Round 13 – Brisbane v St Kilda: Losses & the past don’t change anything; we have to see positive


Brisbane v St Kilda
3:30pm, Sunday August 23
The Gabba


On Sunday morning, I was listening to The Hack And The Hero podcast presented by Nick Dal Santo and his 25-year mate Andrew Fitzpatrick. Dal’s former teammate and their former housemate, Brendon Goddard was the guest speaker for Episode 8.


At the end of the segment, BJ reveals that he doesn’t care about what others think about him. Sadly footy media covers negative stories of footballers and social media users leave negative comments on players. Without these attitudes, footballers hardly do their jobs.


Then before the Saints match, social media was filled with a sad story of former St Kilda Indigenous player Robert Muir written by ABC journalist Russell Jackson. I was totally shocked to read how Muir had been treated. He had been abused by his own father and bullied by opponents and supporters, and even worse his own teammates. As a person who has been abused, bullied and faced a lot of criticism, I feel extremely sorry for him.


Just before the game, St Kilda Football Club released a statement by CEO Matt Finnis. It is good that the footy club is reaching out to offer apologies and help; they are willing to build good relationships between parties.


I do understand that negative emotion won’t bring anyone better situations and the past can’t change the present or future. But I would like you to know that everyone is not as tough as Brendon Goddard. Instead abuses and bullies are more likely to ruin and destroy someone’s life. Muir’s struggles in his life are the evidence. He is 68 years old. I understand how he feels because of similar experiences.


But I stand against s*** and fight hard so that I can enjoy my short life more. Muir has got a supportive partner, I hope to find the same in the near future.


Then on Monday morning, Garry Lyon and Tim Watson discussed Robert Muir’s issues on SEN Breakfast. The Essendon champion says that he would wish he could ask questions to understand Indigenous players. What Tim says is spot on. I feel being isolated is because others talk about whatever they like and ignore me. I hardly contribute in group talks. Unfortunately some people don’t understand my frustrations.


Under this strange time, I think checking in is more important to build good friendships and relationships and in order to overcome the pandemic. What Watson says reminds myself importance of getting to know each other. A good example is what Paul Roos has done in his coaching career. Getting to know others builds great relationships and trust. That’s why he is a premiership coach at the Sydney Swans.


Let’s get onto the action from Sunday afternoon.


I have watched several footy matches throughout the weekend, but they were hardly impressive or attractive. Games were low scoring and ball use was inefficient.


Even though it’s been humid here, I often do my own footy drills in the mornings when the temperature is between 25 and 30 degrees. I find difficulty in catching footy under such conditions because of sweaty hands. Eddie Betts dropped the footy in Carlton’s forward 50 on Friday night.


According to Kellie Underwood on Fox Footy, it was 21 degrees in Brisbane on the game day. I wonder if such warm conditions make it harder to control the ball.


St Kilda had opportunities to play attacking footy, but were put under much pressure by the Brisbane defence. Contested marks were taken more by Lions backline players. Max King’s good hands didn’t contribute. Membrey and Marshall were good but could have won more contested marks and possessions.


Brisbane had more numbers in our forward line, and St Kilda needed to back their forward players. Jack Billings was quiet for most of the game. Jones demonstrated speed and good running but backed the back line more. Not having Clark affected our defence negatively, unfortunately.


Slow actions cost the game, I reckon. Midfielders might have thought that kicking would not be long or handpasses would be hard because of slippery balls, but tackles were laid and stoppages paid. Then the tide of the game turned towards the opponents. We killed our opportunities.


Watching such footy was so frustrating, I admit. Where was our speed? Making the right decisions in such a tight game is what our boys need to learn.


Despite frustrations, I had a hope in the last quarter, especially when Billings kicked a sneaky goal 12 minutes in. We played hard but Jones only managed to kick a minor score. The Saints still fought hard, but couldn’t break the tough Lions back line or get back on the wing.


Final siren sounded and we lost by two points. I wish we utilised many opportunities and won the important match. But it was the past that cannot change the result. I need to see the positive of playing hard and trying to get back on the track to the next four games.


I still think St Kilda will play finals this year, but my boys need to do homework to play well. I want to have a good winning margin against Demons. Heads up and get on the next match.


PS: I am disgusted with Butler not being awarded a 50-metre penalty after being pushed by Neale. I am unhappy with other umpires’ decisions. Also, how Cameron Ling and Bruce McAvaney commented made me unhappy. To be honest I don’t want to have McAvaney or BT when CH7 covers St Kilda games.



BRISBANE 2.5 3.6 6.13 6.14 (50)
ST KILDA 1.0 3.2 6.3 7.6 (48)


Brisbane: Berry 2, Bailey, Cameron, Fullarton, McCarthy
St Kilda: Butler 2, Billings, Kent, Marshall, Membrey, Steele


Brisbane: Andrews, Berry, Lester, Bailey, Zorko, McCluggage
St Kilda: Steele, Jones, Marshall, Ross, Hill, Membrey


3. Berry (BL); 2. Steele (STK); 1. Jones (STK)



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