Round 12 – Collingwood v Western Bulldogs: Flotreat Pica Society Report





by Frank Taylor




A quick discussion on omens and rituals (and I know everyone of us have them to some degree).


I had a couple of tickets for the game, however due to illness my daughter couldn’t make it.


Chatting to Moods (who was going to the game), I suggested that he do the DR’s and I do the report. He agreed (out of politeness, I’m sure), however he DID point out that he has been the Kiss of Death every time that he has done a report for the fraternity since 2018.

I really wasn’t that worried about this – it was time for that particular run to end – although with the number of changes, it certainly was a danger game, particularly as we were playing on the Doggies home ground, making it in my mind a 50:50 game.


Climbing out of my car at Westgarth station after delivering Rose’s particularly delicious, home-cooked pea and ham soup (with proper Australian bacon bones) to the aforementioned crook daughter’s home and family, I discovered that I had mistakenly grabbed the wrong black coat.


I’m sure that everyone has their own regular clobber which they wear to the game – black and white shirt, Magpie socks, favourite hat or scarf, etc, etc combined possibly with various rituals.


For example, currently I’m wearing the 2021 member hat, Collingwood socks that I bought in 2018 and only get worn on game day, a well-cut coat that I bought in 2015 with a handmade magpie broach made by a lovely friend out of old black and white, ivory piano keys.


Although I don’t mind wearing blue shirts of various hues, I never EVER wear any shirts that go even remotely close to a Carlton blue. Period.


I always drop a few coins in a Salvos tin if they are around, and I endeavour to purchase a Record.


So, I was most upset when I went to put my coat on only to discover that I had grabbed my other black coat and, while not a bad coat, which I can safely say – while extremely warm and practical – does not, have the same cut and style of my regular coat.


Unerringly, and against my wishes, my instant reaction was, bugger.


That’s two.


My rational brain said “Doesn’t matter at all. There’s clearly nothing that I do personally, being so far removed from actual actions and decisions, that will make an iota of difference……”


But still, that thought-germ lingered just below the surface.


I’m sure that others can relate.


Anyway, despite the lurking unease, it is what it is and there’s nothing I can do about it now…..


Question: What is everyone else’s habits or rituals?


The match:


1st Quarter

Everything starts swimmingly well with a goal inside the 1st minute by Jaicos and followed up with another two by the 7 minute mark, one courtesy of a 50 meter penalty after a very late tackle to the head of Maynard which will certainly be looked at after the game. The Doggies look slow to start and up until the 15 minute mark it is 4.4 to 1.0 and it looks like a training run with the centre clearances a highlight and seemingly The Pies having 80% of the play. However, it should be at least 6.2 to 1.0 with our accuracy in front of goal letting us down (again). At the end of the quarter the scores are 5.7 to 3.2 – 12 shots to 5 – with a couple of turnovers costing us dearly (and The Bont kicking a beauty) and only 17 points up after dominating most of the time.

The lowlight being 5 x 50metre penalties, aside the one to Maynard, the rest of which were unfathomable.


2nd Quarter

Well, Bulldogs coaching panel get to work and the next 15 minutes it is the Doggies turn to tun on the heat and they hit the front after backline turnovers and upping their clearance rate, noticeably Adam Treloar.

5.8 (13 shots) to 7.2 (9 shots). Johnny Noble has turned it over 3 times in a row for major scores to them……. Finally we stop the rot after they kicked the last 5 goals, with a good goal to Markov,

We kick the next two via some good play and the Daicos boys. Splitting these goals, Johnny Noble is having a dog of a day (excuse the pun) and turns it over again, luckily they hit the post this time. Nick Daicos and Adam Treloar are having a terrific battle with the centre clearances about even so far, possibly Naicos’s finishing a shade better.

They get one back soon after a good kick and mark after Charlie Dean was beaten man-on-man and we go into ½ time with only a 3 point lead.

8.8 to 8.5


3rd Quarter

11 minutes in we have kicked the last two put us up, the first from great work by Moore and the second after some great kicks, beginning with a mark to Ash Johnson (which was greeted with very loud Bronx cheers from the faithful), great leads and finishing with a fine kick from John Noble (more Bronx cheers) to Bobby Hill in the goal square. They kick the next two, then we kick another two to finish the quarter two goals up. After the first quarter, we seem to be losing the stoppage battle and having to generate most of our goals from the backline (sound familiar?)

12.9 to 10.9


4th Quarter

Well, the less said about it the better, the scores says it all. We ran out of puff and the Doggies turned it on, 0.1 to 5.1.

Final scores,

15.10 Footscray to 12.10 Collingwood


Wash up

Twelve points wasn’t a thrashing.

Poor finishing, particularly in the first half, really, really cost us AGAIN.

Probably cost us the game.

The umpiring was back to the usual unfathomable place, I’m not going to elaborate here.

(However I thought that the holding the ball rule was much better adjudicated than in the past few years.)

Considering that we had so many out and so much inexperience, also playing at our opposition’s home ground we did alright.

Thought that Howe looked pretty good after coming back. Charlie Dean played ok although stats say that he was beaten on the night, he’ll be alright, he’ll play next week. Johnny Noble cost us at least three goals, however interestingly, when he was subbed, we were slowly run over.

Really, REALLY missed Dependlebury, particularly in the last quarter. Allowed The Bont to get off the leash. Certainly as the game went on they were clearing the ball almost at will – like us in the first.

I thought that Cameron was a man under siege all game and just stood up time after time without a break. Fantastic.

Crisp pretty much the same.

Bobby Hill ran all night and was good however his finishing let him down, bigtime. Same could be said of Schultz, particularly early.

Moore was a rock again with only one clanger on the night.

Sullivan faded as did Bytel and Harrison. McCreery was quieter than normal.

The Daicos boys didn’t stop and truly are a joy to watch. Steele and Bruz played their usual professional game.


Votes (Had trouble here.)


2        Cameron

2        Crisp

1        Nick Daicos

1        Josh Daicos


Go Pies!

Floreat Pica



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  1. Hayden Kelly says

    I must declare i am a Dogs supporter and my go to is my 2015 scarf as I wore that all through 2016 . Good report but it would be remiss of me not to tell you it was 18 points not 12 .
    Dogs matched you for inexperienced players btw
    I went on Friday but watched the game again today away from the maddening crowd .
    Some observations
    Moore is a fine young man but aside from the obvious clanger the Dogs kicked 4 goals from mistakes he made . He is a tad over rated methinks .
    Pies miss Murphy more than their fans realise and Treloar is a much better player than Pies fans will ever acknowledge .The latter has been the Dogs best player by a long way this year .
    Daicos bros are incredible but then again so is Bont .
    Keep the passion

  2. Frank Taylor says

    Hi Hayden,
    Yeah, it was 18 points, somehow my mistake slipped under the radar there.
    100% re Moore and Murphy – he’s been a real loss to our backline, We are really looking for someone to fill that spot. Perhaps Charlie Dean can do this. I thought that he played ok for someone who has come back from a long term injury and played his fifth game in a couple of years. No doubt that this game will help him here.
    Re Treloar, I was one of many who was, shall we say, EXTREMELY upset, when we had to trade him. I have always rated him very, very highly. You lot certainly got the real deal. A great player that’s for sure. I loved his battle with Nick Daicos on the night.
    Totally agree with you about the Daicos boys and The Bont.
    I must admit that I have a bit of a soft spot for The Doggies, and got on their bandwagon in 2016, particularly Liam Picken who I thought deserved the Norm Smith medal.


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