Round 14 – Gold Coast v North Melbourne: Here Comes the Sun!


Nine rounds to go, thirty-six points to be had – we’ll grab them all now the Messiah’s returned – that puts us on 44.


It’s going to be tough, and we need all the cards to fall our way, but we’re still a mathematical chance. A slim one, granted, but we’ve got the Sun of God on our side; and the God-Squad behind him. They of little faith will mock us in the streets for our beliefs, but forgive them Gary Snr, for they know not what they do.


Because we’re back, and don’t you worry about that. The men in red are on the march.


A wise man once said that the darkest hour of night comes just before the dawn. We’re about to prove it.


Hawks, Swans, Magpies, Eagles and Crows – a sage word of advice to you all:


Remember Icarus.


No-one flies too close to the Sun and still soars. And Gaz says to remind you, don’t forget your parachutes.


You’re going down Bobby Brown.


MCG, here we come!



About Archie Butterfly

Archie's decided to follow the dream and try become the next great Aussie bush poet. They all think he's mad. He's out to prove them right!

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