Round 16 – St Kilda v Hawthorn: Good win for Geary’s 200th game and a finals hope

Sunday 6 September 2020
1:05 pm
Metricon Stadium, Gold Coast


It is a must win for St Kilda in order to have a hope of playing finals, although I have a doubt we are unlikely to go on to the final series because of the loss to Melbourne last week.


And it’s our captain Jarryn Geary’s 200th game. Things others don’t know have been featured on the club’s official website and app as well as on YouTube. St Kilda players guessed them. Geary’s favourite foods get my attention because his answer is Japanese and I would like to know what specific Japanese food/s he loves.


Geary promoting from a rookie player to the skipper is also what I am impressed with. It demonstrates his hardworking in his footy career.


St Kilda makes a late change to rest Max King and brings Ryan Abbott in. Hawthorn have made seven changes in the list to face the Saints.


The Sunday afternoon clash started in warm and sunny conditions with 24 degrees. Ryder wins a hit out over Cegler and Ross gains a clearance and is awarded a free kick because of a high tackle. His kick hits a packed space in our forward pocket.


Marshall cannot win the contested mark and Scrimshaw takes an interception mark. Hawthorn takes kicks on the wing. Coffield and Howard work hard to control footy but Gunston picks footy and kicks for the target. Lewis is in the right spot and scores the first goal of the game.


Hawthorn dominate the footy for the first 15 minutes and gain more inside 50s with three goals. I start worrying because the game is played like how St Kilda did against Dees.


Finally Marshall wins a contested mark against Frawley. On the left boundary, the dual position Saint kicks with a beautiful arch. His goal is the first one for the Saints.


The valued midfielder Steele follows and then another chance comes for St Kilda. Saints deliver footy in the right space and Butler takes a mark just outside 50. Gunston hits the footy picked by Butler and the new recruit is awarded a 50-metre penalty. Butler kicks a goal easily. We are saved and it’s an important goal.


Afterwards Hawthorn kick two goals while St Kilda do one for the rest of the first quarter. Hawthorne’s pressures are high and use the right space when they get opportunities. Meanwhile Saints are slow and need more efficient ball uses.


Statistics on the official AFL App says that Ryder records 11 hit outs but is yet  direct to teammates. Compared with the Saint ruckman, Cegler’s three of five hit outs create advantages to his teammates (numbers are as of the early minute of the second quarter). This analysis shows one of the efficiencies of ball uses.


Meanwhile at the end of the first quarter, Ryder jumps to hit the footy Breust kicks from a set shot after the siren. The main ruckman saves us from bigger trailling margin.


Despite Ryder’s magnificent efforts above, the second quarter is tough and defensive. Both teams put much pressure on opponents and kicking and handpasses are less efficient. Also by conservative methods of kicking backwards and on the wing, the game is slow and doesn’t create goals. But Hawthorn enter inside 50 more than St Kilda (seven to four as of the twelfth minute of the second quarter).


At three St Kilda’s entries to inside 50 all end up with minor scores (rush behind, Butler and Marshall). Then Hawthorn get opportunities inside 50 but Moore and Breust only manage to kick behinds.


Once again we get a turn back. Sinclair picks footy and handpasses. Kent possesses and hits the target in order to enter inside 50. Small forward Lonie takes a mark and his set shot finally goes through the main posts. This is the only goal scored at the second quarter.


St Kilda waste opportunities at the third quarter as kick two goals and five behinds, despite dominate footy with 21 contested possessions (to 12), 86 disposals (to 63) and eight clearances (to one). More inside 50 entries are recorded to St Kilda but inaccurate kicks place Hawthorn possibly to win the game.


Scrimshaw is a good defender taking three contested intercept marks that is the most on the ground. Breust is good at taking a contested mark and kicks the first goal of the quarter.


Then Marshall wins a two on two contested mark and scores a goal. Billings takes a mark at a tough angle at the end and kicks beautifully with arch. Siren sounds while the footy is flying and the Saints go on the last break with a 13-point lead.


At the last quarter, Hawthorn are desperate to spend more time on their half forward and play hard to prevent St Kilda from entering into their inside 50. As of eleventh minute of the last term, Hawks gain seven inside 50s while Saints only manage two.


However St Kilda don’t waste opportunities as kick two goals when enter inside 50. In return Hawthorn score 1.5 with seven inside 50 entries.


The second goal of the quarter has great performances starting with a brilliant tackle by Battle and then Marsh sheppards in order to exit the congestions. Good handpasses are passed to Ryder and he finishes his top job.


Marsh’s magnificent action is featured in the Pepper Money Moment of the Match on the club online media as well as is Ryder’s hitting footy at the end of the first quarter.


Then Steele steals the Hawthorn’s way after Kent gains a minor score. His turn over kick is taken a mark by Abbott. He runs into the right spot and ends up scoring his first goal as a Saint. His teammate embrace the former Cat.


Lonie and Mitchell kick a goal each and the Blue Ribbon Cup is awarded to St Kilda with a 14-point win.


The 200-gamer ends the game with 14 disposals, 10 kicks, four handballs, six marks and one tackle. He is the back man saving us from evaluating the rookie. Also his young colleague Coffield is outstanding as contributes 21 disposals at 95 percent efficiency, eleven marks, two spoils and two tackles.


On the other end of the ground, Marshall plays well in the forward line covering the absences of Membrey (injured) and King (managed). He is awarded the Silk-Miller Medal as well as Sainter of the Round.


It’s a good win, but Saints boys need homework, especially for kicking and winning contested marks. In my experiences, heats affect on-field performances. Under the warm conditions, hands get sweaty, balls become slippery and jumpers get wet. Picking wet balls is hard as well as kicking footy. Players could get enough fluids and wipe hands on the bench. And they need more drills to get used to the warm climate in Queensland.


And I guess that being away from home for months and not being able to see families and friends are stressful, even if they try to keep positive much. Also not having a great mentor Jarryd Roughead is hard to deal with. He encouraged boys on the bench on the game days and helps improve on-field performances.


But my boys are doing well in the strange time of 2020. It’s not easy but I believe we are still having a chance going on to the finals. Later on Sunday, Western Bulldogs win over West Coast even if Bulldogs kick more behinds to goals. We can do it. Naitanui will be back, but we can swap Ryder and Marshall in the ruck and Ross will show efforts to gain clearances. Plus Steels and Billings will cover and Jones and Hill will run fast to deliver footy towards the forward line.


Small note of my footy:


On Saturday afternoon with 35 degrees, we had four players at the Dingoes training. Footy cricket with handballs, and short kicking and marking drills were done. In the latter session, I took bast marks from high kicks and chasing footy well. Matt says that it was the best training for me in the three years. I am happy with it as well as the Saints win.


ST KILDA  4.4  5.8  7.13  11.14 (80)
HAWTHORN  5.1  5.5  6.6  9.12 (66)


St Kilda: Marshall 2, Lonie 2, Steele, Butler, Jones, Billings, Battle, Ryder, Abbott
Hawthorn: Breust 2, Lewis, Gunston, Moore, O’Brien, Hardwick, Scully, Mitchell


St Kilda: Ross, Hill, Marshall, Jones, Coffield, Long
Hawthorn: Mitchell, Scully, Day, Wingard, Cousins, Greaves


3. Marshall (STK); 2. Mitchell (HAW); 1. Long (STK)


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    Well done on your footy development Yoshi. Go Saints

  2. Thanks Yvette and sorry for getting back so late. Let’s cheer our boys loud tonight and get finals tickets. Go the mighty Saints!!

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