Round 17 – West Coast v Collingwood: Pies’ big win (Floreat Pica Society)

by Shane Cashman for the Floreat Pica Society

Hello pies fans,

Last Friday I was on call and spending time with the family and thinking about the game against the Weagles. I just wanted to see Collingwood crack in with a style that would give us some chance come September. Not a formula-game style v game style, coaches box v coaches box but a smash-in finals game style that would stand us in good stead for September. I thought of our rivalry against this mob. In 1990 when Millane, Brown & Daicos danced the line at Waverley in the pocket to keep us alive with one of the first recorded reverse bananas from the boundary. I thought of 1994 when they put us out of the Qualifying final before a bit of after-match spite where Buckley put his arm around Tony Shaw who spilled a mark inside 50 on the siren that would have given us a chance. I thought of Dom Sheed, and then I stopped. That is still too raw and painful to think about.

I thought back to our history of back-against-the-wall victories whilst on the road. Big games where nobody gave us a chance. I thought of 2002 at Footy Park when I travelled with a brother and a mate to see a Buckley-less Collingwood overcome Port Adelaide to set up a preliminary final berth. I recalled 2007 against the West Coast when in extra time a journeyman ruckman (Chris Bryan) kicked an extra time goal along before a couple of hopeful kids (Pendlebury & Swan) put the game beyond doubt. Then I thought about other back-to-the-wall interstate victories where the Pies turn up, crack in and come away with the victory. There have been a few and feel free to share your favourites.

I considered writing a pregame email predicting just one of those victories. I was on call but getting close to reaching for the laptop when my work phone rang. I kissed my people goodbye and headed to work. Work took me down towards Inverloch. Afterwards I pulled into the servo at Wonthaggi and asked the attendant how long it would take me to get to an hour. She said it would take 90 minutes. It was 6.45pm, I had to find five minutes on the drive.

On my way home I listened to some pre-game on 3AW. Nobody gave us a chance, Matthew Lloyd said Collingwood would be getting a touch up by West Coast; others said the game had a whiff about it and that Collingwood were in big trouble. This was probably the motivation that I needed as I drove hard, made 7 minutes and pulled in to the drive way at 8.08pm with two minutes up my sleeve. All was in readiness, I took a spot and saw that DeGoey was in the middle. We were showing our intent, this was a good sign.

Collingwood supporters know what our best looks like, we know when we are on our game and we know when we are not. It was obvious that on Friday night we were going to compete.

The first quarter was a ripper to watch; six goals each way. Players standing over the ball, running and competing.
Lowlight – Watching Darcy Moore go off with a hamstring injury – more on that below.
Highlight – Open footy and Collingwood scoring six goals. Cox & Mihocek both kicking two goals was a great start.
Scores: WC 6-3-39 Pies 6-1-37

The second quarter was another for hard running, quick hands and physicality.
Lowlight x 2 – Watching Dom Sheed miss a goal from the pocket, why couldn’t he do that in the GF?
Jarrod Cameron kicking four goals in the first half, happy for the kid but please, enough.
Highlight – Collingwood’s tackling intent. Everyone was involved and boy it was nice to see.
Scores WC 10-6-64 Pies 8-3-51

The 3rd quarter started badly, West Coast reminded me of one of those teams you play against as a kid. It didn’t matter what the age group, you felt like they always had your measure before running over you when you had ran your race.
Lowlight – West Coast going three goals up and we were all worried we were done.
Sier crashing into Grundy with friendly fire.
Highlight – Collingwood stopping the flow, standing up and saying not today. Grundy showing how tough he was.
Scores WC 12-4-76 Pies 9-6-60

The last quarter was riveting, I was just happy that Collingwood stood their ground and fought.
Game lowlight x 2 – Hitting the post – continuously.
Injuries – Pendles & Moore injuries. Can someone please let us know how we stop getting so many injuries? This is the eighth year in-a-row that we have got smashed with injuries and I need it to stop.

Game highlights
Jarrod Cameron with no second half goals
Collingwood fighting our hearts out.
Elliott’s tackle on Neilson & working into the last quarter.
Noble & IQ playing well in their 1st & 2nd games.
Mayne’s job on Hurn.
Mihocek’s mark and goal.
Grundy gutsing it out + 8 tackles.
Maynard’s great job on Darling after we lost Moore.
Crisp 9 tackles.
Greenwood’s honest efforts.
Steele – for claiming he was having a shot whilst 75 metres out to milk 30 seconds off the clock.
Aish nice last quarter.
De Goeys intent – he had fantastic presence at the contest. His goal was a gem but caused by Brown’s smother.

Don’t know – Hoskin-Elliott to defence, looking for feedback on that one.

Scores WC 12-5-77 Pies 11-12-78

RH Votes
3: Adam Treloar not mentioned until now but his 39 touches & 6 tackles were gold. He worked so hard.

2: Scott Pendlebury – The skipper put in a gem, he is incredible.

1: Jarryd Roughead beat Josh Kennedy hands down. Keeping him to 0 goals is worthy of a vote,just 1 goal would have put the game beyond reach.

Go our boys



WEST COAST         6.3    10.4    12.4    12.5 (77)
COLLINGWOOD    6.1     8.3      9.6     11.12 (78) 

West Coast: Cameron 4, Darling 3, Yeo 2, Ryan, Hickey, Allen
Collingwood: Mihocek 4, Cox 3, Phillips 2, De Goey 2 

West Coast: Cripps (adductor)
Collingwood: Moore (hamstring) 

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Margetts, Stevic, Stephens

Official crowd: 56,251 at Optus Stadium



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  1. At the ground I thought Grundy was BOG by a mile. His athleticism outlasted Naitanui and his strength outmuscles Hickey. His hands in close are elite and his running to block/intercept Eagles exit kicks down the line was relentless. First time he has really won the battle against the Eagles rucks and now I understand the big wraps on him. Carried the rest of the team with him. Treloar, Pendlebury and Sidebottom were harder, longer against Eagles mids.
    Great coaching by Buckley. Mayne as defensive forward on Hurn. McGovern and Barrass always look to play off their forwards and arrive late to mark/spoil. Collingwood players always getting between them and the contest negated their game. Very smart. Legal? And Cox and Mihocek played in each other’s pocket, with one always screening for the other.
    Hoskin-Elliot very sound in defence and provided some intercept marking when Moore went off.
    Very disciplined and committed by your Pies. Terrific game to watch and both sides will be there in the last fortnight.

  2. A truly great game to watch. Both sides deserve tremendous credit for their endevours. I enjoyed this game far more than the Crows / Suns mismatch. I certainly agree with Peter B about these 2 being there in the last fortnight.
    PS While I don’t normally enjoy smashings, I took particular delight in seeing the Lions tear apart the Power yesterday. Those signs (never tear us apart) their supporters insist on waving around really annoy me.

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