Round 15 – Fremantle v St Kilda: The Battle of the Beach


Sunday, 2 July 2017
2:40pm (7:40am York, 3:40pm Kyoto)
Subiaco Oval, Perth


The Saints have moderated rivalry with the Dockers, I heard and have in my mind, especially the strong emotion towards Ross Lyon. Invalid behind due to the siren failure in Launceston, Tony Jones overhearing umpires conversations on the plane after the Subiaco game them relieving to put the Dockers win and Lyon’s controversial move to Fremantle are what create the minor rivalry between two clubs.


A popular beach is located in St Kilda and Fremantle have a nice and beautiful beach too. Then the game is played to establish the beach rivalry and then I named it as the Battle of the Beach.


Last year, St Kilda were struggling with winning interstate games with no wins outside Victoria. Winning at other states has been our strategy in the 2017 season and we had the one when we played Hawthorn in Launceston.


However I think playing footy in different stadiums is hard. I need to get used to many things when I am working in different restaurants in the same chain.


In such times at my work, I have to have knowledge of different seat plans, to deal with different ordering systems, to know where ingredients and stocks are placed, and to get used to space to prepare foods and serve meals.


For footy, different turfs, shapes of stadiums, atmosphere and climate are what players need to adapt to each game. And sea gulfs at MCG is tricky. Even weather affects plays. And roofs at Docklands can affect too. Also I guess coaches have to get used to different views in the coaches boxes as well as different equipment there.


But my boys have to win the interstate matches. Otherwise we can’t win the flag.


I still need to take some time to get used to differences when starting at different restaurants, but I can deal better time by time even at times I am asked to move to another restaurant in short notices because of staffing issues.


Then I hope my boys cope well with different circumstances playing footy, like how I do with various workplaces.


Melbourne won over West Coast in the same venue last week and the Eagles won over the Bulldogs at Docklands the previous day. And Richmond had a good win over Port Adelaide at Adelaide Oval. So why not us?


But it’s not easy at all. Checking the score secretly at the storage / changing room at the beginning of the first quarter, I find we are a goal behind – 1.2 (8) to 0.2 (2). As we have plenty of time, I hope we bounce back later. The goal is scored by Ballantyne after taking a mark from Walters pass. The small forward is in the open space and scores a goal easiliy.


Then at work, I overhear what customers are talking at the kitchen. I go to them with paper towels for helps. They appreciate my offer but don’t need any paper towel.


We start counting numbers of customers’ thank you this month and my act can be similar to what Nick Riewoldt does on the footy field at the last quarter. I seem to want more numbers of being said thank you but my intention is to make customers happy. Nick is clever to get an opportunity to score a goal in the close game.


Bruce takes clearance at the ruck and Dunstan takes over and kicks. Then our inside 50, Membrey runs to take a mark. Riewoldt stops on the field and is not taking a contest. And behind Membrey is a rookie Docker, Logue. He runs over Membrey and a 50 metre penalty is awarded to Membrey.


Riewoldt’s action is criticised by media and on social media. But in my opinion, he is clever and tried to do the best to provide an opportunity to score a goal. And the former skipper might trust the young forward to take a mark on his own.


Sadly media makes cheap shots on headlines and to get more attentions. Our coach Richo backing him is brave and challenges the media well.


Meanwhile on the field while I am still working, Steele stops opponent’s ball movement made by Mundy and Fyfe and then handballs to Montagna. The veteran kicks towards our goal pocket and Gresham takes a mark and plays on. Our small young forward just kicks towards the goal posts from 48 metres out. It’s our first goal.


The Dockers veteran Aaron Sandilands doesn’t look good. He tries to tackle Gilbert and has physical contacts with him. Consequently he injures hamstring and is sidelined.


In the first quarter just over six minutes reminding, Walters kicks a long goal and starts his goal shows for the match sadly.


At the second quarter, Carlisle jumps on Ballentyne and the Docker falls down on the ground. Then the former Bomber shoves Ballentyne. His hard work and braveness are impressive, but his aggressiveness is unnecessary.


Flares occur on the footy field showing our moderated rivalry. And it’s the part of the battle of the beach.


Carlisle is not a bad boy at all. Running in nine minutes, Dunstan and K. Stevens handball well and the former Bulldog finds a good but small space to handball Carlisle. He is done towards the goal posts from 48 metres out.


Ballentyne fires back later in the second quarter. In Freo’s goal square, he and Webster play hard to touch footy but both fall down. Eventually the Docker picks and kicks a goal.


Gresham takes a good contest with Hamling high up and runs. Louge runs towards our forward but Gresham doesn’t allow him to tackle. Then he snatches a goal.


Dockers’ humbling ball gets attention by the new Saint beach boy (K. Stevens) and then handballs to one of Saint Jacks (Billings). He just does his Jackboyship work (scoring a goal). Our goal square is like the sand at St Kilda Beach.


Then I finish my short work of five and half hours for the day. Getting to nearest Starbucks but wifi doesn’t work properly. I work hard to get a solution but my frustration not being able to follow my footy live comes up.


Webster is brave to get a ball from Darcy’s kick from the boundary line, but the footy is handed to Walters. He is done with a goal.


At the third quarter, Gilbert kicking towards the centre right field, a contest involved by several players including Riewoldt and Ballentyne is held. Koby Stevens picks the ball, runs and kicks towards our goal square. Bruce takes a good chest mark 35 metres away with a straight angle. He just scores a goal.


Then Sheridan’s clearance helps Walters’ goal show number four. It happens just after I get wifi well on my iPhone so stop my worry. But Freo are in front by a goal now. My worry if we win or not exists.


Sadly our good Sam (Gilbert) is tackled by McCarthy and knocked out. He is stretchered due to concussion but spectators clap hands. It’s the moment both Freo and St Kilda supporters stand together as beach mates.


The great efforts by Steele running 150 metres to tackle Cox at 1:01 reminding are inspiring. He shows we never give up. Fyfe runs with bounces on the right. Carlisle tackles, but Fremantle still dominates by Tucker, McCarthy and Cox with continuous handballs. Cox runs towards goal posts for scoring a goal but Steele is doing his wonderful job.


After the last break, at 14:30 reminding, Sinclair steals the ball well and Membrey takes a mark moving backwards. He has been quiet on the field today, but it’s time to breakaway. He remembers his responsibilities to look after St Kilda Beach. His first goal is scored.


Walters’ day is still going at their goal square, and then Riewoldt and Membrey’s good team work is done (see above in the article for more details on Nick and Tim).


The sixth Walters goal puts Dockers in front. The match is played back and forth. I am anxious. When is the Saints breaking away?


Jack Steven’s high kick after the ball up is reaching the congested our goal square. At last Koby Stevens handballs well towards Bruce. He kicks the winning goal from his left foot and the ball flies high.


It’s just two minutes reminding, and we are in three points lead. But we don’t slow down as the close game.


Gresham runs fast with bounces on the right coast. He kicks towards Bruce with trust. Bruce shoots into the goal post widening our lead into nine points.


Siren sounds and St Kilda supporters express pleasures of the win. Our club song is played in Perth. It’s the first time in six years and Richo’s first hearing our song at Subiaco. Poor Scott Waters who has never listened to the club song in his native WA… And I hope Ross Lyon enjoys his old club song too.


Let’s keep up our good work boys. Next week we have Richmond who beat Port Adelaide in Adelaide Oval. Play for Maddie, Nick’s late sister!


FREMANTLE 4.3 7.5 10.7 12.8 (80)
ST KILDA 1.5 6.8 8.14 12.17 (89)


Fremantle: Walters 6, Ballantyne 2, Neale, Darcy, Cox, B.Hill
St Kilda: Gresham 3, Bruce 3, Carlisle 2, Membrey 2, Billings, Steele,

Fremantle: Walters, Neale, Hill, Johnson, Darcy, Hamling
St Kilda: Carlisle, Stevens, Gresham, Ross, Steele

Gresham (STK 3), Walters (FRE 2), Steele (STK 1)

Umpires: Margetts, Deboy, Williamson

Official crowd: 30,541


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