Round 12 – Essendon v Port Adelaide: What about the Dons

What about The Dons.


Hey, what about the Dons last Saturday night.


The good wife and I decided to head to the West Coast for the long weekend. Log fires and walks along the beach with the puppies are great. Add the thought of watching local footy, catching up with old friends for ale and wine, and as an extra bonus, off to Forrest for the 12th Annual “Soupfest “on the Sunday.


Unfortunately I completely missed the local footy. I should have known, they start early down here, and amazing as it may seem, they finish early too! I did have an excuse, a late start, a long walk with the puppies, buying some supplies and making sure the fire is on!


I found out the Dolphins had a good win, I’ll definitely be at the next game!


I double checked the TV guide for the Dons v Port Adelaide, as I am very keen to see this game, the Dons have been struggling over the last two weeks, but I reckon they have a show tonight. The timing of the game is good, allowing plenty of time for stoking up the fire to keep the cottage and the inhabitants warm for the next few hours.


Hey, and what a game have we here!


The Dons are on fire. Can anyone explain how they looked pathetic last week and Premiership material tonight?


The skills shown by Essendon made the opposition look second, no fifth rate. I watched in disbelief as Port Adelaide players chased half heated and seemed to lose interest in contesting marks and tackling.


Apart from the start of the second quarter when they got a couple of early goals the Dons kept marching on, so by half time they were five or six goals up. Yes, the Dons were well up but I wasn’t too confident, there are still two quarters to go.


Did I need to worry? The further the game went on the better the Dons looked and the worse Port Adelaide looked. I reckon a few of the opposition would look pretty sheepish when they review the game.


With less than five minutes to go and the Dons more than 60 points up, I was convinced we would win. And we did.


Congrats to the whole team, a fantastic effort, they deserve their break this week.


And to add another highlight for the long weekend, we took in the 12th Annual Forrest Soupfest. At least a couple of thousand people enjoyed home made soup, and good local produce all washed down with famous Forrest beer.


We will be there again next year.


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