-22-88 def Richmond 8-4-52


Adelaide Goal Kickers: Cameron, Walker, Jenkins, Betts 2, Dangerfield, Lynch, Mackay 1
Richmond: Martin 3, Maric, Riewoldt, B Ellis, Grigg, Vickery

Best Players Adelaide: Dangerfield, Jacobs, Thompson, Walker, Sloane, Henderson, Atkins, Lyons, Laird
Richmond: Martin, B Ellis, Grigg


Crowd 50,094


Malarkey Medal: Dangerfield (Ad) 3, Jacobs (Ad) 2, Thompson (Ad) 1


  1. Charmaine Brillianti says

    I totally agree. It is boring footy. It’s like the old Sydney style of play and Freo too. It does win games sometimes but it is awful to watch. Better sides usually find a way to crack the code and open it up. …But not always, evidenced by last week against the Hawks. Good on the Crows. Glad they got the win. ?

  2. Randall Sparrow says

    The crows played a very good game with tough aggressive tackling. Tex walker played the game of his life but goal kicking was a complete let down

  3. Crows played a fantastic game of footy yes like hardwick said it would of been a 100point thrashing we really need to work on goal kicking but overall the boys gave us an a grade game good read Malcom

  4. Alex Page says

    Great article Book. Really enjoying watching Charlie Cameron develop and Atkins looked very comfortable on debut. With him, Lever and Laird down back the future looks bright. The contrast between this week and last week for both sides was astonishing. Contested ball, clearances and tackles in forward 50 were all very pleasing indicators to see as a Crows fan. My tip is Richmond will bounce back and finish around 6thish and the Crows will have to roll the Weagles in rd 23 to play finals (with the weagles having to win the same fixture to secure top 2). Very interesting next month ahead

  5. Melina Mueller says

    One of the best things about being a spectator is watching your team have fun. Watching them enjoy their footy. When that happens, they take the game to a new level, and there is nothing the opposition can do. On Friday night, the Crow boys had fun. As mentioned by many other sources, they failed to convert their dominance into goals, but in every other aspect of the game, it was fabulous to watch. There was joy, laughter, and smiles between the players, both durin the match and then afterwards in the rooms. There was banter and jokes, such a sense of love an mateship. After such a brutal event only a month ago, it is fantastic to see them like they are. When teams have that, exciting things happen. And I am so excited to watch how far they can get this year. They are flying as one.

  6. Well done Rulebook

    Watch for a comeback of epic proportions for the trade union movement now MALCOLM Ashwood is a union organiser

  7. Dave Brown says

    Yep, I was blown away by that performance. I didn’t think they would have it in them again this season but they completely dominated an underwhelming Richmond. A big wrap on Lyons’ game as well.

  8. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Folks Charmaine I have become more choosy as I get older do not watch any where near ad much afl as I used to.Randall and Sophie our goal kicking is a huge concern.Number 123 it is going to be tight and may unfortunately come down to the last game.Melina spot on the tragedy has formed a unique bond that will continue for the rest of there lives and yes just fantastic to see the smiles and laughter.Thanks Plug happy,50th.Dave yes after what they have gone thru would have been completely understandable if they had fallen write away and yes,Lyons can play ironic in that the tigers were after him at end of last season I hope he is given a run of games to show his worth

  9. Barb Jamieson says

    Malcolm, I think you may recall that I’ve already said more than once that I am sick of the ugly football we’ve been flooded with this year , and , oh joy, wasn’t it just great to see the Crows come out and prove that the game can be played in a more exciting attacking style , and you can actually win without stuffing up how the game is meant to be played . ( Geelong proved that again last night against Sydney , who play their usual shut down style , and floundered in defence
    I’m so glad you gave Josh Jenkins some accolades , I’ve been watching him slowly progressing , and although he wasn’t the star of the night , he stepped up and took some of the pressure off Tex , which allowed him to move more freely up the ground .
    There were so many standout contributors , the most exciting thing for me was good old reliable Sauce with his effective hitouts AND , the thing we’ve lacked so badly this year, the centre clearances . Clean up some of their ball handling skills and sort out the goal kicking and I think I have to eat my words from last week , but it was great to see them actually enjoying their game again . I have it on good authority that , although they are still very emotional about losing PHIL , that they feel they are over the emotional bump in the road and can get on with doing what they are paid to do , so maybe we can look forward to seeing more of the football they played for the first three games this year .
    Just a quick comment about the ugly style so many teams are playing , and correct me if you think I’ve got this wrong , but I believe that if you consistently play only defensive , or only attacking football , then when you need to change your tactics as Richmond shoukd have done , the necessary skills or mindset to do that are lost . Richmond stayed with its defensive shut down game and when attack was needed , it wasn’t there , Sydney lost to an attacking Geelong , and Port lost because all they seem to be able to play is attacking football with very little defending ability
    . Broad statement I know , but something that is becoming more noticeable . Hawthorn and West Coast can manage both extremely well , but that’s just my theory , and maybe my reason for saying , kill the ugly game

  10. Jill Tathra says

    Please can the Crows have Mondays as goal kicking practice and from all parts of the oval with the other players jumping around. Plus set shots and on the run. Can only imagine the score if we`d kicked straight but then a win is a win and I`m so pleased about that.

  11. yes so pleased with the crows win, and seeing them determined to win. We now need to win win as we are back down to 8 spot again. So glad they have bounced back from this years events, would have been hard to do,as grief wieghs you down. Would like to know who teaches kicking at the club, and maybe Whoosha could teach them a few things while we have him. nerviously waiting to see who will be coach next year but sure Roo will do his homework. I think maybe Walsh was the brains behind Hinkly. .he was such a big loss to the footy community

  12. Marvellous day at Bob Neil Numbers 1 and 3 Book. As I read through what you had to say I was thinking that your assessment is both objective and insightful, which belies the popularist banter during the earlier reporting foray at the boatshed. Well done. Sometimes not-so-subtle jibes in keeping with earlier posts are generally warranted.

    Barb pretty much nails it in her comments – you can’t succeed at anything in like by being completely one dimensional. Stuart Broad’s ability (as hard as it is to admit) to combine pace, seam and swing underlined this on Thursday.

    As with Australia’s next breed of cricketers the only way is up from here with the Crows. Not expecting too much in September this year from them at this stage, but signs are good. When they start demonstrating flair, hardness, adaptability and sound decision making (the last of which I have started to notice) then Crows supporters can truly start to get excited.

    As a footnote think of the Bulldogs yesterday without Bob Murphy controlling half back – and how proud he would have felt after the uncertainty in the opening minutes in the way players stood up in his absence. Think of what would happen if other teams were forced to do the equivalent and how many would be equipped to do likewise – that might be a clue for September.

  13. Mickey Randall says

    Good job Malcolm. As competition for spots in the eight is tight, the percentage we sacrificed by poor goal kicking might haunt us. But I hope not!

  14. charlie b. says

    Another good read Malcolm. As usual your observations are insightful. That said I would like your views on 3 crows player: Hartigan, Knight and Lyons. For me Hartigan often appears uncertain with both his decision making and his execution. Am I being unfair?; Knight played a useful game vs West Coast but appears to fall out of matches for long periods. What’s his role? And Lyons (along with Henderson) played possibly a career best game). Thoughts?

  15. Sean O'Dwyer says

    Big game, big win and great crowd!

    Wasnt the most convincing display of footy but we got the job done! Hopefully this is the start of something special and make the top 4 sides a bit nervous
    Great report!!

  16. Great article! Crows were absolutely fantastic, and it could’ve been an 80 drubbing if we kicked straight.

  17. for starters it was a must win for the crows. Big lifts from betts and walker up forward. Delidio out would not have mattered considering the margin. A nice needed win from the crows.

  18. Mark mcinerney says

    Surprised Cheney was over looked. VB tried really hard but the game has passed him he should retire

  19. Great work again Malcolm. Another brilliant day at the AUFC & another brilliant night last night – Blacks Ball + glorious 70’s reunion & Richard Whittle’s HOF induction. Wished I’d had an intelligent question ready for Plug (loved the speech). I’m curious, Tim, about your SA trade missions with Jay. When you get to the other end do they all go, “Ah Plug, great to see you again – how’s Bob Neil? By the way who’s the dude with you?”; or does Jay know his way around pretty well?

  20. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Barb spot on agree with you entirely yes teams need to be able to do,BOTH re attacking and defending the tigers did just show there mentality is just so defensive with the dockers only slightly better.
    Jill goal kicking and inaccuracy is almost contagious we desperately need to improve in this area andkicking in general,lyndann I am sure,Roo will more than do his due diligence.Mickey the percentage part of the equation is scary.Charlie,Hartigan decision making is a huge worry and not up to the elite level.Lyons had something to offer plenty of clubs were very interested in him last year I hope he is given a run og games to show his worth,Knight is young has got promise might struggle to keep his spot re this. year but has plenty to offer in the long run..Thanks Sean,Campbell and JJ.Mark strongly disagree with you re,VB we all must remember he missed all of last season,his leadership is regarded as elite with I the footy industry he is vital in the crows moving forward emotionally and as club overall.thanks Daddsy yes a couple of fantastic functions the emotion by Dick Whittle the highlight for me,I enjoy your thoughts re,Plug thanks every one

  21. Yes Daddsy

    Premier Jay Weatherill very well versed in The legend of Bob Neil thanks to to Sports Toursim and Minister for everything that is fun Hon Leon Bignell

  22. Great stuff as usual Book, a lot more hard ball gets at AUFC Lunch than at Crows vs Tigers!

  23. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Great win for the Crows Malcolm and good on you for supporting a worthy cause. Hope you sold plenty. Cheers

  24. Another good read. Thanks

  25. Sam Penniment says

    Good stuff Rulebook, was a very important win for the crows although the other results this round didn’t work in their favour!

  26. Bec Blossomvictory says

    Excellent recording for a Big Win like This, needless to say attitudes & skills (ohh our goal kickings, sooo bad) are all-time essentials for any victory. Seriously, rewarding good performance is another commonly-known trick to lift standards. Great to see D. M’s better game in a long while, though as a Sub this time. Without M. R seems a lot more happening inside our 50s. Just drop the bloody repeated poor performers for the sake of our competitiveness. It is Very Hard to not get addicted to a sport like footy, after watching a Great Crows’ Win at the Oval!! Lol

  27. Beautifully put Book, although I would have preferred a more in-depth analysis of the Uni Blacks lunch.

  28. David Gordon says

    A great read again Book. You covered more ground than a wagon train in the wild west. Oh, and by the way, nice interview with Sticks at the Long Lunch (I liked your Clark Kent of the Daily Mirror get-up). However, amongst all of your serious work I did get a chuckle reading your line re. Hampson’s selection…”While every male is in awe of his off field success…”. With his resume, maybe he should play for the Adelaide Uni Blacks? The World’s Greatest Social Club…loosely based on football (Thanks for that moniker “JT”), has alway had strong emphasis on the off-field success of its players, so he would be a perfect fit.

  29. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Plug I have no doubt the worlds knowledge about,Bob Neil is growing all the time with your involvement.
    Wes it was a great lunch,Phil Yep did ok selling raffle tickets thank you.Sally and Sam greatly appreciated.
    Thanks Bec our intensity and endeavour was as good as it has been all year the goal kicking was terrible.
    Wright should have been dropped weeks ago,D Mac hopefully playing on the edge is what he needs
    Thanks TC and bloody good point,2 about time you graced us with your presence at the long lunch.
    Thank you

  30. More alarming for adelaide than Richmond. Yes, we were awful, but you guys literally did what you wanted all game. To only win by 6 goals is an indictment.

  31. Scum don’t need Hampson. We have Draca and Chewy.

  32. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Gordo Hampson a complete scrubber who brings a godess to games yep fit in perfectly at the worlds greatest fc ! Seags more than a touch of frustration re your beloved tigers ? Ryan Draca the better player,
    Chewy the better poker player,Hampson quality beaver yep very tough choice thanks guys

  33. Good summary,Malcolm I thought,VB was a welcome inclusion and his experience and steadiness was important in our victory

  34. Should have been a massive win – straight kicking would see the Crowbirds in the 8 at the moment.

  35. How can 1 player be so important to Richmond. Must mean they are behind where they thought they were a week ago

  36. Willow Wilson says

    Nice work Book, was concerned at the start of the game with Richmond trying to isolate a big body (Maric to start with) on Lever. Fortunately Jacobs, Thompson and Dangerfield controlled the middle and the back six held up well, with the exception of a few poor turnovers. Tackling and pressure were really good, what a turnaround from last week.
    I am also surprised by selection of Hartigan over Cheney. If Cheney is fit, he plays for me.
    End of season trading/delisting will be fascinating, what do they do with, Lyons, Kerridge, Martin, Van Berlo, McKay. Wright, Jaensch (coming off knee reco).

  37. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Reminiscent of Round 1 v Kangas – hope they keep their foot on the throttle this weekend. I’d like some more experience in the backline though.

    Round 23 v Geelong will be big.

    See ya this weekend ‘Book.

  38. as much as it pains me to say it but the Tigers were ordinary and didnt fire a shot. Whilst Rance got towelled up i would say any defender would have, given the relentless attack. BUt the reason was mainly because we got smashed in the contested ball and clearances – so the backline were under seige all night. We missed Lids but also Shane Edwards, as he has been so versatile and also a clearance winner. Hampson should be welcome into the mighty AUFC and perhaps could slot into Sexy Pimps side – as the sub. Defensive game plans are awful and not ultimately successful – ask Ross Lyon.

  39. David Ward says

    Cheers Malcolm;
    Always an insightful and entertaining read on a Monday.
    Loved the integration of the famous all blacks – Adel Uni Footy Club.
    Having played against them on many occasions and at many levels, I always had a snigger at the guys who’d run out with numbers on their back like;
    96, 103, 115 hehehe

  40. Another good article Rulebook. You always have passion when you write. The articles are written with so much feeling to them, which outweighs any literal mistakes. Personally I prefer the writer who has passion in their writing as you do. Well done Rulebook on another terrific piece.

  41. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Peggy for what ever limitations,VB brings to the table his assets far outwiew his limitations,Hochers with percentage so important the goal kicking was the area of the game which was bitterly disapointing .
    Raj the tigers huge reliance on Deledio is a worry for them the fact that his finals record is as bad as the aussies in the last 2 tests doesn’t help either.Willow list management will be interesting to say the least the fact the crows panicked and gave dmac a 4 year contract ( 2 yrs to go ) when other clubs showed interest does not help,.Wright IMO tries hard but not good enough.with others there will be tough calls to be made( Lyons contracted for next season) Thanks Swish see you,Sunday.Jags agreed the amount of play the crows had was staggering and Edwards is a very good decision maker ( not enough of them in the comp) like it re Mrs Gale.Thanks Wardy the blacks numbers are always a source of amusement

  42. Dont kid yourself Book.
    Richmond were just having a Richmond moment and putting the lid back on things in typical Richmond supporter crushing style, but were a tough bunch and well and truly onto them by now. It matters not.
    The Crows bottom players are probably worse than Richmonds as evidenced by thier relative positions on the ladder. The other 17 rounds dont lie buddy. FACT
    If you want to analyse it look no further than this. Richmond had just come off two “moral” victories over arguably the top two sides, you dont win those without having a ballace between defence and attack. It was a very cold and while not raining damp dewy night in the retirement capital of Australia playing well lets call it like it is, NOBODY. I dont know about you but without the aid of a large number of alcoholic snifters at the Long lunch even I may have struggled to get enthused by the whole thing, especially when you conisder you have to put up with 50,000 traditionally whiging numpties (even when they are winning) who think being dressed like a fuit tingle is somehow fashionable.
    Yes we were terrible, but everyone has a bad day occasionally and we will be playing finals, so who really cares.
    The only ones who should take anything out of that game are the cows with the realisation that maybe they should have been a little better earlier in the season (dare I say it a little more like Richmond)
    Didnt some old Chinese bloke once say ” One game dont make a season”. But have your moment you just spanked the side that has beaten just about every side you couldnt and you have a mighty fine stadium. Is there a prize for that, maybe there should be. So congrats but really beating it up is a little misguided and undignified with the real shame being the crowd wasnt treated to a rendition of what a great club song really sounds like!

  43. Well done Rulebook, you didn’t bag Bushy but still couldn’t resist getting into Chaplin!

  44. Lorraine Munday says

    The Adelaide Richmond game was fantastic , of course I think that because Adelaide won , but oh ! what a percentage we could have had if shots at goal were converted into goals, instead of points . I feel real good about the direction that the Adelaide Crows are heading , I’m also most impressed with Scott Camporeale , he has the makings of a first grade coach . weflyasone .

  45. Jeff Milton says

    Great to see the Crows dominate with attacking footy. If only a few kicks for goal had been straighter.
    Still that will come if they can continue to dominate all over the ground like they did on Friday night.

  46. Michaeljay says

    I was at the game and yes it was a good win and could have been much better had we kicked a lot straighter. However I’m not getting to excited as we only played the paper tigers, a side that promise so much but deliver very little, they are renowned for running hot and cold. We still have a bit of work to do to match it with the top 4 but i think the club is heading in the right direction.

  47. tony miles says

    no sloane no crows
    old upwey tiger a great crow
    fine read malcolm
    go demons or should i say go hogans

  48. Very interesting RB. VB learnt from his trip in the 2’s, Danger was not trying to kick the cover off the ball and lowered his eyes. Center set up was much better. Tex needs to learn when to use check side. Still lost of room for improvement.

  49. Great article Malcolm ,You were pretty spot on with everything you wrote and it was a good read followed with some great comment’s . They did play a good team game unlike the Tiger’s but the next few week’s will sort out the men from the boy’s . Keep the great work up mate .

  50. Jerk – so upbeat and jovial at 3 pm. So bitter and twisted just 5 hours later. Have to agree with you on the following:
    . Fruit tingles – something more thing for you to suck at ;)
    . Great stadium – prize is 25% of Plug’s SA promo slide
    . One win yes – lying down like that took some of the fun out of it, but I reckon maybe we are just timing our run right
    . Our song isn’t a patch on yours, but after hearing Sweet Caroline today in full voice I reckon Crows lyrics couldn’t be hard to pen!

    All for Richmond supporters living amongst us in our Retirement digs, but until I read your name on your reply I was wondering who flew over for lunch from Melbourne.

  51. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Jerk entertaining comment as I would expect from you re players I will give you,Hartigan and raise you
    Chaplin( at least you admit he is diabolical) Hapson,Grimes,Batchelor and Vickery the tigers do fall away rapidly at the bottom end.Raf the footy karma bus got,Bushy he is stupid enough not to rate,Dangerfield
    Kapow enough said,Chaplin was due to stuff up ( had been ok for 2 weeks) and duly delivered..Lorraine and Michael yes crows are going in the right direction but realistically that depends on,Dangerfield.
    Tony I like your support of,Sloane but shouldn’t,Daniel Talia be our favorite crow re,Austalian Sports Camps ? Thanks Mr Honda and wasn’t thst siren fantasti at the GF in 99 at,Bob Neil 3 go the blacks.
    Thanks Minna appreciated mate.Model superb come back,Jerk was very jovial earlier in the day that is for sure !

  52. Your scribing is improving every time RB – you must still have been on a high after your interrogation of Sticks at the Long Lunch! A wonderful day topped off with the Crows mis-kicking their way to victory over Jerk’s heros.

    its going to be a tough gig just to make the eight but if the Crows can really ‘channel’ their energies and play with similar flare, they may even win a final or two.

    I agree, Hartigan is a major weakness (at this stage of his young career) so would hope Cheney comes back soon. Im not a Henderson fan ( cant be trusted under pressure – too many half arsed atempts & erratic decisions) and as Atkins has shown some of the young ones can rise to the occasion if given to the chance. McKay & Lyons – inconsistent after so many chances.

    Hoping you are still reporting on the Cows, Fruit Tingles or whatever others want to call them – come September!

  53. Luke Reynolds says

    Entertaining read as always Malcolm. Accurate description of Hampson. Doesn’t matter how bad he is on field, he is still winning. And winning well. Would Megan have even looked twice if he was 185cm??

  54. Jack Heard says

    Love the comment about congested footy, a real issue of our game !!!

  55. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks DL the interview with,Sticks seems to have been given the tick of approval( I enjoyed it)
    Re Hartigan I prefer,Cheney lack of height is a problem at times but as Bass says correct use of the body copes most times.Henderson is important in that we lack run and carry, Dmac may be the sub is his best spot.Lyons needs continuous games.Luke totally agree hope,Megan is super coordinated for there children’s sake

  56. Malcolm unfortunately as a die hard tiger supporter for 30 yrs I entirely agree we lack depth and our last few picked ars terrible.Hampson being on a afl list is a joke.Chaplin way to much difference between his good and poor games and when they are poor they are diabolical.Grimes boy good enough and others to mount a serious challenge

  57. Great game by the Crows, really should have won by 10 goals, but poor goalkicking let us down again. The gap between our best and worst is so wide right now, but that’s to be expected with such a young team. It’s gonna be exciting when we can play this sort of footy on a consistent basis!

  58. Good by the Crows, I only wish I could remember it better were it not the for poor influence of Tom Seagrim in the long room pre game, he has proven to be nothing but a bad influence on myself!
    Charlie Cameron is a jet.
    Rory Atkins looks like hes got some skills.
    Paddy Dangerfield has written himself a big pay cheque at geelong new year.
    Taylor Walker is going to need to play like that and kick straight in order for us to make finals, if he can tear apart against geelong in rd 23 we could be in the major round for the first time in a few years

  59. Jamie Mason says

    Haven’t seen RFC get belted like that for a long time… if we are to make it and mix it in Sept we need all our guns firing … Rance , Lids, Cotch, Dusty, Edwards, Miles, Ellis, Jack … just about all of them were well down (and outplayed) or didn’t front on Friday… its going down to the wire again for Tigs. Our game plan is fine with me though… as soon as we try to open the game up we get exposed so I reckon Hardwick is implementing a style to suit his cattle.

  60. Hi Malcolm loved the summation of the game.
    Think we need to give more game time to Lyons, he generally has clean skills and has the ability to find space where there is none.
    Would like to see Henderson played on the wing more, his run and carry, plus his long kicking inside 50 are needed if we’re to make a serious tilt at finals (and beyond.) Getting the ball into Tex and JJ quickly brings Charlie and Eddie into the game and makes opposing defences nervous. (This will be important when playing teams who like using a spare man, hopefully nullifying the influence of a third man in a marking contest.)
    VB gave us a bit of calmness in defence, while allowing Henderson to play more from the wing. Will be good if he can be used in this way more.
    Hartigan is a bit of a worry in defence, however he is still inexperienced, and I’m hoping that with some more game time, and mentoring from Darren Milburn and Talia, his decision making will improve. (Think he’s still getting ahead of himself at times, or getting caught like a deer in the headlights at others.)
    Great to see Adelaide being aggressive at the contest, need to make sure we bring that for every minute of every game until our season ends, hopefully in October!

  61. Just throwing in my two cents worth regarding the 4th field umpire. Why bring it in if they want to reduce congestion? Get rid of the bounce, stick to 3 field umpires, and give the boundary umpires, all 4 of them, the ability to make decisions. This is similar to soccer, and would allow the umpires to hopefully spot free kicks that sometimes get missed due to them being blocked by players being in the way.
    Cheers :)

  62. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Tiger geez a realistic,Richmond supporter I don’t reckon they grow on trees.Jonesey realistically in all likelihood only if we keep,Dangerfield but good signs.Holsty I think,Seags had a premonition of the tigers performance and wanted to write himself off,1st and succeeded.Mase as I have got older I have become more fussy and want the elite level to be better than negative boring defensive footy( I agree,
    Hardwicks style suits the cattle doesn’t that come back to the quality there for not being good enough to challenge for the holy grail ? Thank you

  63. It was my first night game at the oval as I flew in with a mate from Melb who is a made Tigers man
    In the end there were 5 made Tigers fans sitting next to me in the Audi club (nice)
    I was very impressed with the whole set up and under lights Adelide oval looks great and sleepy old Adel city comes alive I was more impressed with the Crows but also frustrated as to why they can’t bring that intensity every week? I want to see more of this Crows team and not the insipid Crows against Sydney

  64. Nicely done mate. Opinions:
    – would also have preferred more commentary on the long lunch!
    – the Hampson line was brilliant
    – J Riewoldt playing off half back amused me
    – Tiges win when should lose, & vice versa. The result not entirely unexpected after Freo & Hawk games
    – you need to stop seeing VB with rose tinted glasses. He’s cooked, too slow, off tempo with the manic pace of things and keeping a young gun from progressing. Dud. Delist!!
    – Geelong & Hawthorn have won 6 of last 8 flags, demonstrating the team with the balls to take the game on still gets the Holy Grail in an era of defensive tactics. Pies weren’t exactly dour in 2010 either. So don’t get too down on the ‘state of the game’… it’s just fine.
    – am not hearing Woosha’s name too often in general commentary… a rock solid statesman of the game who Roo would be sounding out to appoint the next full time coach
    – Jerk “we will play finals anyway”… spoken as if Richmond have actually won 1 since 2001 !!
    – Alex, Crows play Cats in Rd 23 I believe… “The Dangerfield Cup”!
    – J Weatherill all over Bob Neil… like this a lot !!


  65. Lou Bailey says

    Good read mate keep up the good work.

  66. Martin Rumsby says

    The Crows’ response to their very poor performance in Sydney was heartening … and it was encouraging to see them beat a top 8 side. However, their season is still very much on the line. A third successive year of finishing just outside the final 8 looms as a real possibility. Improved kicking efficiency, both in field play and in front of goal, is the key to September action.

  67. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Coke as we all no a lot of sport is played above the ears and lack of intensity and being switched on is frustrating as supporters but with out the unpredictability we would not enjoy it as much as well
    ( the crows were pathetic against the swans ) if the crows have this same intensity the rest of the season the finals are achievable.Thanks Jamesey fair point should have written more re long lunch re,VB there is still a spot for a run with player in the crows side also with a young side his experience and calmness is still needed he is regarded with in the footy industry as a elite leader and with what has happened is still very much needed yes as a player he does have definncies but the good outways the bad do not underestimate what he does off the ground,spot on re Jerkand Roo how he fits every thing in his life has me stuffed.Plug is a Bob Neil deciple and spreads the word I suspect he has Jay all over it ,thanks,Lou,
    Martin agree with every word.

  68. Very good win against a quality side.

  69. Geoffrey Wilson says

    Another good summary Malcolm, you just had to get into Richmond and Troy Chaplin, I can’t believe you were so easy on them. I thought it was a fantastic performance by the Crows, they just need to get that goal kicking right and we could really do some damage. As for my night the Evans, Johno and Craig, along with Craigs mate Royce and myself had a wonderful evening in the SACA Committee Room, which topped things off magnificently, GO THE MIGHTY CROWS. Good stuff Malcolm.

  70. chocka bloch says

    Well played Book. They’d better make the 8.

  71. Nice one Rulebook. The game the Crows played was certainly encouraging, following on from the previous debacle but Walker needs to back up his performance with repeats on a week by week basis.

    Kicking ‘captains goals’ are also vital and always inspiring for the side so he just needs to relax when taking set shots and let it flow. Much as it pains me to say this, you almost never see Boak miss shots at goal when his side needs them. That is the standard Tex needs to achieve. If he can do this then that’s half the battle to winning the next four games… and beyond.

  72. Greg Moody says

    Good read Rulebook and all those who added their “ten cents worth” for the past 4 days. VB run in the 2’s was well over-due, but having him back against Richmond proved valuable in the back-half, assisting the less experienced players. Still concerned about David Mackay – time for a run in the 2’s for him? Great 4 quarter effort by the Crows, but we still need to improve drastically in 2 areas: kicking efficiency and goal kicking accuracy.

  73. Was an excellent and well deserved win for the Crows who beat a side who has been fantastic on the road in the last 3 years and coming of a win over the Hawks. Goal kicking let them down but the main thing is they won. Had they played like that in the last Showdown, they would have lost. The 2 points from the cancelled game makes percentage for a finals spot irrelevant so they just need to keep winning and it helps with 2 very winnable games coming up. The goal kicking was bad for the SANFL side too. 1.8 in the final qtr against South Adelaide was terrible (Norwood must have rubbed off their bad habits the week before) and so was Centrals (2.8) in the first qtr against Sturt. I don’t like congestion in footy but my pet hate is the inaccuracy. Lucky congestion aint an issue in other sports like soccer and cricket which don’t change the rules so often.

  74. Good read

  75. Thanks for sharing this Malcolm I enjoyed the article and comments .I do agree with you on many of your thoughts on some of the mention players.I look forward to reading more from you

  76. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Woj,Geoff I am sure you would have had a big night thanks,Chocka,Big Jim spot on,Texs kicking is a huge problem fair effort tho to towel,Rance up.Greg not sure re Dmac glad,VB had a good game and we all acknowledge kicking is a huge weaknessthanks,Cameron and Damian

  77. it’s true, the scum do have two of the best ruckmans in the SAAFL.

    hampsons’ off field success is impressive, albeit not as legendary as one Timothy “the horse whisperer” Dean

  78. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Chewy so did,Tim Dean receive the 3 votes re blacks ball ?

  79. Adam Sheridan says

    thought young Atkins played well last night. Think we’ve found one there.

    Still concerned with our defence, particularly 3rd tall in Hartigan. Think we should acquire a tall in the trade/free agency period and then draft a premium mid. Danger may go and Thommo is coming to an end.

    My thoughts are the Tigers have been flogged for a few weeks on the track, hence the heavy legs. Then they’ll be freshened up so they are playing their peak footy in Sept

  80. Neat and Tidy says

    Nice summary, Booklet. Typical Tigers.

  81. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Adam totally agree re,Hardigan long way to go to prove himself good enough,vital that,Brad Zcrouch gets fit can genially play.Adam tigers peak in September when 1980 ? Neat and tidy yep

  82. Declan Simpson says

    Excellent article very accurate description of a great crows win

  83. Great write up Rulebook didn’t matter that I missed the game just read your summary.Seriously watched it last night and I think you are spot on re the tigers last few players that is where they will come undone in the crunch.Damgerfield leaves the crows will fall away he is a amazing player where do you rank him among the best of the competition ?

  84. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Declan.Braddles glad to have you back while it is hard and where splitting hairs re the best players in the game while,Fyfe had a incredible 1st half of the season,Danger has been simply amazing particularly since the tradgedy( ironically both players only weakness is kicking disposal).Dangerfielc is as good as any 1 in the history of the game below his knees at full pace,in the top 5 players in the game and you can certainly mount a case for him being number 1 .Dangerfield leaving will hurt the crows enormously.

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