Round 11 – St Kilda v Bye: Enough is enough

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Enough is enough on hiking admission fees to games, trash journalism and terrorism attacks in the UK.


Now footy is facing the issue as people (fans) versus establishment. It’s the same as the general election campaign of Rachel Maskell, the British Labour MP for York.


AFL Fans Association made a shocking Facebook post over the weekend expressing fans disappointment of hiking prices at the North Melbourne versus Richmond on Saturday. She or he felt so bad seeing empty Level 2 seats at Docklands Stadium.


Some fans felt disgrace AFL don’t set reasonable prices at the stadium AFL have already purchased. Another fan urges that the issue won’t be solved as the AFL is taking favours of Channel 7. Unfortunately the establishment has more power than individuals.


As Ms Maskell set such a good campaign, fans should fight with AFL to get affordable seats. AFL should consider the facts:


1. To gain more profits, reduce the prices so that more fans will turn up the game. Watching the game at the stadium produces much more game day experiences than on TV.

2. If the atmosphere at the stadium is not good, AFL and host clubs scare off fans. A footy fan left a comment that she doesn’t go to Etihad Stadium to watch footy because of bad atmosphere. Then if it keeps occurring, no one wants to attend the game. AFL has responsibilities to create good atmosphere to keep the unique sport alive.

3. If fans get sick and tired of negative issues on the sport, the sport will be abundant. Sports cannot be played without fans.

4. Too many changes on rules make complicated on the sport. Players get easy to make errors, umpires cannot judge properly and fans get confused.


Then the media. They have no power to decide who to play or to retire.


I am so furious on a journalist who broke the news about Sean Dempster reporting he was considering to retire as he had been omitted from Round 1 against Melbourne. It’s utter nonsense!


Then former footballer who is co-hosting a morning radio show and a panel on Monday night footy TV show urged St Kilda to ban the Shinner because he refused to play VFL. This man should have never commented like it as he didn’t know the true story and just trusted the incorrect media report that the terrible journalist made.


That bloody journalist urged that Nick Riewoldt and Leigh Montagna should retire to allow St Kilda more salary cap. He made such a comment as North Melbourne cut off four veterans last year. As North aren’t playing well this year, what is the point?


Then their good mate Nick Dal Santo is the hero! He urged that the decision to play or retire should be made by players. I agree with Dal as only Rooney knows he can play on or put the boot on. Two Nicks are champions.


Footy media’s trash journalism should be overhauled even though I respect some journalists and former players who have media jobs, including Rohan Connolly, Mark Fine, Francis Leach, David Schwarz and Nick Dal Santo.


Terrorism attacks hurt my heart and make me sick. Lives must not be ruined by such crimes. Such crimes toughen the immigration policy so that hardworking, loyal and faith immigrants can’t live in the country.


Enough is enough, as the PM Teresa May says. I want the British Government to tackle the issues for the peace and to allow me to live in the UK to be together with my sweetheart, Katie.


I pray for the UK and hope the footy and the UK are kind for individuals.


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