Round 14: The View from Shepparton

by Peter Schumacher

Well what a match that was. The grab from Gardiner was certainly as has already been pointed out very reminiscent of Leo Barry’s effort a couple of years ago. I don’t agree with those who argue that the result proved nothing, in fact it proved that St Kilda are the premier team this year and good luck to them. It also proved though what a great team Geelong is to give St Kilda a five goal start and nearly run them down. It also proved yet again what a great game our Aussie Rules is.

Another conclusion that can now be drawn is that there is daylight between the top four and anyone else. Just wish that there was an interstate side in that top four.

It must be totally depressing yet again for Freo, their team has failed yet again when they should have won after a great first quarter. I suppose that if Judd ran riot in the last quarter there might have not been much that any team could have done about stopping him. Carlton are still in the mix therefore but a long way short of where many thought they might or should be at this stage.

The Melbourne win against the West Coast Eagles was certainly well timed, but much as everyone respects and likes Jim Stynes and indeed wishes this great person the speediest of recoveries, the invoking of his circumstances in every post match discussion verged on the melodramatic in my view.

Looking at where Brisbane were at this time last year the Port match was always going to be a danger game and so it proved, I thought Brisbane would go on and win when they turned for the last quarter but Brennan helped to mess it up. Don’t know what he was thinking, presumably he was provoked or perhaps he was sucked into it. Great result for Port though and particularly for Mark Williams, I wonder if they could still be a dark horse if they make the finals? Meanwhile can Brisbane regain any momentum?

Adelaide were not particularly convincing against Richmond, but six out of the last six is a pretty good stat to have. They could battle to hang on to Tippet though; he could be a really good foundation player for the Gold Coast in 2011.

As alluded to, Collingwood were far too good for Essendon and they might be hard to shift from the top four.

North Melbourne and Hawthorn have had it this year, the latter being absolutely awful against a great Bulldogs team. How the mighty have fallen. Lance can’t take a trick at the moment. Sydney will still battle to make the eight but at least they have given themselves a chance.

I think that football must be at its lowest ebb on record in Western Australia, clearly neither of their teams is up to it at the moment.

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