Round 17 – Fearless: Hawthorn v daylight at present… do we have a challenger?

To boo, or not to boo. Indeed that seems to be the question as per the week’s talkback in footy land.

Tough question for some… not for others, judging by the responses. Everyone’s going to have a thought on the matter.

I hate booing and always have. I see no point whatsoever in doing it and view it as bad sportsmanship. I will teach my kids the same. By virtue, I was brought up to appreciate the champions regardless of their team’s colours.  It always seemed like a waste of time and energy to pour vitriol onto opposition players and spectators.

Goodes has sought leave from the Swans to deflate the issue perhaps. It’s a shame that it has come to this. However, if the AFL thinks it can stop booing, I think it’s kidding itself. The AFL has achieved many great things from a societal perspective. To stop the booing, as an ideal, is great. That’s what it is though, an ideal. Members of the public won’t stop booing. That’s it.


Friday night footy pitted the all-conquering Hawks against Barker’s Baby Blues. A 5 goal lead at qtr time a portent of things to come. Maybe the AFL would’ve known that scheduling against Real Madrid and Manchester City at the G was a lost cause. Maybe…for those that stuck it out, the lead just got bigger and bigger. Hawks by 138.

Geelong added some weight as the Fat Cats played the Giants in Canberra…anything for a marketing ploy these days! No snow but rather sunshine greeted both teams at Manuka. Tomahawk kicked 5 almost enough to beat GWS by himself aided by a focused Steve Motlop with 31 stats and 2. The Cats too good from midway in the 1st.

Adelaide’s focus had returned and Gold Coast stayed with Campo’s Crows for three quarters. Remarkably this had happened after Ablett’s knee had buckled. The Sunnyboys stuck to the task but got blown away in the last. Crows 45pts. Chuck Cameron, Betts’ understudy, kicked 4. Bennell 39 stats, in news for good reasons.

David Mundy’s kick for goal to steal a Freo win against the Tigers may prove critical come the business end of the season. Yeah Houli erred with a straight kick up the ground, but what about scoring wastefulness by the Tigers 10.18…Richmond shot itself in the foot. Freo were always going to come home hard and they did just that!

Brisbane lost Hanley and Beams before the game against the Roos at the Yo Gabba Gabba. The Roos were intent on overcoming collective demons in Queensland in order to celebrate the career of little big man Boomer in his 400th game. Petrie led from the front with 4, Brown 3, Harvey 27stats and 2. Roos by 72pts. Lions listless.

Essendon hosted Port, both as finalists in 2014. What ensued was a free-wheeling and high scoring encounter that would’ve pleased both coaches to a point. Hirdy’s point re ex-Don Ryder was accurate, even though Paddy’s last qtr got 3 telling goals.

When the game was there to be won, Port never stop stop stopped. Port by 13pts.

Darcy Moore you beauty! 5 goals in his 3rd game…shades of his athletic old man, Peter, one of the game’s pioneer athletic ruckmen/forwards. A shining light for Bucks’ Pies vs Bevos Bullies especially in the absence of Travis Cloke. Bulldogs had the answers though. Evergreen Boyd got 38 stats, Dickson 4, Picken 33 is now a star.

Demons hosted the Saints. The Bible suggests the outcome is predetermined. Call it inside knowledge, but the Bookies know this too…a 12 game Saint winning streak suggests too. A 37pt win certainly proved the Saints are on the right track and Roo is still a great leader. Lucifer or Beelzebub might need to provide a spark for the Dees.

Losing Tippett and Richards wasn’t bad enough for Sydney’s trip to Perth to play the Eagles, then losing Buddy to shagger’s back was the bomb. Eagles business as usual getting another key defender injured and blooding Tom Barrass to the backline. Eagles by 52pts, Goodes booed again, Jetta speared the crowd in support. Priddis 34.



  1. TIGES did all right Friday night, Fearless.
    But then again as a rusted-on Catters fan anyone who beats the Squawks is OK by me.
    And I lervvve it when the overhyped Squirrel Rioli —- not to mention that other little jerk Poppy — misses set shots
    All’s well with the world when the Brown and Puke go down.

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