Round 14 – Carlton v Collingwood: Premierships, Wooden Spoons and rivalry

There’s something about the rivalry between Collingwood and Carlton that makes it seem like a war that will go on until the end of time.


Growing up Collingwood you’re taught to hate Carlton and I’ve spent most of my life doing so.


Over the past few years games against Essendon now hold the same importance as Carlton ones. Then I found myself also hating West Coast (and their supporters) for obvious reasons – almost more than Carlton.


On Twitter a few days before the match I tweeted Dale Thomas asking a simple question.


“What’s the truth @DThomas does your heart belong with @collingwoodfc or that other team you played for? Who will you barrack for this week?”#lovetohateCarlton”.


He never replied.


Well not to me.


Turns out I wasn’t the only one who was curious. Game day comes along and Swanny had the same question in mind.


Dane Swan: “@DThomas who we supporting today son?”


Dale replied


“@SwanDane Think it will be a draw. Thus I will be cheering hard for both, whilst wearing my premiership medallion and baking with my spoons.”




“@DThomas Must be a big cake with all those spoons.”


Then Brendan Fevola decided to join in and replied to Swanny:


“Think Carlton FC has won more flags than Collingwood FC not sure though maybe look it up. Oh and yes before you say it!!! You may have won one and I didn’t but the Carlton family has won more than you and the club *thumbs up emoji* #playon *kissy face emoji*”


If I received 5 cents for every time I’ve heard the “more flags” argument in my lifetime I’d be living in my own palace made of solid gold with 100 maids and a specially made room of mirrors just to try on diamond crowns in Dubai. Seriously, it’s getting old. If you want to impress me and win an argument at least come up with some new material. Wait. Could it possibly be because you’ve had no other material to use since 1995? Give me a break, I was three-years-old when you last won a flag… it’s even worse when people who use that argument weren’t even born at that time – oh my god. And if you’re going to be all “numerical facts” about how you were “the best” because of flags how about the times that you were “the worst” with more spoons? I rest my case.


It’ll only be fair that if we tie or even overtake Carlton’s flag count that I spend the next 25 years going on and on about it so they know what it’s like. Ugh!


Leading up to the game I could sense that a lot of supporters were worried about the five changes we’d made to the line-up. It took us almost too long to adapt and switch-on last week and now we’d jumbled things around again.


Plus the added pressure of both teams really needing a win for their finals hopes to stay alive; everyone was nervous.


I was confused why Carlton picked the side with the glaring sun after winning the toss. By the time the final term arrived the sun would have gone down; wouldn’t it be smarter to pick the shade and get an advantage make sure you take the lead early on? Not sure what happened there, lol!


Eddie Betts gave me anxiety. I was yelling to Bucks trying to get him to hear me though some form of telepathy: “PUT MAYNARD ON BETTS!”


Carlton was trying to figure out where Josh Thomas came from and Maynard and Moore were holding down the fort down back.


We were much hungrier in the middle. Pendles was in attack mode, as was Adams; Grundy was a boss as per usual.


Quaynor and Noble are both gunning for most improved this year.


There were times Carlton just looked too good. It was not fun seeing how fast and effectively they moved the ball out of their defense for most of the game.


While we had improved a lot from last week, we went about making things harder for ourselves than they needed to be. Sometimes even I know when it’s not a good idea to go backwards.


We had some misses at goal, both Thomas and Stevo could have played a lot more impressive games if they had been more accurate. Bit of a shame because it would have really revved them up and kept Carlton at more than arm’s length.


Chris Mayne is the type of man that would run in front of a speeding truck to save a puppy. After crashing into Carlton’s biggest (and probably best) man Cripps he didn’t even think twice…because of that nobody can question his loyalty or bravery EVER.


Maynard was put on Betts and the effect was immediate when he stood his ground taking a ball clearly meant for a Betts shot at goal.


A feeling of relief flooded though me when the siren went, having been on edge for almost the whole game. Another victory against the rivals chalked up on the score board (just for those Carlton lot who like to keep scores…)


Nathan Buckley faced the media after the game and without knowing it he took further credibility away for the whole Premierships argument.


“I know there was an article in the paper the other day (I don’t want to make it all about me) about emptiness. I just want to put on record that my life is far from empty. I don’t have a flag but I’ll be working towards it, but that’s not going to define me whether I get it or not. My life is very full, I’m very fortunate, I have a lot of love and got a great club and great group of boys. I’m looking forward to whatever the next couple of months brings.”


That’s got to the classiest FU to the media, the opposition, the doubters, the complainers to every negative person I’ve ever heard, and I couldn’t agree more.



CARLTON                2.0    7.2    7.4     7.6 (48)
COLLINGWOOD    2.2    5.6    6.8    10.12 (72)



Carlton: Betts 2, Walsh, McKay, Fisher, Curnow, Newnes

Thomas, Stephenson, Mihocek, Cox 2, Phillips, Daicos



Carlton: Walsh, Curnow, Setterfield, Betts, Fisher, Weitering

Elliott, Adams, Daicos, Crisp, Maynard, Moore



3 –  Adams (Coll)

2 – Maynard (Coll)

1 – Moore (Coll)




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About Danielle Hakim

A passionate 28 year old Collingwood supporter who fangirls like a 16 year old at heart. Chased down and yelled "I love you" at a startled Brodie Grundy in 2018 after the Semi-final loss. Danced down the stairs with a Collingwood scarf one time to a De Goey song and the video went viral.


  1. Luke Reynolds says

    Danni, thoroughly enjoyed the Swan/Thomas exchange on Twitter yesterday. D.Swan is a very funny man.

    Saw a comment yesterday that the sun was a “two goal sun”! Must have been a dozen marks dropped at that end in the first half.

    Always enjoyable to beat the Blues. Thought Daicos was superb yesterday, he’s right up there with Noble and Quaynor as most improved.

    Wonderful words from the coach.

    Go Pies!

  2. Frank Taylor says

    Love your writing and your lens Danielle.

    Elliot’s move and IQ’s game were highlights amongst highlights for me.

    Go Pies!


  3. Danielle Hakim says

    Lol! I’m sorry but why would you choose to start you game kicking into the sun?!
    True, Daicos already a fan favourite by surname default too.
    Was so sad but also empowering to hear Bucks speech.
    Journos these days write ANYTHING just to get to the printer on time it seems.
    When i was in uni studying Journalism we touched on something called Ethical Journalism.
    Pity most of the big boy journos don’t use it when they write.

    Thanks Frank!
    Jamie is doing marvellously.
    His sister uploaded his baby niece shaking an Elliott plush doll by the head while watching the game.
    i wonder if he got a sudden headache during the game haha

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