Round 18 – Carlton v North Melbourne: North easily

Carlton v North Melbourne

This was a pedestrian contest which ultimately delivered a predictably comfortable victory for North. The Kangaroos’ superiority was established early, as old stagers Harvey and Petrie with two goals each powered them to a five goal advantage. Blaine Boekhorst marked and produced a fine set shot goal on the quarter-time siren, which failed to impact on the impression that North would continue to do enough to ensure their win. This was the first occasion (his sixth appearance) in which the young Western Australia looked comfortable in AFL company

The early stages of the second quarter, saw the sides trade goals. This represented a steadying of the Carlton ship, in that they were no longer going backwards, but North remained in control. Then, Carlton shocked everybody in the Stadium with a brief purple patch which yielded goals to Casboult, Everitt and Tuohy in four minutes and improbably reduced the margin to four points close to half time. Petrie scored his third for the half to provide a steadier for the Roos, which enabled them to take a ten point lead into the long break.

North began to assert their supremacy in general play in the third quarter, with Dal Santo and Ziebell now exerting influence. However, this was not reflected on the scoreboard for quite some time. In a low scoring first twenty minutes, Dal Santo’s goal was matched by one from Kreuzer, ten minutes later.

It wasn’t until deep into time-on that North began to convert their field play ascendancy to the scoreboard. Goldstein again demonstrated that his potency extends far beyond his stratospheric hit-out numbers; for the second time in the match he drifted forward to mark and goal. When this was followed by Swallow’s major a few minutes later, North had finally shaken off the Blues. Then came the play of the day, a ridiculously easy set piece, when Goldstein thumped the ball forward from the centre bounce, Ziebell ran onto the ball from behind the centre circle, collected it at pace, ran to the 50 metre arc, and added another goal to make it 4-3 to 1-1 for the quarter, and gave North an impregnable 30 point lead.

The final quarter was a North Melbourne romp, 6.4 to a solitary belated goal from Andrejs Everitt. The Blues had acknowledged that the NM Borg had their measure. With a handful of stubborn exceptions – Tuohy, Cripps, Everitt, Carrazzo – Carlton had internalised the message resistance is futile. A mere two goals for the half was indicative of how feeble was the Blues’ challenge.

North took a significant step towards ensuring some finals action and their last quarter produced a critical improvement in their percentage of 4%, although they remain adrift of their rivals for positions 5-8. Provided they do make the eight, however, it seems likely that they will be playing other Victorian sides, so home-ground advantage in the first week of the finals will probably be irrelevant.

The Roos played only as well and for as long as was necessary to decisively handle the Blues. Yet they had good service from their senior players, Dal Santo, Harvey, Petrie, Higgins and Swallow as well as the imperious Goldstein – perhaps the best ruckman in the game at present. Among the younger brigade Wright was excellent. Murphy again amassed big numbers, but did not exert marked influence. Cripps again was a shining light, while Tuohy offered his usual persistence and run. Everitt provided something of a target.


  1. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Could be an upset on the cards this week Peter. A team that doesn’t know how to win against a team that has forgotten how to win. Anything could happen!

  2. Peter Fuller says

    Quite right, Phillip, we’ll go to the game with the mindset of Forrest Gump. ” A football match is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gunna get”.
    As I said earlier in the week to some Collingwood friends (yes I have them even outside the Almanac circle): I daren’t say may the better team win; if that happens the Magpies triumph.
    Best of luck, mate.

  3. matt watson says

    North might play finals on form.
    But our last three weeks include Fremantle, the Bulldogs and Richmond.
    We can’t drop a game…

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