Round 12 – St Kilda v Carlton: No Rooey No Paddy No Worries with Huge Crowd

Sunday, 12 June 2016
1:10 pm (12:10 pm in the alternative stadium)
Docklands Stadium, Melbourne (where I wished to be)


The official crowd would have been 47,946. I had planned to attend the game as my first time watching Saints at the stadium, but my boss seemed unhappy for me to take a holiday in June.


But I would have been disappointed not seeing Riewoldt playing if I were at the stadium. Injury woes hit last weekend. Hugh Goddard ended his season and Paddy McCartin missed the game due to concussion.


Last year Rooey did not travel to Wellington for the game against Carlton. He also didn’t play against Blues several years ago when then Blues captain Chris Judd missed. In the Sunday clash, current top Blue Marc Murphy was absent also.


Due to our bad performances last weekend and the opponent’s improvement, as well as injuries, I was worried of losing the game. Then how would Sam Gilbert perform in the forward line?


But I was excited to see us playing against Carlton. Two clubs used to play annual matches the day after Mother’s Day, and the Anzac Day clash last year in my favourite Wellington. Once Kade Simpson has declared the rivalry against St Kilda. Both clubs seem friendly/moderate rivals?


I really wanted my boys to answer Richo’s call from last weekend and my regret at being absent of the match. And our skipper’s contract extension and his excitement on the journey with improving young blokes would bring us a win? I hoped so.


The ball was bounced in the open-roof stadium on a sunny afternoon. We touched the ball and moved towards the goal posts. But the ball was travelling back and forth. In the first six minutes, Gilbert, Armitage, Steven and Montagna did some great ball passing, but boys couldn’t break through to the goal square.


After St Kilda scored two behinds, Minchington kicked the ball towards packed Carlton players in our inside 50 and then they passed the ball and eventually Walker kicked the first goal in the game. Richo’s strong message seemed not to have been delivered well to the boys. We should have benefited from more inside 50s.


After Hickey took a mark inside 50, we struggled with the efficient ball works, but Michington caught a ball inside 50 and kicked the ball. Membrey couldn’t catch; however Gresham picked the ball and scored the St Kilda’s first goal.


At 3:36 remaining, Josh Bruce conducted a high tackle towards Simpson and a flare was exchanged between Bruce and Rowe. At Round 12, players seemed to get hot. I had seen flares at the Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs and Geelong vs North Melbourne games on Saturday. I hoped it wouldn’t light up Blues’ energy. Sadly Simpson scored a goal and Casboult followed.


But after the bounce, Hickey hit out, and Armitage kicked towards Membrey who kicked a goal from 46 metres. We showed a great midfield work. Then Acres kicked a goal very shortly. Membrey kicked his second goal after the siren extending the margin to eight at the first quarter.


Even our great efforts at the end of the first quarter, Carlton dominated possessions at the beginning of the second quarter and Casboult scored a goal.


But once again, Roberton, Hickey, Steven, and Geary have done nice ball works in the midfield kicking to Membrey. The young forward kicked a goal from 45 degree angle from the left.


Ross, Armitage and Webster joined the great working midfield group as always. The ball was delivered to Carlton’s goal square, but Savage blocked well. And Steven’s runs with bouncing were incredible.


Joey Montagna showed the great role model to young blokes by picking the dropped ball and kicking a goal. It was like when he kicked the winning goal at the game against Demons last year at the same venue.


Our big ruckman Hickey followed. Richo was so excited and happy up in the box.


Then our first game player Pierce caught a ball from Hickey at the close goal square and kicked his first goal in his career. It took three and half years for him to play a senior AFL game. “Welcome Pierce!” I said while watching live. Richo’s reaction was wonderful. I spoke quite loud to the tablet screen to encourage and compliment my boys during the game.


One point I was disappointed at the second quarter was Gilbert kicking a ball to Thomas zone.


Jackie Steven got the ball inside 50 after Hickey’s hit out from throw in, and kicked the first goal at the third quarter. Then he continued scoring a goal. He didn’t stop and instead delivered balls and Membrey answered. Our three goals in a row widened the margin to 39.


Weller missed a goal. I wanted him to be a gun as he wears former Stephen Milne’s number 44 on his back. Ross got benefits from a lot of space to score a goal. His possessions were great.


Casboult kicked the ball to Montagna and then Savage kicked the ball. But the ball was returned to a Blue (Wright). Oh we couldn’t waste the opportunity to score another goal. We allowed Blues a goal, but Membrey answered soon for his fifth goal. And then Weller’s goal brought us a 41-point lead. Ross showed a great footy by three bounces. Weller’s efforts this time only gave us a point.


At the third quarter, we kicked six goals (the most goals in the quarter) and Carlton reached the exact score which we had at the main break.


The acting captain, Jack Steven didn’t slow down at the last quarter. Hickey, Armitage, Steven and Ross formed a strong ball group that made Jackie to score the first goal. 47 points margin at the time.


After we had a sort of break on the field, Steven kicked a goal again. It was his third goal in the match.


Carlton coach Bolton came down to the bench and then Walker answered by kicking a goal. I advise Richo to coach on the bench when we are far behind.


Our new forward Gresham faced Thomas in front, but ran around him and then scored a goal.


It was our last scoring in the match. After that, we allowed Blues to score 13 points.


But at last Saints marched in. We played well, answered calls from Richo and myself, and overcame Carlton predictions by experts and tipsters. And Steven’s performances were very impressive. He should be the next captain.


Guess what? I tipped St Kilda as always. I never tip opponents to maximise my efforts to support the mighty Saints.


I wish the boys to enjoy their break next weekend and then show great ball works and attacking footy to Cats.


Well done boys.


St Kilda 4.2 8.3 14.8 17.8 (110)
Carlton 3.0 5.2 8.3 12.6 (78)


St Kilda: Membrey 5, Steven 3, Gresham 2, Acres, Montagna, Hickey, Pierce, Newnes, Ross, Weller
Carlton: Casboult 3, Walker 3, Wright 2, Simpson, Lamb, Gibbs, Everitt


St Kilda: Steven, Membrey, Ross, Webster, Newnes, Hickey, Montagna
Carlton: Simpson, Wright, Docherty, Curnow, Thomas


Our votes
Steven (STK 3), Membrey (STK 2), Hickey (STK 1)


Umpires: Foot, Bannister, Dalgleish

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Love, passion and pride are seen on the footy that is the biggest part of my life. 1. St Kilda Club member: I am a passionate and crazy Sainter. Just hope we will win the second flag soon, especially after Dogs and Tigers having ended long premiership draughts. 2. The Osaka Dingoes Player and Public Relations Officer: Player number 44 that I chose to honour Stephen Milne with my wish being like a small forward like him. Lenny Hayes' hardworking attitudes are adopted on my trainings and practices. Nick Riewoldt's great plays are in my player audiobook too. 3. Writing: Here on the Almanac and also on the World Footy News. My skills utilise on great footy websites.


  1. John Butler says

    Onya Yoshi

    Saints easily too good in this one.

    If you had attended, you’d have wanted to have the sense to pre book, unlike myself. But I’ve already gone on about that at length elsewhere, so enough of that.

    I reckon the Saints are going alright.


  2. jan courtin says

    Tim Membrey has settled in well, hasn’t he, Yoshi? He was a highly regarded prospect when he joined the Swans at the end of 2012 and was our leading goal kicker in the Reserves the following year. With Tippett and Franklin the main targets up front, Tim left us at the end of 2014, after just one game in the Seniors. I hope he does well at the Saints. You’ve certainly had fantastic ex Swans with Schneids, Dempster and now Membrey coming in!

    Great game by your guys on the weekend.

  3. Hi John and Jan,

    Thanks for your comments.

    John – Yes I would have got a ticket in advance not to get disappointed. What you faced on Sunday was so disappointing. I hadn’t expected such a big number of spectators. But AFL and stadium should have organised well.

    Jan – Membrey has done very well. It must be sad for him not to play senior games at Sydney. But we are lucky to have him at St Kilda. I appreciate your Swans to trade him, Schneider and Dempster. Yes the game was great.



  4. “I advise Richo to coach on the bench when we are far behind.”

    Great stuff!

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