Round 18 – Richmond v GWS: Toby, Toby, Toby


Toby, Toby, Toby.
Oh, what is to be done with you?


Richmond: Toby Nankervis, Toby Greene
GWS: Not Toby (Greene)


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Peter Crossing loves the pure 'n natch'l blues. He is a member of the silver fox faction of the Adelaide Uni Greys. He is something of a cricket tragic although admitting to little interest in the IPL or Big Bash forms of the game.


  1. Joe De Petro says

    Toby or not Toby, that is the question.

  2. JBanister says

    Sums it up, really! A Tale of Two Tobys

  3. Peter Crossing says

    Thanks Joe and Jack.
    I reckon there would be more than one member of the GWS heirarchy and supporter group using the ‘F’ word about young Toby at the moment.
    And I am sure Shakespeare also mentioned ‘goose’ at some stage and used a phrase such as ‘hold thy peace’.

  4. Rulebook says

    Noughts not only has Toby got himself suspended he totally changed the game,Stevie J kicks the goal 28 pts up may we’ll have been game over ( mind you yet again pathetic over acting by Rance plenty of mayo )

  5. Nev Rooney says

    I think Jackson Clark’s comments are short sighted. When Ablett started playing at Geelong, he was lazy, slow and uncommitted. By Gary’s own admission, it was the influence of the senior playing group in that first year that turned this around….the rest is history. I think Toby Greene is a talented individual that GWS can ill-afford to have on the sidelines. It is frustrating that his immaturity has seen him sidelined but I suspect the SPG will have an influence….and I believe that he will turn the corner.

    When Greene hit Caleb Daniels, I, along with a lot of other footy fans was sickened. I feel less passionate about the jumperie that Greene layed on Rance. My younger sister gave a mate of mine a bigger hit after a questionable LBW decision in our front yard…..but I digress)

    Like it or not, acts of intimidation are a frequently used tactic by a number of teams (Richmond, Adelaide, Collingwood….but not Geelong) to put players off their game physically and psychologically. Some can handle it…some can’t. In response to these tactics teams choose to not respond or alternatively send a message that there are no free hits. I suspect Toby, at this stage is in the latter category. Greene was acting in retaliation to an intimidation tactic that Rance had enacted on Stevie J….knocking him to the ground. Stevie on the other hand got up and got on with it….its taken a while but maturity seems to be kicking in (although I do note he borrowed the umpires pen to write “18” in his notebook he carries close to his heart)

    I suspect Toby will reflect on his position and have a few uncomfortable conversations in next couple of weeks with the like of Rhyce Shaw, Stevie J and Phil Davis…..hopefully he will listen. I haven’t given up on him. See you against the Doggies Toby…..remember the finals will be only a couple of games away.

  6. Peter Crossing says

    Thanks Nev
    Steve Johnson’s experience has been an important addition to the GWS forward line, in terms of both value as a player and in his role as “senior pro”.
    He has obviously been a powerful influence on young Toby, in more ways than one, given Steve’s somewhat checkered career. Toby clearly still has much to learn.
    People turn up to watch the likes of Steve J play and Toby Greene has the opportunity to do the same. When Geelong played GWS at Manuka last year Geelong supporters were still buying Stevie J badges in GWS colours.

    I detect tongue in cheek in your comments concerning Geelong and acts of intimidation. Of course not. Mark Yeates and Cameron Mooney played for …….?
    And a story has aired on Adelaide radio this week about Harry Taylor, Josh Jenkins and a slice of ham. Que?

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