Round 11: Sal’s thoughts and predictions

Greetings all,


As we approach halfway through the season it is time for some reflection.  The bozos in the Medallion Club last Friday night spent too much time on their own reflections before the game, at half time and at the end.  They get to take a good hard look at themselves, the life ban certainly makes the right statement with respect to acceptable behaviour.  The venues also need to accept some level of culpability.  Public sections of the MCG and the Loungeroom treat fans poorly restricting them to either low or mid strength beer although no restriction on alcoholic content for wine or spirits, patrons do get have a drink at their seats.  Privileged sections have no such restriction on the choice of tipple.  As an MCC member I appreciate and respect that privilege along with the restriction that consumption is limited to the bars and restaurants.


There are three measures the venues can take to reduce the risk of such behaviour without putting restrictions on fans who do imbibe in moderation and behave appropriately.  The first is simply enforce Responsible Serving of Alcohol policies – the officers are there – just do the job.  Make it easier and more affordable to buy pots of beer – put the savings on the smaller glasses not the bulk buy of schooners and pints.  Some bars do not even have pots.  The final one is shut the bars during play – close bars between the 5 minute mark and 20 minute mark of each quarter.  If fans can’t handle that then they are at the footy for wrong reasons!


While on the subject – kudos to the Ammos who have resisted the urge to open up their match alcohol policy.  The advent of the women’s competition now has a number of twilight games scheduled – they have taken a common sense approach to some relaxation of the rules during these games but have remained steadfast on no drinking during the main event.


That’s done what about this week’s fare.


Dan is the Man ($1.06) vs Friday Night Frights ($15.00)


The Swans celebrate Dan Hannebery’s 200th game, has been hampered by injury of late, nevertheless a super player and full of courage.  The spotlight has been on the Blues for appearing on a Friday night – some justification in the criticism as they have put on some shockers, they did not set the fixture though.  Last year’s encounter was better timed in the twilight zone.  The result could be similar, I reckon the Blues will be admirable in defeat – again.


Puppies ($5.80) vs Tattwo ($1.20)


The MCC members might not be too sure of the tattoos on Number 2, nevertheless Nathan Jones plays in game 250 this weekend.  He has endured some dark times and will be loving current plight of the Demons.  They shook off the FTBB tag with a resounding victory and face Footscray, they seem to have lost so much of that contested ball vigour that took them to a premiership.  Dale Morris’ return will set a higher standard, but Melbourne look too good despite playing in the Loungeroom.


Launceston ($2.06) vs Fine Wines ($1.92)


The Hawks return to their fortress in Tasmania taking on Port who appear close to locking down Ollie Wines to the club.  A tough one to pick, the Hawks are not playing well but have a very imposing record in Launceston.  Port are just out of the eight with a game in hand – a win here would give them a two game buffer over their opponent.  Just going with Port coming off a bye compared to the six day break for Hawthorn.


Holiday Home ($3.45) vs Back Home ($1.40)


Gaz returns to his temporary home before he returned to the Cats.  The Suns get to play their first game at home for the season.  On records Geelong appear much stronger and will be keen to atone for a couple of ordinary performance.  Gold Coast get back three of their best players in Day, Lynch and Martin.  This is a date the Suns have been looking forward to – the Cats are spluttering.  Gold Coast to cause the upset.


If the Shuey Fits ($1.06) vs Not Very Appealing ($16.00)


Jack left the game not to return after Jake’s “clumsy” spoiling attempt – yet the Saints appealed saying it was not high impact!  Surely they had better things to worry about and in particular this trip west to face the Eagles – who will win easily.


Red Stripe ($3.50) vs Yellow Stripe ($1.39)


Most prior editions of the Dreamtime Game have not been important to the clubs or competition in the context of the season – this renewal is different.  Results either way will be important to both teams.  The Tigers’ system and trust got them over the line last week, a loss here could see Melbourne and Sydney draw level as win will keep them at bay.  For the Bombers have taken two good scalps get the Tigers and they will really believe they are back on track with finals a possibility – a loss could see them fall three games from eighth.  Bombers are not without a chance, the Richmond defense stiffened with the inclusion of Grimes will be too mean.


The Colour Brown ($1.28) vs The Fist ($4.40)


Ben Brown is turning out to be one the best value draft picks ever made – he has progressively improved over the years and is getting his just reward.  It might not come as easily this week against Harris Andrews who broke the record for spoils last week.  North have plenty of other scoring options and should prevail over the Lions.


Wouldn’t Reid About It ($1.25) vs Pearced Off ($4.90)


The Pies lose Ben Reid to another soft tissue injury and they don’t stop there with Jeremy Howe also injured.  Fortunately Freo got their fair share with two of their most important players in Herman and Hill succumbing, while Danyle Pearce appears to be Get Stuffed Lyon’s latest whipping boy.  At the G can’t see Freo threatening although worth the trip to watch Nat Fyfe.


The Silent Treatment ($1.34) vs Forming a Patton ($3.80)


Don Pyke stuck to the edict at ¾ time – if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!  The Crows were insipid last week – time will tell if it simply the injury list catching up with them.  Their bottom six being better than Melbourne’s was comprehensively disproven.  One poor performance from the Crows is certainly better than four successive losses for the Giants.  Injuries have hit them hard also – plenty of commentary saying their issues are bigger than just the injuries.  That could be correct, however any team forced to play Dylan Buckley is reaching pretty low on their list.  Adelaide on home turf – will return as Home Track Bully Boys!


Friar Time


A thriller last week at Parade saw the Friars give up a 22 point lead at the final change to lose by 4 points.  A very tight tussle throughout the day and a probable preview for a finals match later in the season.  The reserves continued on their winning ways.  The Under 19s accounted for Old Scotch while the ladies had another great win over Williamstown.  This week sees a triple header at Friar Park with the girls opening proceedings against De La Salle while the boys take on the Unicorns.  MHSOB are looking for a finals berth and their reserves are also undefeated – both games should be good encounters.  The Under 19s head out to the windswept runway to take on PEGS.


Go Blues, Go Friars, Go for a pot,


Cheers, Sal



  1. What price Gold Coast and Bombers double?

  2. Loved your common sense ideas about booze at the footy. If you need grog that much to enjoy yourself, watch it in a pub not at the ground. My pet hate at sport and concerts is someone with a tray that progressively spills the top 10% over patrons as they crab walk down the row.
    Carlton met your expectations. Looked very winnable when your players got a fit of the Saints in front of goal in the third. Time for Daisy to hang them up? You don’t mind kids making mistakes but multiple clangers from experienced players takes the wind out of your sails. Admired Sam Rowe’s game.
    Pity my Eagles don’t have any competition for the first night game of the season. Hardly worth going out in the cold. But I will.

  3. Sal, i’d have picked Geelong to lose. They’d lost their last two journeys up there.

    However i’m wrong. It shows why i’m no longer in tipping competitions.


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