Round 18 – Brisbane v Carlton: Carlton Match Committee and Napoleon



Most reading this will know that I go to the footy every week, amateur footy, where you get to see the seconds as well as the firsts. We old timers like that. I miss watching the reserves before the main game when I watch Brisbane on the TV, but on Sunday I had an old time experience.


Now Brisbane are showing signs of life and Carlton have a few injury problems so all we Lions supporters scented a win, possibly a big win.


I was able to watch the seconds before the main game. It was streamed on YouTube and a kind internet friend provided me with the necessary thingo that would take me to the required site. Unfortunately I started watching a download of a game played three weeks ago but I have a twenty five year old son, with an engineering degree and he soon had the Brisbane Southport game up on the big tele.


This was the last glitch, until the third quarter, in the Hill household.


Before the match I looked through the Carlton list to see who would tag Zorko, who in these two sides stands head and shoulders above all the other players on the field. He wasn’t tagged at all in the first half by which time he had kicked three goals and I thought the Carlton player’s resembled witches hats as Zorko ran around the ground destroying the match as a contest.


I know that Bolton is a fine teacher of young men but he, and his match day team, made the appalling decision not to tag Zorko. Think Napoleon invading Russia-type appalling. On the other foot Rockliff tagged Gibbs right out of the game.


The match was a match of one half and two quarters, a most unusual combination. The Lions murdered Carlton in the first half. Carlton dominated the third quarter and the last quarter was a quarter of two halves! Carlton kicked several goals, early in the last quarter, to get back within two goals, but the Lions steadied and ran out five goal winners. These fluctuations are probably a reflection that the Lions are last and Carlton is third last but there were plenty of good signs for the supporters of both teams.


For Brisbane, Witherden continues to impress. He has only played four games and has been in the best players every time. Cox looks the goods, an excitement machine, kicking, possibly, the goal of the week. Hipwood, McStay and Andrews are going to be a spine and a half.


For Carlton, McKay was a revelation and will get valuable experience in the last five weeks. Carlton needs some forwards, even more than Collingwood does, and that is saying something. Two dads (Petrevski-Seton) will be a fixture for many years to come.


The actual play is hard to comment on, as it was so one sided all day. During one period of the game Carlton kicked eight goals seven to one goal two. They lost the rest of the match by about eighty points. Beams showed his class late in the game. Lester, Walker and Andrews made important contributions.


Murphy was Carlton’s best. Now Marc gets a very hard, and, in my opinion a most unfair press from Carlton supporter’s. He ain’t Michael Voss and so cannot lay crunching tackles and take pack marks up forward. He ain’t Juddy and so cannot ‘burn off’ all chasers, but he is a well organised player who plays well most weeks. Docherty and the veteran Simpson rarely put a foot wrong.


Clearly best on ground, and sure of the three Brownlow votes, were the Carlton match committee.


  1. John Butler says

    Phil, this was a rollicking roller coaster of a contest.

    Brisbane hit the ground running and Carlton couldn’t get a handle on them. By half time we were so far behind our usual careful ball use wasn’t going to cut it. So we threw caution to the wind and counter attacked. Got close, but we couldn’t sustain it.

    Much to like in the youth of both teams. I’d be surprised if either remained in the cellar for long.

    And it was a loss that will teach Carlton more than some of our wins.


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