Round 14: Jimmy and us

by Steve Healy

It had been a big week for the Melbourne football club to say the least, with the shock announcement from Jim Stynes that he was suffering from cancer, and would temporarily stand down as president.

This came as shocking news for me, and all other Melbourne supporters, along with Jim’s family and friends. Earlier in the week he had said for all supporters to turn out in their jumpers for the game against West Coast.

I put on my jumper (2002 edition, with LG logo) and scarf and headed out the door. At Darling station, a man in Melbourne colours sat down on the bench next to me. “Tell me, do you go to the footy every week, or are you just going for Jim today?” he asks me.

“Nah, I go every week”, I reply.

I talk to him for the next few minutes, about the game today, about Naitanui and Watts, Tom Scully, and about how winning today will lift the group enormously. He tells me he is 32-years old, and doesn’t go to the footy much anymore because he has two young kids at home.

The train arrives, and the man pulls out a stubby from nowhere, takes a seat, and starts drinking and talking to another supporter.

A couple of days ago, I was at Chadstone with some friends and saw a group of Melbourne players, including Ricky Petterd, Daniel Bell, Michael Newton and Lynden Dunn. They were playing a video game. I talked mainly to Ricky about the game on Saturday and asked what they were doing there.

I meet my friend Cam on the train, after guessing which carriage he would be on. He barracks for the Dees as well, and is also wearing the jumper. We walk into the MCG with Tim, who follows the Tigers, and sit on the half forward flank in the great southern stand (first level). This was a view that I haven’t seen much footy from. We were around more West Coast supporters than Melbourne.

The Demons run out on to the ground, with their theme song barely audible. They need to turn the volume up at the MCG.

It didn’t start well at all for the Dees, but only for the first couple of minutes. Before the bounce players were wrestling all over the ground. They had the first behind on the board and then Mark LeCras kicked the Eagles’ first. Petterd then answered for the Dees, with a goal from a set shot.

It turned into a great game of footy. When the Eagles kicked a goal, the Dees answered. I was loudly complaining about the umpiring, but I was still enjoying a good performance from the Dees.

There was a time in the first quarter where Ricky Petterd got shoved into the ground aggressively by Darren Glass, Barry Hall style. Then Matthew Nicholls (the Simon Overland look-alike) came in and reported Petterd for swearing. Green kicked a goal from a long run which gave the crowd something to enjoy. Liam Jurrah also enjoyed a goal,  showing why he is such a natural talented footy player. The Eagles missed a few chances, but the Dees made them pay. Robbo was back in good form, with two for the quarter, and he definitely convinced me that he should play on next year. The Demons led 6.1 37 to 4.6 30 at quarter time. Mark Jamar had done a great job in the ruck already, easily beating Naitanui with physical presence.

The second quarter begins with the Eagles attacking again. Josh Kennedy kicked one to level the scores, and then Wirrpanda put them in front by one straight kick. Brad Green squeezed one through from 50 in reply. From here on I was seeing a well-oiled Demon outfit. I had never seen them kick so long and accurate before. Colin Sylvia kicked a 65-metre bomb followed by goals from Petterd, Bate and Jurrah, who all kicked their second goals. Petterd looked a good option in the forward line and the Demons were on a very accurate 11.1 67. Masten kicked the last goal for the Eagles, but it was still a handsome 18-point lead, 11.2 68 to 7.8 50. I was confident that the Demons could sustain the lead and win the game. My only worry was that Naitanui would turn the game around in the last quarter. But he hadn’t had any influence on the game, just a handball or two. The Demons were dominating the hit outs.

The Demons came out strongly, again, and Martin kicked the first goal within seconds. The Eagles missed a couple of shots before Robbo capitalized with a great mark and goal. I stood up and cheered. I could sense that some of the West Coast supporters around me were getting annoyed (at the game, and at me). It wasn’t all over yet though, the Eagles hit back with goals from LeCras and Kennedy. Kennedy is a great leading forward. He marks well and is a long kick, just what West Coast need.

Nathan Jones kicked a running goal a little while later. Jones has improved a lot in the last few weeks, but he just needs to work on his ball use a bit. He almost killed himself when he ran at the ball and Wirrpanda’s leg nearly knocked him out. Aaron Davey marked at 50 and made a hard shot at goal look ridiculously easy. I think that the Dees had worked on their goal kicking during the week. Their next couple of shots on goal missed, and the ball went down the other end and Josh Kennedy marked and just squeezed through his third.  Jamar kicked a goal with his only kick of the day, which was the best one kick game you will ever see. It also gave the Demons their highest score for the year so far, eclipsing 14.16 100 against Richmond. Spangher kicked a goal just before the siren, to make the three quarter time margin an even four goals, 16.6 102 to 11.12 78.

I was hoping that the Demons would kick another five or six, but they looked a bit tired in the last quarter, but the Eagles were well held, and never looked like stealing the game. Kennedy and LeCras kicked goals but at the other end Robbo took a screamer, just missed but then kicked the sealer from a tight angle. Robbo has always been one of the best game breakers in the league. The siren sounded, with the Dees winning 17.10 112 to 13.14 92. I ran to the fence to be hi-fived by a group of players. I sang the song with passion. Jack Grimes had been best on ground, and deserved a rising star nomination with 29 possessions and 16 marks. Jared Rivers and Matthew Warnock also played great games in defence. Cameron Bruce never stops trying as well.

I said bye to my friends at Richmond station and looked forward to next week’s game against Port Adelaide. It had been the best Melbourne game I had been to for a while. We did it for Jim today, and let’s do it for Jim again next week.

Melbourne 6.1 11.2 16.6  17.10 (112)

West Coast 4.6 7.8  11.12 13.14 (92)


Melbourne: Robertson 4, Green 2, Jurrah 2, Petterd 2, Bate 2, Davey, Sylvia, Martin, Jones, Jamar.

West Coast: Kennedy 4, LeCras 3, A. Selwood 2, Spangher, Wirrpanda, Butler, Masten.


Melbourne: Grimes, Bruce, Green, Davey, Robertson, Jamar, Petterd, Rivers, Warnock, Jones, Frawley, Sylvia, Wheatley, Moloney, McLean.

West Coast: Hurn, Lynch, Kennedy, LeCras, Priddis.

My Votes: 3. Jack Grimes (Melb), 2. Cameron Bruce(Melb), 1. Brad Green (Melb).

Umpires: Donlon, M Nicholls, Mollison.  Crowd : 23,149 at the MCG.

About Steve Healy

Steve Healy is an entity of a Melbourne supporter.


  1. Josh Barnstable says

    Very good writing. I would have loved to have been at that game, there seemed to be plenty of emotion.
    Can you please read my report of this game? It has already been posted and i would like to get the view of a Demons’ supporter on it. Thanks.

  2. Damian Watson says

    Sensational writing.
    Good to see that someone else uses the Glen Waverley train line
    What are your thoughts on the crowd?

    In my opinion a crowd of 23 000 is a little disappointing considering it was an emotional game, even if you were playing an interstate side.

  3. Thanks for the comments, Josh and Damian. I think that the crowd was allright for the game, probably 3-4 thousand more came because of Jim. Last year, against West Coast we only got 17,958 at the MCG. There were plenty of West Coast supporters at the game, however.
    I usually don’t catch the train from Darling cos it is a bit of a walk, but it is quicker to get to the ground compared to Alamein.

  4. Steve Healy says

    New Convo guys.

  5. Jeez, back in the day when we called Damo ‘Damian’, and Michael didn’t exist in the Fab 5

  6. And i don’t think Danni talked to us around this time either?

  7. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I know, and we barely knew each other. I can’t believe it was over 5 months ago.

  8. Steve Healy says

    Nah, her and Damo had only been around for a couple of weeks

  9. Actually, before the finals started, we didnt really talk much but in the past couple of months we have rose to stardom and become best friends! lol

  10. Steve Healy says

    exactly, we started having the massive conversations in early september/ late august I think

  11. Steve, your chance was there to take out Daniel Bell and Michael Newton so they wouldnt play anymore. You hate them dont you? And what were they doing there? You said you asked them and that’s where the paragraph finished.

  12. Oh yeah we did too coz we were talkin heaps around my birthday (August 20)

  13. Steve Healy says

    They were at the video game place, i don’t like Newton much as a player but he’s a good bloke, hah it was so awkward there with the Dees’ players. I asked Ricky and he just said they were there having fun

  14. I’ve never seen AFL players out doing stuff on the streets or in places other than footy, except for David Wojcinski this year in Numurkah. And my Mum saw Rod Butterss driving his car in 2007 while she was in Melbourne.

  15. I’ve seen Todd Viney in Ashburton a couple of times when I was young (he used to live around), I’ve seen Adem Yze a couple of times just up the street, I was on a flight with Dees players,and I’ve met a few players at Auskick. Oh yeah, and I saw Rodney Eade once around where I live.

  16. That’s all I can think of

  17. I’ve seen Anthony Stevens at Waaia training a few times, and i’ve seen Glenn Archer and Denis Pagan at Waaia too. I felt really good that day, coz i played a good game and i knew they were watching and i always wondered if they had talked about me at all.

  18. Oh yeah, I’ve seen David Schwarz and Anthony Hudson at church on two different occassions, and I saw Glenn Archer at the Royal Melbourne show.

  19. I reckon Anthony Hudson is too high-strung

  20. his a pretty good commentator, 2nd best on channel 10 behind Lane.

    Actually here’s my preference of commentators on 10:

    1. Tim Lane
    2. Hudson
    3. Christian
    4. Quartermain
    5. Underwood

  21. Trying to think of more footy players ive seen in public

  22. My top 5 commentators:

    1. Clinton Grybas
    2. Brian Taylor
    3. Michael Christian
    4. Malcolm Blight
    5. Dennis Cometti

  23. Mine:

    1. Dennis Cometti
    2. Brian Taylor
    3. Tim Lane
    4. Dwayne Russell
    5. Gerard Wheatley or James Brayshaw

    Blight isn’t a commentator

  24. He provides special comments though, and he is apart of a commentary team.

    Russell is alright too, a bit over the top but he’s good


  26. He’s alright too

    Im out. Bye

  27. yeah but commentators are usually the ones who call, not who provide special comments

  28. ….well excuse me steve!!

  29. Fab 5, i’ve made a new email address so if you need to contact me thru email, it is now [email protected]. Steve and Michael, this is also my new MSN so add me.

    Status – sitting in an IGA carpark in Shepparton

  30. hahaha !! at ur status
    status- jst got back from driving lesson!!
    i did so much better!! :)

  31. Well done Danni. Hey could you do a brother a favour? Can you email that address of mine with all the contacts from the Almanac, like JTH, Daff and the rest of the Fab 5 please?

  32. Steve Healy says

    hmmm, I don’t think ill ever change my email adress.

    Status- eating salami

  33. I had a salami roll today

    Steve go on msn

  34. Steve Healy says

    Hey Danni, you forgot Nathan Brown’s birthday yesterday

  35. Steve, it was Mitch Brown’s birthday

  36. Ohh yeah they’re twins

  37. Steve Healy says

    Gee Josh your a pretty forgetful person sometimes

  38. What did i forget?

  39. lol i celebrated that ages ago!
    im lost wat do u want me to do Joshy???

    lol wait till u hear wat happ just now

  40. Steve Healy says

    lol we were talking about it on MSN about 2 minutes before you sent that comment.

    Yeah Danni but you should’ve celebrated it again on the normal date.

  41. Danni, i added cuddlesandrainbows, as well as heaps of other Pies players on FB.

    Send me the email address’ of JTH, Daff, Steve, Damo and Michael, or can one of you do it please??

  42. mums like lets go for a walk so im like yeah okey since i was already dressed.
    so we walk all the way to Maccas and im hungry so i go in looking all flusstered from jogging and ofcorse the whole place is filled with hot dudes!
    hut dudes that work there and hot dudes that are customers and im like..OHHH CRAP!!
    tell me how appealing i looked to them in my Adidas trackie bottoms and an army singlet with runners, my hair out and down and my huge black sunnies with NO MAKEUP at all.
    i hate my life!

  43. …WELL i dont know Damos or Mikeys!
    but mine is [email protected]


    Happy birthday to you
    i wanna make you my boo
    your my cuddlesandrainbows
    and ur really hot too!!!
    AND MITCH!! :)

  45. Haha..okay i’ll just add you guys the old fashioned way

    I went to maccas today and i had a carton of smokes in my pocket and people kept asking me if i smoke

  46. Steve Healy says

    ah I tried to send a comment with the emails but didnt work. dont you remember them?

  47. LOL thats still better than wat i had happen to me!
    there was lik 20 hot guys!! and im in trackies with no makeup and im red form the jogging…………….WHYYYYY

  48. Steve Healy says

    Danni, I thought yours was dani_joe or do you use both?

    Who else were they for then Josh??

  49. yeah i used both emails.


  51. They were my Mums..

  52. Steve Healy says

    Um, I dont usually go on the COllingwood site

  53. Steve Healy says

    oh ok Josh, gotta go guys im goin outside ill be on later

  54. Just to prove my normality to Joshy, look what Jamie Oliver named his last kid.
    Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver.


  55. And his first kid was named Daisy Boo haha.

  56. Damian Watson says

    Hey guys, probably the last time I will be on here until New Years Eve.

    I got my results back today…

  57. Results for?

    Oh your going to Adelaide Damo?

  58. Oh and i have a radio show tomorrow at the Cobram Showgrounds at 10:30

  59. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I’m going to Adelaide, I hope there is a 20/20 cricket match at the Adelaide Oval while I’m there.

    My school results, I got straight A’s!!!!

    I’ve been to Cobram before nice place, are you going to be talking about footy? What radio station is it on?

  60. Well done Damo, i got straight C’s with mine lol

    You have? Damo, it’s not that good. It’s alright, got some fancy places and a maccas but thats all. My aunty lives there, i live about 15 minutes away. I don’t know what station it is on sorry, and i’ll be talking about the new coaching appointments in the MFL and PDFL leagues.

  61. Damian Watson says

    Really? I didn’t mind Cobram, then again I only stayed there for a couple of days.

    Coaching appointments, any former AFL players?

    Straight C’s, even for English? there must be something wrong with your teacher lol.

    Anyway gotta go, but I should be back in an hour.

  62. HAHAH yeah Daisy boo! lol
    seee :)

    well done Bluebury!! :P

    status- wet pearl-white nails.

  63. What were you doing in Cobram?

    Nah no AFL players that i know of

    I got an A in English in Year 7

  64. Steve Healy says

    Are you an expert on those leagues, Josh?

    I’m not a straight A student at all, actually i’m very average at school, even English sometimes

  65. Im probably less than average at school, but every teacher knows me and likes me so that probably helps.

    Sorta Steve, lets just say that i have the most radio experience out of the kids in my region so that’s probably why i’m doing it.

  66. Steve Healy says

    oh thats good, not many teachers like me at my school.

  67. hahahahah naww steve!!
    why do u say that, ur so quite and cute!
    LOL my teachers love me :)

  68. Danni i heard a Jonas is getting married tomorrow

  69. Steve Healy says

    you mean quiet?

  70. Steve Healy says

    Ok I wouldn’t say any of my teachers hate me, but they don’t like me that much apart from my homeroom teacher

  71. A couple of teachers hate me, and i hate them too

  72. yeah, typo lol.

    is getting married to Danielle..
    DANIELLE JONAS…and its not me

  73. I dont hate any of my teachers.
    i love my Re Teacher, i hope i get him next year for Re and homeroom :)

  74. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I hate quite a few teachers.

    status- cutting out more pictures and sticking them to my wall

  75. Steve Healy says

    Wow, watching Liam Jurrah highlights on Youtube always puts a smile on my face

  76. I watched a video of him on the AFL website last night kicking a goal while on his back against Fremantle

  77. lol well how do you think i feel everytime i watch the Superman goal.
    last weekend we went out for gelati and we drove past the MCG.
    you have no idea how i felt.

  78. Yeah that was incredible, it was amazing seeing it while at the game.

    Danni, Jurrah has way,way more tricks in the bag than Anthony

  79. im not talking about tricks, im talking about accuracy, detail, grace, an aura, Superman :(

  80. Damian Watson says

    I went when I was about nine at a resort over there just for the sake of it.

    Not many teachers like me either.

    Yeah Liam Jurrah would have to be one of the stories of the season, he kicked a great goal against the Saints as well.
    When he booted that goal against Essendon after almost taking that speccie I was expecting the Dees to run over the top of the Dons.

  81. Haha its a funny coincidence that Cobram is the home to heaps of Italians, that’s why it is nicknamed Wogram.

    Jeez Damo, i’d be thinking that you would be loved by heaps of teachers.

  82. detail? It’s not a video game Danni1

  83. Damian Watson says

    The younger teachers and those who are into footy like me but some of the older ones are a little tight.

    Do you have many immigrants around Waaia?

  84. Damian Watson says

    Do you guys think Trent Croad will announce his retirement tomorrow?

    There are rumours on the radio that he might.

  85. Yes steve, Detail! the way he perfectly kicks the fooy, the way it flies off his boot……*sigh*

    Damo..i hope not, its a sad way for him to go out.

  86. Yeah, the Waaia shop is run by pommy’s and actually they are being driven out of this country in fact. Dad wants me to write a story to the paper about why they should stay in Australia.

  87. footy***
    soz guys i cant type!!

  88. Did you hear about Brad Dick Danni?

  89. Haha you make more mistakes than Michael Danni. People at school always get me to type there work coz im a really fast touch-typer.

  90. Michael Allan says

    Heyu guys.

    I heard about young Bradley. Dad and I weren’t happy because he’;s in our SFL team.

  91. yeah i did.
    its a shame but it has to be done.
    its also in a way a good thing so that maybe it will give our young muffins a chance to strut their stuff.

  92. PRETTYRANGA!!! :p

  93. Speak of the ranga..

  94. Really, Damo

    I think he will retire cos he got a premiership, what a great final game of a career that is

  95. Michael Allan says

    DANNI EID!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t do emoticons. Remember?

  96. Your only happy coz it means Josh Thomas might get a game

    hes sooo CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! :)

    sorry Prettyranga, but i do DO emotions!

  98. Damian Watson says

    Sorry guys, SEN were wrong he won’t be announcing his retirement just yet but I think he will after Christmas because his footy injury isn’t improving. So he has until after Christmas to decide his future.

  99. …hmmm wont be a fun christmas for him then.

    ipod- hot mess- cobra starship
    LOVEE this song

  100. Itunes – Apologize – Timbaland

    Hopefully Matty Egan can get back to playing

  101. Michael Allan says

    Josh thats Apologise – Timbaland feat. One Republic

  102. ohh love Timberland!!!
    but love Timberlake more, i love name Justin its such a bad boy name.

  103. Shannon Cox should come out of retirement and play for the Dees

  104. Sorry Michael, now it’s Gotta be somebody – Nickelback

  105. Cant believe Shannon Cox played in the Ruck

  106. Lol, okay steve you can have him!
    He was getting a tad slow and tubby anyways lol

    Ipod- Pitbull- I know you want me

  107. Oh i love Pitbull’s new song, the Hotel Room Service one

  108. Ipod- Don’t have one

  109. Damian Watson says

    Pitbull? Cobra Starship? I’ve never heard of these bands.

    I’m listening to Foo Fighters- Wheels.

  110. Ive never even heard of Pitbull, they must be crap

  111. lol wann know something funny about that song.
    we were at a party and it was playing (i know you want me) and this guy come sup to me friend and sings and points at her at at him at the lines
    “you no i want cha”
    “i know u want me”
    and were like….
    “okayyy..lets go over there now.. LOLL”

  112. omg steve!!
    CobraStarship song- Hot mess THATS MY JAM, ITS MY ANTHEM RIGHT NOW!!
    u have to hear it!!

  113. Pitbull is one guy Steve, and i like that Wheels song. How could you not have heard of Cobra Starship?? They are the bomb

  114. I’ve only heard Good girls go bad by Cobra starship

  115. Damian Watson says

    Anyway guys I’d better be off and prepare for the long drive.

    Have a safe Christmas!

    lol sorry…cant help it

  117. Thanks mate, when do you leave?

  118. nawwwwwwww You too damo!!
    :) have fun!!!

  119. Damian Watson says

    8am tomorrow morning.

  120. k, have a great time, when are you back?

  121. Cya Damo, i love the drive to Adelaide. The hills are amazing

  122. I’ve only been to Adelaide once when I was about 1 or something

    The Lonely Island- there a good band

  123. Damian Watson says

    I’ll be back December 30th, yeah I’m travelling along the Western Highway (the route JTH wrote about) it’s a good drive. Cya guys.

  124. You wouldnt really call them a band Steve, i’d call them a comedy group

  125. yeah well ill call em a band cos they sing songs

  126. …lonely WHO??

  127. island

  128. Danni, they are good

  129. …..okay
    never heard of them.
    or whateva lol
    but seriously Stevey ask Joshy, Hot Mess is a song you should be loving!

  130. Itunes – Where Did We Go Wrong – Magna Fi

  131. oky jst looked them up.
    they look like a bodged Jonas Brothers gone REALLY WRONG! excep thier Nick Jonas (Curly hair one is kinda cute in a nerdy way.

  132. Steve, Hot Mess is a song you should be loving

  133. ipod- 3- Brittany Spears

  134. I need to get Lily Allens new song

  135. In fact, i need to get Lily Allen.

  136. nah shes mine- I don’t really like her much anyway, I don’t like her music much anyway

  137. Well back off then.

    Itunes – Thriller – Michael Jackson

  138. I’ve only got Windows media player on this computer

  139. Itunes – Beds are Burning – Midnight Oil. Great song

  140. lmaooo fighting over Lily Allen,
    thats so cute!
    naww!! :P

    status- english hw

  141. Yeah I love that song Josh

    More homework???

  142. What do you mean more? for english I have to read 3 novels and write up a massive speech that’s due first day back.

  143. my mistake

  144. ipod- Jonas brothers- girl of my dreams
    Its a christmas song!!
    its the bestest! :)

  145. naww come on fellas!
    weak!! its only 12:37 and im all alone!!
    im typing up rebuttal and u guys are all snoozing! WEAK!
    hope u see this early in the morning u lot!

    Madame Deficit

  146. nah your not Danni, me and Josh are having a fantastic conversation on MSN

  147. Yawwwwnnn… are we?

  148. pretty fine

  149. My radio show went pretty well, except a little dog came bursting in and jumped all over everyone lol it was funny.

  150. argghh!!
    im sore for yesterdays jog.
    im still tired and my head hurts!

  151. Lol, im waiting for my last comment that i sent 20 minutes ago to be moderated and sent thru coz i used my new email address but its taking its sweet time.

  152. Screw it i’ll just use this one

    Anyway, the radio show went alright, except a little energized doggy came in halfway through and started jumping on everyone until the embarrassed owner came in to get him.

  153. ..omg lol if it jumped at me lol
    i would have screamed!!
    its all mums fault! she made me scared of dogs!

  154. This dog was about the size of my shoe so i thought it wasnt dangerous but it jumped right up at me wanting to play lol

  155. LOL!
    Status- thinking about what hw i should do next.
    argghhh this is soo bad, hw is the LAST thing i want to do! i just want to sit and DO NOTHINGGGGG!!

  156. North Melbourne star Drew Petrie tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Nicole Carr before a sea of teammates at Ocean Grove.

    nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i love weddings!!

  157. I hate sitting and doing nothing.

    Yeah i saw the pictures in the HS today.

  158. i love the photo of his face when he watching her arrive…

  159. I Think Kevin is getting married to Danielle today, in a CASTLE!!
    and her dress is By Vera Wang and her tiara is designer aswell!!
    i cant wait to get married!!

  160. Oh yeah i totally know who Vera Wang is, he/she is a very good dress maker.

  161. u werent being sarcastic?

    status- jst back from jog, legs feeling better..hungry 4 pizza

  162. Vera Wang is A FEMALE!
    i have her purfume called ‘princess’

  163. Hmm maybe i should have used my sarcastica font..

  164. lol yes maybe you should have!

    status- eating pizza

  165. Steve Healy says

    how are we all today?

    I stayed up till 3 last night and I woke up at 12:30 today.

  166. I stayed up till 1 and got up at 8

  167. Steve Healy says

    Have you read the thing on the AFL website about the Clubs’ progress? The Dees seem to be great, about from a minor injury to Wonaeamirri. Cale Morton and Jack Watts have put on five and six kilos respectively

  168. I only read North Melbourne’s

  169. Steve Healy says

    status- looking at the fixture

  170. steve how scary you slept and woke up the exact same times as me!!

  171. I just been for a really good kick of the footy, its now in the tree. Also found out that we have a baby galah in the cage with our cockatoo.

    Status – thirsty for blue coridal

  172. NAWWW baby galah!! :)

    status- not doing hw cos i DONT WANT TO!!

  173. That’s the spirit!

  174. lol josh!
    i just ate chinese food, why the hell am i hungry now!!?

  175. I don’t like chinese food, i like rice though.

    I had maccas at 12 this afternoon and haven’t really eaten since then

  176. ..what?
    Joshey! ur a growing boy EAT SOMETHING!!
    i cant sit 2 hours withoug eating something lol

  177. I just had a glass of green cordial, happy?

    Damo texted me this morning

  178. …wat would you say if i had said that??
    “Danni cordial is not FOOD, eat FOOD”

    nawwwwwwww Blueburyyyyyyyyyy!! :)
    how is he?

  179. No i reckon Steve would be someone to say something like that lol.

    I dunno, i was texting him about the radio thing.

  180. Danni, go to this link:

    Just don’t dieeeeeeee

  181. i think my heart just stopped beating…

  182. i cant breathe….

  183. Oh crap lol

    I looked thru all of photos, and now looking for other AFL players

  184. ..joshy

    im serious, my heart literally stopped when i saw that photo……
    Jack Anthony <3

    that was the bestest present ever, that just topped my life right now, you have no idea.

    i cant breathe

  185. Oh well, merry christmas!! :D

  186. Now you owe me big time

  187. ..omg i swear,
    you have no idea
    i feel like running now! never touching another chocolate bar again…
    i cant explain it…
    thank you soooooooooooo much,
    you have no idea.

  188. stop telling me i have no idea lol

    Oh i saw an eagle in my paddock today, i went to feed it but it flew away

  189. ..but ts true, u dont know how i feel right now!!
    i could just cry cos i love him so much!!
    i dont know whats come over me!
    thats it..i have to meet him!
    im going to a training session next year even if i have to walk the whole way!!!

  190. I loved the pic of Dale Thomas advertising the free tickets, lol he look so enthused

  191. ha! Daisy!!?
    Come on that Jack Anthony photo…
    this is soo not good, im going to church 2mro i dont wanna have to go to confession, ive got to stop swearing!!

  192. Lol

    Im worried about Steve, he’s been on msn but hasnt said a word to me for about 3 hours.

  193. Hey guys, I was just watchin the replay of Geelong V Hawthorn (Round 17) on One HD. Jeez that was a good game

  194. ….is Jurrah okay?
    thats one way of finding out if Steves okay.

  195. Sorry about that Josh, the laptop crashed and then I just went off

  196. Good work Danni, even if he came back before you said that it still worked (Y)

  197. Well there you go Joshy!
    Steve, omg I don’t know whats wrong with me!
    Joshy just topped my life and I haven’t felt this happy in so long!
    I love Jack Anthony..
    And I mean I really REALLY LOVE Jack Anthony.

  198. Damn, i cant believe i missed that Geelong v Hawthorn game when it was on this season

  199. Maybe you should hang around the lexus centre more often…

    Oh by the way, I went past the Lexus centre in the car today, a few Pies players were on Gosch’s paddock kicking the footy, I think one of them was Jack

  200. status- staring at photo Josh gave me.

  201. Oh yeah, you were with a mate or something weren’t you?

    I missed it as well, I was walking around Canberra.

  202. steve…dont do that to me…
    im all emotional now!!

  203. I just found a great picture as well, Liam Jurrah with Davey, Bennell and Jetta on Mt Buller

  204. That was in the HS a week ago Steve.

    Yeah i was with a mates, Mum made me go in and get the pizza while the radio commentary was covering the final kick

  205. status- singing to photo

  206. They only went there about 4 days ago, Josh.

    Singing what song?

  207. I texted home to find out the result. Cos in Canberra there are no radio stations covering the footy

  208. Who did you go with Steve?

  209. duh, im singing ‘hot mess’

    seriously, i need to marry him!!

  210. You need to make him your boo eh?

  211. ..hell yes!

  212. my 20 year old brother

  213. Seriously, this is a big moment people!
    No other dude is gonna have that effect on me like Superman does.
    He will be mine!!

  214. so you’ve gone off Nathan?

  215. Did you look at the other photos Danni?

  216. looks like it.
    not that i dont love Nathan, but…he seems happy with his gf so ill just let him go.
    Jack Anthony on the other hand….
    hes the one

  217. briefly josh, i was too busy looking at the one you pointed out.
    im telling u my heart stopped and i sat there for about 2 mins in awe.
    then i had to get some water cos i felt a little faint.
    this cant be normal!

  218. well lets hope for Danni’s sake that Jack will never get traded

  219. …ohh god no!!!

    thats it, im printing it out, ive already put it as my phone screen saver, computer screen saver. so ill print one fo rmy wallet and then one for my locker just b5 school stars.
    i im love with the photo


  221. Yeah I have, I think he’s trying to look like a gangster

  222. i knowwwwww!!! and its sooo freaking hawtt!
    OHHHHHHHHHHHH!! i love himmmmmm
    lovee him
    love him
    LOVE HIMMM!!! <3<3
    and that gorgeous outfit…damnnnnnn!!

    status- sqeauling at photo..again

  223. come on seriously now.
    dont u think we would make a good couple?
    cant u jst picture us together!!??

  224. Yeah, but you should start goin to Collingwood training sessions to catch his eye

  225. dont worry, I WILL!!!
    I can see it now.
    Nice apartment in the city.
    With a balcony where we eat breakfast everymorning that has a nice view of the city.
    And we will have 3 pretty brown eyed babies with brown hair.
    Two boys one girl.

    wait..what the hell do i wear to the training session!!!? cant wear a jumper and act like a crazed fan.

  226. Nah you should probably wear a collingwood jumper

  227. ..Steve if i do that then i have NO CHANCE!!
    they dont date girls that are into footy, they like normal girls who like to dress up. im pretty moch both in one.
    so im thinking i just go looking pretty and pretend i dont know what a footy is!
    then later ill go up to ask for him autograph and say
    “you look familar, but i cnt remember your name.”
    or something like that.
    who know where it could go from there…..

  228. Danni, any person in a Collingwood jumper is asking for attention

  229. ..josh there will be other girls wearing the jumper too!! i need to stand out!!

    ohh and just to mention that our two boys will go to Collingwood under the father son rule, the oldest one getting his Daddy’s number nine.

  230. hmmm I dunno, but why would you be watching a Collingwood training session then?

  231. Hahaha, don’t say that too soon Danni, he hasnt played 100 games yet

  232. why? duh cos i was just strolling through the park and noticed a crowd so i went down to have a look thats why!

    …really, tell me statsman how many has he played?

  233. 36 games (23wins 13 losses), he’s kicked 75.34 (50.28 in 2009 and 25.6 in 2008) in his career, and he’s averaged 9.9 possessions and 5 marks a game

  234. Michael Allan says

    Danni it’s wiered your like the only girl I know who thinks John Anthony’s hot.

    By the way notice how I call him John. Beleive it or not, that’s actually his name.

  235. ..omg u guys
    omggg i just noticed something of the photo.
    im sitting there and mi like..Jack reminds me of ball practise partner Frankie!!!
    u guys still have the pic compare them..OMGGG NO WONDER I CHOSE HIM TO DANCE WITH and that was BEFORE JACK!!!

  236. mmm okay, thanks steve. :)
    dont worry he will get there our sons will play for collingwood, Andre-Federer in number nine :)

    Mikey, am not, read the comments with the photo other girls love him too.

  237. Nah i think he’s had it legally changed Michael.

  238. did he? Jack is just an alternate for John. It’s still John Anthony on Collingwood’s list isn’t it?

  239. Does anyone ever accidentally say Jared Rooke and Brian Harris?

  240. lol funny thing i have an uncle called jack and an uncle called john and my dad’s middle name is Anthony….

  241. Michael Allan says

    Well ofcourse your going to get some female supporters who like the look of him from the largest and arguable the most fanatical football club.

    He never seems to be featured on any “hot” lists or anything.

    At least your not swayed by wat the general ublic think.

    Your an individual.

  242. Its either legally changed now or he wants to get it changed, i read it somewhere

  243. … josh and do you know why?
    cos im to busy saying JACK ANTHONY! :)

  244. I think it was spelt Jarrad. Nah I don’t ever make that mistake

  245. That sounded suggestive.

    I dont but my Dad does sometimes

  246. Lol…yeahh Mikey sure :)
    dude i just love him, i cant help it!
    just cos hes not on the afl hot list or whatever doesnt impact me and i dont know why……
    its not just his looks though, i can honestly say his personality frm what i have seen and also his past with the whole his father leaving him when he was 5, i dont know i just love him!

  247. hahahah josh! lmaoo
    okayy well yeah none of that till AFTER the wedding!! hhahaha

  248. His father left him?

  249. yeah..when he was really little.

  250. Oh, they mention Yuendumu in Beds are burning, that’s Liam Jurrah’s home town!

  251. Really? I’d listen to it on my ipod

  252. yeah im looking at the lyrics “From Kintore east to Yuendumu” I never knew that.

  253. Danni is out like a light as soon as it hits midnight. Eyy im a poet and i didnt even know it

  254. yeah, but she’s always up until 3 apparently

  255. Apparently

  256. yes i am.
    but you know the whole princess thing
    Cinderella has to leave by midnight! :)

    status- back frm church eating breakfast

  257. Status – listening to a really forgotten song. This Heart Attack – Faker

  258. status-making roses out of ribbons :)

  259. For the one and only Superman?

  260. :D yes!!!


  261. status- time for a jog!

  262. Steve Healy says

    Jeez Danni, you really are getting fit

    Go Dees!

  263. I cant wait for my footy to come down. Last night i was having a kick and i felt really good so i want to continue my form.

    Status – trying to convince Mum to take me late-night shopping in Shepparton. Im good with convincing her, i convinced her to drop the appointment where i would have gotten my swine flu injection

    Go Roos!

  264. Steve Healy says

    nice Josh, I had a kick of the footy by myself last night in the backyard as well. I didn’t get it stuck in the tree thank god. And my basketball is still over the fence

  265. I love kicking the footy in my front yard. So much space, the grass is green, i can throw myself around on the ground going for marks, kick for goals

  266. Steve Healy says

    My grass used to be all green in my backyard a few months ago, but now it’s drying up again as it has been for the last few years. And my Mum keeps planting things so most of the backyard has things growing in it! It’s so annoying, and Mum got angry and me lately for breaking a branch off a tree and snapping a broccoli plant

  267. Hmm my yard also has a massive cactus bush and footy’s get swallowed in their, and you know the problem about the trees. The roof is a hazard too.

  268. Steve Healy says

    The main hazard in my back yard is the ball going over the fence, which happens so regularly, and all the rose bushes, a soccer ball and a basketball have been wrecked recently cos of them

  269. Rose bushes are pricks arent they haha.

    Status – watching the video where Nathan Brown (RICH) breaks his leg against Melbourne. I find it funny how Matty Whelan craps himself when he looks at Brown’s disfigured leg.

  270. Hell yes!! My footy came down! I had to use a flat basketball, an old footy filled with water and a helmet to get it down but she’s down!

  271. yes steve, u i have to get fit so i me and Jack look like a sporty couple that go for jogs and stuff! :)

  272. Steve Healy says

    maybe you should start kicking a footy?

  273. Outside in alleyways

  274. Steve Healy says

    yeah lol

  275. Steve, msn it

    iTunes – Don’t You Forget About Me – Simple Minds

  276. nahh i need to be clumsy at Jack can teach meeeeeeeeeee!! hehehe!! :)

  277. Lol im guessing your already clumsy at it Danni?

  278. ….yeahhhhh

  279. Steve Healy says

    yep ill go on now Josh.

  280. you know if it wasnt darj outside..i would have liked to go back out for another jog…
    i cant believe i just said that..

  281. hahaha good work Danni

  282. I’d go back out for another kick, regardless of the light. But i wont

  283. hahah lol
    you know right after that jog i got home with mum and my uncle came and took us to our shop and i went in heels lol…little did i know we had to go to Safeway right afterwards!! and i had to push the trolley in heels! not to mention the looks i got! lol

  284. We got our Christmas tree today, well we actually got it yesterday but we put it up today.

    Danni, I had no idea that you were that attractive. You get looks everywhere you go

  285. Just watched a video of Simon Prestigiacomo’s last goal , way back in 2003.

  286. ..HAHAH LOL gee Steve i dont no if thats a compliment or insult!!

  287. well…. I guess it’s a compliment

  288. I think it was in 2002, Josh

  289. Did channel 9 have the broadcast rights back then?

  290. yeah, it was Channel 9’s first year, they went from 2002-2006.

    Collingwood beat Carlton by 108 points that night, I kind of remember that game

  291. ..u THINK!!???
    gee! lol
    the way u said it was like it was surprising that i am attractive!! soo mean steve!!
    its not my fault i look pretty when i dress up!

  292. Danni, what do you think of Robbie Nahas?

  293. not my type thanks.

  294. Sorry Danni, it wasn’t meant to sound mean.

  295. ..really?
    just cos im not a Dee (well to my uncle i am but still)
    im only unattractive to u cos were like sisterly/brotherly and just cos im a Collingwood supporter, obviously u others would never find that attractive lol

  296. true

  297. LOL see!
    wonder if that buy in the blue t-shirt at church would have kept staring if he knew i was a ‘honeybird’

  298. Hey, calling a girl honeybird is the nicest compliment

  299. Lol, steve lol seriously its cute!
    especially since i doubt u call any other girls names, lol :P
    Lol betcha dudes would quit staring if I walked around holding a sign that says

  300. I dunno if being called a muffin is a compliment or an insult

  301. deff a compliment!!
    awwwwww JOSHYY MY muffinnnnn!! :)
    soo cute!!

  302. Yeah, but, your calling me a food

  303. josh its not like im calling you Greek salad!! a muffin is cute and sweet!!
    you know how i love my muffins!
    so trust me its a huge compliment! :)

  304. I had a muffin last night actually, it was delicious.

  305. my sister makes nice muffins

  306. seee! your delicious!!
    not in that way! but in a i love ya like my brother way! :)
    i cant wait to go for a jog 2mro! :)
    ive been doing 30mins everyday but im thinking ill do the 30 take a break and do another 20.
    if i keep this up by the time i meet Jack i should be looking good. :)

  307. nawwww steve! lol
    i have to learn how to bake so i can make muffins for Superman.

    (Josh i know what ur thinking so LOL no not in a suggestive way!)

  308. I’ve been running the length of my yard kicking the footy every night as the sun sets, its a nice temperature to run around to

  309. I don’t go for jogs much, well I havent in ages. I just run around in my backyard kicking the footy and playing basketball

  310. lol good stuff.
    we should all be looking good for our footy show! the camera adds ten pounds or something!
    Keep it up guys, while im losing weight you guys need to build and gain your frames, the girls will be chasing u in no time, trust me.
    a built guy is a hawt guy.

  311. Hahahaha

  312. Gee I bettter get to work then

  313. By the way i was laughing at Danni being suggestive.

  314. ..i wasnt!!

    okay fine i was!!
    no seriously i wasnt!..was i? LMAOO
    but we are going to have children!
    the future of the Collingwood forwardline depends on me!!

  315. Haha i loved the joke at the 2007 Brownlow Medal how Steve Curry said to James Hird that he has made the 2020 Essendon forward line and they’ll be working on the backline later that night lol.

    Does anyone know what ftw means? I’ve been seeing it but dunno what it means

  316. hahaha yeah that was funny.

    It means for the win

  317. You or Jack Anthony’s girlfriend..

  318. hmmmm…give me some time with Cuddlesandrainbows maybe i can contribute to our defenders! :)

  319. ..ME, STEVE

  320. Oh thought so, thanks Steve

    Danni, me and Steve have been discussing the posibility of a website run by the Fab 5. Something like the Almanac website but not so serious, and we would have tipping competitions, profiles of the Fab 5, some reports of ours from the Almanac, a weekly discussion board, a team of the week, a voting system for games etc. What do you think?

  321. calm down Danni, hahaha

  322. Sounds like a good idea, but its hard work all that website maintenace and stuff like that.

  323. ohh sorry steve, i forgot about the midfield..!!
    “ohhh pendalsssssss!!”

  324. we’ll get Gigs to do all that stuff hahaha

  325. My sister works with an internet company so she could help, and if Daff and John are able to keep the Almanac afloat, we can have our own website too

  326. If your going to be making the defenders Danni, you got Presti, Harry O, Shaw, Goldsack and of course Toovey, to work with.

  327. Yeah make some defenders with Harry O so he can tell us about it on Facebook

  328. ..very funny ive chosen Nathan!

    hmmm u think u need another Swallow at North??? :P

  329. Oh sorry i forgot about Brown.

    No we’re fine, we need more Warren’s though.

  330. ohh Rusling is A MUST!!
    U should see him now, hes a tank, imagine our sons!! :)

  331. And im pretty sure Melbourne needs another Jurrah.

  332. Yeah Danni, we need another Jurrah.

    And someone needs another Woods…

  333. ..yeah thats not going to happen

  334. Tiger Woods?

  335. Nah Dion Woods lol

  336. okay so its 2 with Superman
    One – rusling
    two- Pendals
    two- cuddlesand rainbows

  337. Haha i’d laugh if Danni got employed at Collingwood for that lol

  338. 10- Jurrah.

    Danni, imagine if there were 10 Jurrah’s running around in red and blue! Ok, if you have 10 with Jurrah ill let one play for Collingwood

  339. lol Collingwood Groupie!!

  340. Yeah: Danielle Eid- the key to Collingwood’s future

  341. Steve-


  342. Hahahahaha

    Dont forget Danni, Collingwood needs a successor to Eddie

  343. Richmond needs another Dustin Martin:)
    omg i forgot Dayne Beams!!- Two

  344. and another Malthouse as coach.,

  345. …very funny Josh!
    HE HAS like 2 sons!! or 3

  346. Mick has a grandson

  347. Just dont get started with Laidley

  348. If Jurrah isn’t your taste Danni then go for Wonaeamirri

  349. I’d like to see Daff or JTH’s reaction if they came upon our conversation

  350. hahaha yeah they probably already are

  351. ..lmaoo
    we should stop lmaoo

    ..Laidleyy eyyyy… ;)

  352. Lol I feel like Marie Antoinette with the whole, must provide an heir to the French throne aka future players for Collingwood! LMAOO

  353. Brad Miller?

  354. The way your going, you’ll be providing the careers of many other teams and coaches. What’s next? Umpires?

  355. Well night fellas, I have reading to do!
    Lol what an…interesting conversation eyy

    Madame Deficit (truely!)

  356. Who the hell is madame deicit???

  357. What does Madame deficit mean?

  358. cya guys im goin

  359. Essendon has appointed Jobe Watson as the skipper of their team, Andrew Welsh is the new vice-captain. Can anybody spot the mistake i saw in the article on the AFL website?

  360. well you what deficit means!
    but Madame Deficit is the nickname given to Marie Antoinette by the French people that really hated her, cos she kept spending money on clothes and makeup and hair while France was going through an economic crisis and the poor where dying b/c of the price of bread which at one point was almost a whole months wages for one loaf!!!

    Watson eyy? i was hoping Monfries would get it! :(

  361. Steve Healy says

    But why do you say that when you leave Danni, it makes no sense

  362. Steve Healy says

    And well done Watson, i’ll try and find that mistake now Josh

  363. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha V St.Kilda in Round 18 hahahahaha.

    Stupid writers on the AFL website, I’d never make that mistake

  364. i say it cos im like her, SPEND, SPEND ,SPEND, SHOP, SHOP, SHOP!!!!
    Get it??

  365. Steve Healy says

    Now, I do, I guess. But why say that when you leave and no other times.

    I’ve been christmas shopping today and I’ve wrapped my presents too

  366. Steve Healy says

    By the way, it was just announced that the Dees have recorded a $587,183 profit this year

  367. i love wrapping!! its so fun!! :)
    hmmm good for you, now u need to get ur members up eyy??

    lol i was jst thinking Mikey and Damo missed out on a very conversation last night!! LMAOO

  368. Steve Healy says

    yeah we do. Damo’s already missed too much on his holiday lol

  369. I tried to contact the AFL website last week but couldnt find an address.

    I got home from Cobram not too long ago, i saw my grandparents i havent seen since the 10th of Janurary, 2008. Im having parma for tea, delicious

  370. Steve Healy says

    delicious indeed

  371. Haha on the radio they are saying that there has never been a father and son captain one team before and im yellin at the radio sayin Tim Watson and Jobe Watson and they finally figured it out.

  372. lol josh!

  373. THEY’RE CALLIN HIM JOE WATSON!! WHAT A BLOODY DISGRACE! God people are dumb these days

  374. lol probz a blond!!

  375. Its a women, i know that much.

  376. ..omg its Candy!! LMAOO :p

  377. Well whoever it was, shouldnt be on radio. She started talking about Heath Shaw when i left the room

  378. …LOL YAY! heather!!! :)
    hes soo cute!

  379. He’s sooo big for his guernsey

  380. lol not according to Hughesy!!
    naww i miss BTG

  381. Well we should start making up our own show. Once we get a website going, we’ll get publicity and we’ll be on ch10 before we know it

  382. LOL that would be soo awesome!!
    and it would help me snag a certain Superman.

  383. It would help me snag a certain Warren

  384. lol, can i wear a wedding dress when superman comes on the show??

  385. No, no heels either. We may be kicking the footy whilst on air, or during the ad breaks at least

  386. it wont be a princess one!
    it will be like Katy Perry’s one in the vid for Hot n cold

  387. Lol i picture that video being you and Superman getting married, him leaving you at the alter lol

  388. JOSH!! he wouldnt leave me at the alter!!!

  389. Hmmmmmm

  390. My brother broke his ankle today. Hahaha

  391. ..Josh, thats not funny! poor guy!

    what do u mean “HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!?”

  392. Hmmmmm im sure Jack Anthony wouldnt leave you at the altar, if he can kick a goal on the siren to win a final im sure he has no problems with the nerves that come with getting married.

    It is funny, coz he shouldnt be out every day at the river drinking with friends and being irresponsible, that’s how he done it

  393. exactly! all he has to do is say ‘i do!”
    thats all!!

    lol how old is he?

  394. 23

  395. lol oh come on! hes still young man!
    hell do that stuff for another 3 years.

  396. He has been doing that stuff for at least 8 years

  397. Out of curiosity, how old do you think Hayley is?

  398. lol
    my parents will have nothing to worry about.
    im not the type to go to nightclubs or drink until i puke.
    if anything ill always be out at the footy, training sessions and birthday parties after next year.

  399. Hayley..hmmm 20?

  400. Hmmmm

  401. am i wrong? lol im not sure

  402. Lol i have a feeling your saying 20 in case she sees what you really think. She’s 25.

  403. lol nah i was gonna say 20-22
    she doesnt look 25 though.

  404. Lol i remember her 21st. That was fun!

  405. lol wat did u do?????????? :P

  406. Well i was 10 back then, it was at the best pub in Shepparton and i just had heaps of fun with family and friends playing pool and listening to music. I spent most of the night with an ear plug in listening to the North Melbourne v West Coast game that we lost by 4 points, 97-101. And my Uncle lost his wedding ring so the party soured quite a bit but i found it and scored $20 :) i stayed up till about 3-4am that night which was late considering i was only 10, and played footy the next morning in the driving rain

  407. Steve Healy says

    how are we?

    I just lost an NFL game against my brother on PS3, he scored a touchdown with 3 seconds left to take the lead

  408. Jeez Danni, its all your fault, you’ve scared Steve and Michael away from the Almanac after last night

  409. Steve Healy says

    nice time to say that Josh

  410. Man you comment at the worst times Steve

  411. yeah I do lol

  412. – the Collingwood team on the bus making their way to the Royal Children’s Hospital to cheer up some kiddies.

  413. EYY GUYS!!
    lol steve u prob wont believe me but i went shopping this morning and i had to go to the chemist.. and what is it with dudes and short skirts!! the security out front was all smiley :D at me and im like..wt???!!
    then im just in the perfume thingo and this dude comes up to me and mum to ask us if we wnat help…like HELLO what help coud HE giuve us about GIRLS PURFUME???!! then he tried cracking lame jokes and im lie..omgg!!
    so there, that two guys in one store lol!

  414. Maybe it wasn’t you they were all looking at Danni.

  415. very funny josh!
    im not stupid! its obvious when a person is looking u straight in the face!!

    lol at Wood in that pic! lmao

  416. Which one was Wood?

    Im going to JB-HIFI tomorrow, lets see if i can make a better entrance then you did Danni

  417. the one posing in the middle! lmaoo

    OMG lol ill come with you so i can show you how its done! lmaoo
    ..wait lol why would u want the laptop dude to smirk? there arnt many females that work there now that i think of it.

  418. Well i’ll find one and get a smirk off her.

  419. MadameDeficit9 ? I wonder what sort of idiot commented on Harry’s picture using that name

  420. lol ill tell you how to do that?
    go up to her and act all shy!! just like at the launch!

  421. hhmmm yesss i wonderrrrrrrrrr

  422. Hmmm yes maybe. Nah i might just leave Mum and Dad to it and go hang out with a friend for the day. I hate christmas shopping, it drives people crazy, it even made me lose my temper at someone in Big W last year.

  423. lose you temper?
    shy Joshy, losing his temper?
    nope cant see it

  424. I know, that’s what christmas shopping does to me. But what would you do? A mum was full-on screaming at her two boys who were about 10 and 15 y.o for walking off on her while she was shopping coz they went to get her a gift as a surprise and she found them and started grabbin the oldest by the ear while yelling really loud at them and embarrassing them so i walked past her and called her something i shouldnt repeat on this website

  425. ..hahahhha geee
    i would have just laughed!
    sounds funny!

  426. Hmm nah she had no christmas cheer in her

  427. Steve Healy says

    I love christmas shopping, yay!

  428. Harry O Brien is giving away a Collingwood jumper signed by the whole 2010 squad on Facebook

  429. Steve Healy says

    I didnt know you guys had twitter acounts

  430. Danni is going to gush over that comment Steve

  431. I only made one yesterday to try and access other AFL player’s profiles but couldnt figure it out

  432. same its just so that i can see whats happ with my footy boys and jonas boys really.

    lol naww STEVE!!! lmaoo :P

  433. I wanna go kick the footy, but its 35 degrees

  434. I texted Damo this morning telling him about Ryan Houlihan and Andrew Walker but he didnt reply, must be too busy having fun

  435. ..naww DAMO!! lol Bluebury

    status- craving pink vitamin water

  436. That stuff looks like spew. I’ve eaten about 6 water icy poles today, delicious.

    There’s a good article on the AFL website about Drew Petrie. Speaking of good articles, read the newest piece on the Almanac by Terry Chapman, it’s fantastic. The kick to kick with Dad reminds me of me and my Dad

  437. spew? what no id doesnt!
    and it takes nice!! AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, ITS PINK!!!! :)

    yeah i had a read of that before, its cute.

  438. hhaah thats REALLY BAD TYPING
    what i meant to say was
    No, IT DOESNT!
    and its tastes nice.

  439. Yeah i figured lol. I prefer to stick to ice tea and powerades before vitamin water

  440. Oh and after the perfume thingo at the chemist I stood there for about 5 minutes.
    You see I was sating at the picture of Roger on The Gillett mens shaving pack and I was about to buy it just for the photo of him on the cover…and then Im like
    ‘why would I need a news shaving kit?”
    Lol now that I think back…what the hell was I thinking!!

  441. i had ice-tea last night before i went to bed :P

  442. You could have given it to me. My cat keeps carrying my Mum’s razor around in his mouth, he dropped it under the christmas tree a couple of nights ago.

  443. lmaooo!
    i swear i was considering for about 5 what the hell, its just his photo and its not even big or anything!!

    status- typing up christmas email that im gonna send 2 fabfive members.

  444. Status – writing up christmas cards that im gonna be sending to fab 5 members. Yeah beat that

  445. status- painting nails with Lily Allen.


  446. omg THERE WE GO!
    here it is, the photo on the shaving pack thingo

  447. Status – painting nails with Superman

  448. josh, that doesnt work! you lose!

    did u like the display pic for my twitter? i drew it myself!

  449. Lol yeah don’t you have black hair Danni? Not brown?

  450. Steve Healy says

    im back, sorry guys my fcking internet wasnt working, and I think its slow again

  451. Settle down Steve

    Im getting a number on my guernsey tomorrow. I’ve settled on 20 and Barney emblazed across the top

  452. yeah, drew it when my hair was still brown! lol

  453. Steve Healy says

    how the hell can I be calm at the moment?

    Go Dees

  454. ….lol
    Yay joshyyy, im still numberless!!
    hahah steve

  455. Deep breaths Steve, just think of Jurrah and all will be calm

  456. Steve Healy says

    oh no, I cant watch any videos of Jurrah now!!!!!!!!

    bloody hell

  457. …hahhahahah!!!


  458. Steve Healy says

    By the way Danni, why do you say where’s superman in the pic? Josh was right, he is just behind Cloke.

  459. Steve, have you been christmas shopping? Coz you seem in a bad mood. I thought the player posing in the middle was Toovey.

  460. I’ve met a North girl :) :)

  461. HE IS?

    YOU HAVE??
    Really??? OMG JOSHYY!! :)


  463. Yeah McCarthy and Anthony do look similar.

  464. Danni, where the hell is my christmas email? lol

  465. WILL YA WAIT!! lol

  466. NO!

    Status – majorly pissed off, went to go kick the footy and for the 2nd consecutive night, i haven’t been able too. Footy is broken, it wont stay pumped up for 10 minutes so i went out the back and gave it an almighty thump into the neighbours paddock. There’s his christmas present done

  467. Lol well I just got back from my jog!
    Superman would be proud!

  468. I would go for a jog but what’s the fun of that when you dont have a ball in your hands to bounce while your running?

  469. Oh and coz im bored, i’m going to write up a bit of a draft for a possible website for the Fab 5 and once im done im gonna send it to Hayley and see what she can do with it. Should i send a draft to the Fab 5 members?

  470. yeah sure..umm i need ur new email to send the xmas one lol.
    make sure u forward it to Mikey and Damo cos i think ive got steves.

  471. And maybe we should change threads coz this one might be too big for Steve to access if he has run out of internet speed

  472. k, you lead joshy

  473. Steve Healy says

    Can you change it to another one of mine?

    Just got that email Danni, haha thanks

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