Round 12: The Pre-Wrap


For the Philosophical Marngrook Follower

Ciad Mile Failte.  What a week it’s been in Football, Eddie.  There’s been a bit of mail on Collingwood this week.  One came with a Brighton post mark.  The writer, a Bloods’ Faithful from wayback, was very happy to see The Pies stringing a few wins together.  Nothing short of fattening the Xmas Turkey was the qualification for the good wishes.

A lot of trade talk going on.  There’s nothing more off-putting than that, is there?  Nothing more disruptive to Mr & Mrs Football and all the Little Footballs.  Coach Hardnose walked out on a presser the other day over the persistent questioning on Alex Vance’s future.  TLSPRF would join him in those sentiments.  Surely there’s enough going on without having to revert to conjecture on people’s career moves throughout the season.  Surely it’s a private matter for all concerned. (Unless it’s an incumbent coach of course – Ed)

How about those Aussie good things over in Edmonton!  I think it’s over in the middle of the Canadian Prairies Nurelle.  You could always google it.  They’ve got themselves up into the next round with a match against the Brazilians.  Wouldn’t it be something for the roundball game if they went all the way, eh?  Put a Gap in ’em Gels.


And those other roundball representatives – The Socceroos – have successfully launched their World Cup qualifying campaign with a 2-1 win somewhere in Central Asia.

But enough of my gabbin’.  Let’s see who’s going to be chucked down the well in Round XII.

The Pride of South Australia v The Mayblooms on TPAO tonight.  Crunch time for both clubs.  Both 6&4 but The Mustard Pots have the superior percentage by far.  As the race for Top Four heats up, we expect the level of unsociability to increase.  And no one does that better than The Family Club.  Hawthorn for ours, even without Birchall.

The Striped Marvels v The Weagles on The Paddock That Grew on Friday night.  The Tiges have been resting in a shady jungle glade for a fortnight.  The Eagles are coming off a training drill against The Milquetoasts.  We expect the Wedgies will make a good account of themselves.  But we also believe The Tiggers are the real deal.  It’s another 8-pointer too.  The Hawks win & The Eagles lose and the former moves above the latter on percentage.  We’re going for Struggletown here.  Have you considered what happens if The Hawks lose and The Tigers win Wrap? – Ed]  Their form before the break was what they’ve been striving for since Coach Hardnose took the reins at Tigerland.  And it was good.

The Bluebaggers v The Power From Port on The G for the early one on Saturday.  The Silvertails showed they had a pulse last week.  And with announcements that the senior player cleanout was off the cards the middle & junior players have been put on notice.  Will it be enough?  Port are just so hard to read this season.  They haven’t been able to recapture the Self Belief of last season.  They suffered a similar form slump in 2014 yet recovered to narrowly miss playing at THOF on TLSIS.  (That loss was against the eventual premiers too – Ed).  We’re going to ask you to believe that this is going to be the game in which Port TTSA.  The Power in a thriller.

The Leviathans v The Soupbones on the Spotless Stadium in the gathering gloom.  And the gloom will be gathering for The Giants.  Cut down by injuries and against a team that will have been lashed by tongue & whip through the week, the prospects of a GWS win don’t look bright.  In fact a promising tilt at season 2015 may be on the wane out at Breakfast Point.  But like Douglas, they shall return.  And better for the experience.  All that having been said, The Northerners will need to unpack 100 minutes of football; something that has eluded them on too many occasions this season.  North, but not with a lot of confidence.

The Dogs v The Boys From Old Fitzroy on the Shifting Sands on Saturday night.  The Tricolours need to win this one to stay in touch with September.  The Maroons need to lose to stay in touch with the coveted Sylvan Shield.  Both outcomes are highly likely.  Footscray.

The Pivotonians v The Redlegs down at The Cattery on Sunday.  The Cats will be wanting to boost their percentage.  The Fuchsias will be wanting to salvage some semblance of respectability from season 2015.  Both outcomes are achievable.  However, a Melbourne win is out of the question.  The Moggies to win comfortably in the end.  They have just too much to lose, and too much firepower on the paddock.

Good tipping and even better punting.

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  1. Load of tosh. Let the hostilities resume. Eagles by 5.

  2. The Wrap says

    No Judd, No Cousins, No Kerr. No Cox. No Hope.

    BTW, the MCG is the big building near the Hilton on The Park. Hope you can find it before half time. Fremantle didn’t.

  3. David Zampatti says

    What? No Judd, no Cousins, no Kerr. no Cox? Geez, that’ll put the pressure on Kempy, the Materasies, Suma-y, Woosha-y, Jacko-y, Karly, Bluey, Pykey, Bretty Heady and the rest of the boys…
    …uh huh? You don’t say? All of them? How long ago?? Christ, don’t tell their supporters, don’t think they’ve heard that news yet.

  4. BIT, BIT, BIT…. the jungle drums are beating. The Eagles are back in town. The Tigers are back in ninth.

  5. The better team on the night won Mr B.. I’m sad to say,

  6. Skip of Skipton says

    Great to have the real Richmond back.

  7. I’m really looking forward to the People’s Elbow’s report on Thursday. He should be sober by then.

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