Round 18 Review: Transparency in the trade market? Bradley Hill goes home perhaps.

Transparency in the trade market? Bradley Hill goes home perhaps


The Tattpies hosted the Kangas at Etihad…yes Etihad for Friday night footy. Bucks had spruiked an 8pt game, both teams desperate for a win. The Roos started well, the Pies sloppy. A back rub sparked Daniel Wells into action and did he respond in a blitzing first qtr. Then Sidebottom’s goal sparked a sterling Pie comeback before Air Majak and Drew launched a Roo resistance. North 40pts. Thomas 5.


Not much love for Carlton heading to the SCG taking on the Swans, according to the media and punters. Stiff was the response and stiff the Blues were at the death, falling by 6pts. Bolton’s Blues will not be content with honourable losses but many have suffered worse fates in the Harbour City. Buddy 4 in a tight encounter – a big contributor. Midfields broke even. Kennedy 35, Simpson 34.


Fremantle travelled to Club Metricon with high hopes, but didn’t quite start as well as coach Lyon wanted. A 6 goal 2nd qtr overturned Freo’s 14pt deficit into an 8pt lead at the main break. A mid game Rocket by Rocket got the Suns shining again, an 8 goal to 3 2nd half sealed the Sunnyboys win. Lesser names Sexton, May and Miller shone for the Suns, home by 24pts. Walters, Day and Lynch 4.


Melbourne headed to a wet WA to play the Eagles in a game that the Dees hoped would turn around their woeful travelling record. In the end, a 6pt loss marred by Melbourne butchering dominance of forward 50 entries. The Eagles are gaining wins and points, but not necessarily winning over fans and critics alike. On paper, a win is a win. That’s all Eagles coach Simmo wanted. Garlett 3, Kennedy 3.


The Dogs simply had a shocker. Not only did they lose by 15pts but lost 3 players to injury, 2 of which were season ending. Wallis’ leg was car crash TV and Redpath’s knee so innocuous. Morris’ hammy will get better before season’s end. The Saints however did as required to keep finals hopes alive, a win. Riewoldt 4, Steven 39 stats, Hickey 34 hitouts. As Green Day and U2 sang, the Saints are coming!


Tom Hawkins gave the footy world notice that he’s still a force! 4 goals against the Crows at the Cattery, ably assisted by Idina Menzel*, also 4. Let it go Idina! Frozen probably a good description for the Cattery, perfect conditions for Cats to toy with interstate opposition. Crows probably due for a downer with 8 successive wins. Credit to the Cats though, a 30pt win. Cousin Itt Bartel 34 influential.


Brisbane got off to a flyer at Etihad against the patchwork Bombers. A preview for the wooden spoon soon became a search for Daniher’s teeth. For Brisbane’s under siege coach Leper, the Lions managed a 4 qtr effort, led by Bam Bam Rich off the back flank and Irish Hanley, whose 12 second goal from the Martin tapout set a record. Aaron Francis debuted to give the Dons faithful hope. Rockliff starred, 38.


At ¾ time Richmond trailed the Hawks by 28pts at the G on Sunday. Tigers coach Dimmer might’ve been ok with that at the end but no. A 9 goal last qtr by the Hawks exploded the margin out to 70. Quarters mean the game is divide into 4. If you don’t play against the best team in 1 qtr, you will pay the price. A blustery day became a hot gale of frustration for Dimmer at the press conference.


Port’s recent good form continued into the 1st half against the visiting GWS, who hadn’t won a game in the City of Churches. Keeping GWS to 2 goals in a half a great effort, Port had every reason to be confident after the main break. Fi Fy Fo Fum…a 9 goal to 3 2nd half by the GWS might have unplugged Power’s finals hopes for good. Only sour note for GWS a Mummy injury. GWS 19pts. Ebert 4. Kelly 30.


*Idina Menzel played the main character Elsa in the children’s movie Frozen.

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