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Round 18 – Sydney v St Kilda: Fine tuning towards finals


My passions for music and the Swans have collided again tonight. I have a ticket for a local house gig, just around the corner from my place. It’s less than a minutes-walk, in a renovated factory apartment with panoramic views of the Melbourne City skyline from the inner north. I’ve been to a gig there before. It’s a lovely evening. Tonight’s artist is Jack Carty, a 30 year old singer songwriter from Bellingen in NSW.


However my enjoyment of the gig may be compromised by my desire to keep abreast of the Swans progress against the Saints. It’s another must win game for us, they all are, after our horrid start to the year. And who knows what effort the Saints will bring. Their form has been a roller coaster ride of late.


This is the second week running I’ve had to deal with a clash. Last week I was out Gippsland way at the famous Meeniyan Hall for a gig. I decided to turn the phone off for the duration and was pleasantly rewarded with later news of our great win over the Giants. This week with the TV handy until I walk out the door I won’t be able to avert my eyes.
I get the chance to see most of the first half. Early we are blocking the Saints access to the centre stage, however we are like a discordant band. Everyone is contributing in some way, however it’s not quite coming together for impact on the scoreboard. I always worry when we don’t get reward for effort early and leave the door ajar for the opposition. We start to put a gap on when big Cal Sinclair steps up to lead in the absence of Sam Reid. Cal is playing for his future and it shows tonight. Macca is coordinating our play like a conductor from down back. Who knows how long Jarrad has left, though his efforts are critical for the teams harmony.


By the time I walk out the door a little before half time we have extended the lead to 5 or 6 goals. Cal has three goals. At the other end I’ve been impressed by young Melican’s attack on the ball and his ability to cover the Saints champion Riewoldt. It looks like we have the game in hand, though it’s not over till the final curtain, as they say.


I arrive at the gig just in time to sit down with a red and take in Jack Carty’s performance. I’m not overly familiar with Jack’s work having not seen him perform before. Some YouTube clips have given me a flavour of his style – acoustic indie folk pop perhaps.
Jack sings of travels, relationships and love, the standard fare of the 30 something troubadour. He has a lovely warm voice that hits the high notes effortlessly and he is a decent guitarist. Good songs too!


One of the great joys of life is discovering new talent whether it be in the artistic fields or the sporting ones. This year has delivered to the Swans Ollie, Will, Nic and Mel who have all contributed to our mid-season renaissance. Jack Carty has been added to my list of must see performers – a talent and a delight. Check him out.


I get the chance to check the scores and the stats when Jack finishes his first set. We are up by 7 goals at the last break. Big Cal has 5. The usual suspects – Joey, Hanners Parks and Lloydy, along with Macca lead the stats count with able support from the likes of Georgie and Deano.


I can relax for the second set of music. It’s another good one confirming and building on my first impressions of Jack. I get home in time to catch a few minutes of the game summaries and highlights. We have dominated the inside fifty and shots on goal count. Perhaps we should have won by more. However we are doing what we need to do – winning games. Buddy has played another good one – 3 goals with a few typical long bombs. And Cal has given the selection panel something to ponder. What will be our best line up?


There is a fair contingent of understudies running around in the NEAFL – Tippett, Hayward, Aliir, Florent, Dawson and Rose to name a few in great form who await in the wings should there be a need for their talents. We are looking like a great ensemble, a far cry from the early part of the season.


Week by week, performance by performance we are hitting some high notes and maybe heading for a grand finale.


Our votes: 3. Sinclair (Syd), 2 Kennedy (Syd), 1 Melican (Syd)

About Keiran Croker

Keiran is a lifelong Swans supporter, despite a brief dalliance with the Cats and Tigers in primary school years. Family connections to Port Melbourne and South Melbourne demanded loyalty to the Swans. The long wait for success was worth it.


  1. Nice one, Keiran

    High notes, indeed, but still a way to go.

    Might see you at the G?

    Cheer cheer

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