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Another big week in football knackers! (oops, that’s probably already copyrighted).

Melbourne get the opportunity to wear a few bruises against Essendon tonight. A real test of Tony Robb’s bye theory.

The Bulldogs travel down to Catland with their expectations lower than at any time in recent years. Is this the opportunity for a surprise?

West Coast play host to Gold Coast. It may be the first trip to the West of any description for many young Suns.

It’s a Grand Final replay of a very different nature on Saturday night. The Saints have been battered in many ways, but are showing a glimmer of form. Can they rattle the Magpie bandwagon?

Sydney’s trip to Brisbane is suddenly looking a lot tougher proposition than it might have a couple of weeks ago.

Hawthorn look like they’re gathering momentum. Can Freo redeem a meek effort at home last week?

North vs Adelaide may be the most desperate contest of the round. Two clubs who really need a win.

Carlton venture to Adelaide to take on the Power in the twilight. Both fresh off a win, but in very different circumstance otherwise.

What are you thinking folks?


  1. John Kingsmill says

    Five from eight is par in 2011.
    There will be no big claims
    this week. Essendon to beat
    Melbourne on Friday;

    they are fresh from the bye
    in a part of the season
    where the bye may have gain.
    Melbourne looked good until

    they lost Mark Jamar in ruck.
    Tom Bellchambers is travelling well.
    Paddy Ryder started the season
    with a flourish and then fell aside.

    He’s young, lean and lanky.
    In three years’ time, with more muscle
    and a conditioned body, he’ll be a gun.
    This week he may fire, fresh, and then

    sink back again. Essendon by plenty.
    Geelong will hurt the Bulldogs who
    are in a hole and have lost their way.
    At home, West Coast will rack it up

    over the Suns. There will be no surprises
    in those two games. Lions vs Swans
    at the Gabba will be a keen affair.
    Voss has gained some air

    in the last two weeks but Sydney
    is never an easy beat.
    I’ve tipped Sydney but I don’t know.
    It’s one of the three I can lose and

    still make par. St Kilda have woken up
    but Collingwood will smash them stupid,
    send them back into a coma. I won’t mind.
    The Saints are no good; they are prima donnas.

    Bad faith fakes. Hollow stance, no substance.
    Prove me wrong, Ross Lyons. The Woods,
    by five goals or more. And by no less.
    Hawthorn will pluck another win;

    Freo are no slouch but they are away
    from home and, without Aaron,
    outside of their comfort zone.
    North and Adelaide at Etihad will be

    a strange affair. No Taylor Walker,
    out for five weeks with the jar
    to his knee. That means Kurt Tippett
    will be the only young bull

    in a paddock full of cows.
    He may kick a bag of five.
    He may also only kick five points.
    If it’s close, tight, Brent Harvey

    may slip through the defensive web
    and carve it up. He’s done that before.
    But I think Adelaide will win. If not,
    I won’t pick them again this year

    until they’ve won two in a row.
    Port and Carlton is no contest.
    Port nearly lost its license
    late last week. They went to SANFL

    with a cashflow crisis but SANFL refused
    to assume any more of their debt.
    The AFL then agreed to bankroll them
    until the shift to the River Torrens

    in a couple of years but none
    of that matters this week.
    It will be another game of men
    against boys. Port know what

    will hit them. It’s not just Judd;
    Ed Curnow’s back. Bryce Gibbs
    will be released from tagging duties;
    he’ll fire forward and back. Carlton

    have winners on every line.
    The Adelaide press next week
    will be worse than Fleet Street
    a decade ago, when the English team

    couldn’t even beat itself
    at practice matches.
    Matty Primus’ baptism of fire
    is still to come. And, it will rain

    at AAMI Stadium, twilight on
    Sunday night. No-one will be there;
    this games overlaps the Crows game
    at Etihad. It’s not live against the gate.

    It’s live against the backyard barbeque
    and the plasma TV in Adelaide land.
    Fire it up and get the mates
    around for a double-header

    on a long Sunday afternoon.
    The SA footy CEOs are stupid.
    They can make two or three requests
    from the AFL programmers each year.

    They should combine forces and make
    one request only that neither Port
    nor Adelaide play on the same day
    in any round in any season.

    SA footy fans love watching the game
    live; 10,000 Crows fans go to Port games
    every fortnight to get their weekly fix
    of the best game in the world

    played at the highest level
    in their skinny state. This Sunday,
    they have to leave the Crows broadcast
    from Etihad in the middle of the last quarter

    to get to the Port game on time. Few will.
    Melbourne fans may not understand the depth
    of the frustration SA fans feel when the only game
    in town clashes with an overlapping broadcast

    of their other team. WA fans know this;
    Queensland fans may be getting some idea
    of what a second team means. NSW fans
    will find out next year. The national comp

    works, by and large, on the broader stage.
    It’s advanced the game; non-Victorian teams
    had a decade or so of cups; Victorian teams
    suffered inequalities of the draft

    and the draw and struggled to win
    on the road as the new teams found
    their feet and had their presence felt.
    Now we are in a new era where that balance

    has reverted; Victorian-based teams have
    reasserted their muscle. Geelong, Collingwood
    and Hawthorn have the grunt. Essendon
    and Carlton are teasing. Richmond and

    Melbourne are not yet there. I don’t care
    about St Kilda. They cry too much.
    They pump themselves up too much.
    The Dogs are another story. A team

    that barked but couldn’t bite.
    They’ll have to start again.
    And North are bland. They need
    another champion and nothing else.

    And they need this champion soon.
    I wonder how long the Victorian
    surge will last. West Coast has bounced
    from the bottom this year, but that may be

    a dead cat bounce. Adelaide is starch,
    or, if you prefer, vanilla sex.
    Sydney is honest but still no good.
    Fremantle is vulnerable; Brisbane has

    new air but no punch. Port is a sad
    and sorry basket-case. Its S curve is over.
    It’s flat-line now and it may stay that way
    for a very long time. Oh! I forgot.

    Richmond has the bye this week.
    They need it. They have some
    Darwin wounds to lick.

  2. John Butler says

    The curse of the bye? In which case Tony Robb will be hot property in sports science/psychology circles.

    Or just reinforcement that nothing will fire a footy team up like being called softies all week?

    Or for, for lovers of conspiracy, it couldn’t have been the Blues stitching up their old buddies the Bombers?

    Nah. Too far fetched. :)

  3. Peter Flynn says

    Federer v Nadal.

    What a superb superb sporting rivalry.


    Contrasting styles.

    Am I the only one that loves watching clay court tennis?

    Shot variety. Spin variations etc.

    Nadal’s spin troubles Federer as it forces Federer to hit a lot of shots from up high.

    I’d like to see Federer serve and volley a bit more than usual. Easier said than done.

    Can’t wait for Sunday night.

  4. Danielle says

    LOVE the FED <3 LOVE the PIES!! ;)

  5. Peter Flynn says

    Just back from Kardinia Park

    (3) Bartel

    (2) Ottens

    (1) Johnson

    Watch N Vardy.

    By a quirk of fate he wears 36, and looks a little like the 26. That is, until he goes for or disposes of the ball.

  6. haiku bob says

    deja vu.

  7. John Butler says

    So you really can replay a Grand Final. Unfortunately so for Saints fans.

    Still, a lot of other sides may be eyeing them warily.

  8. John Butler says

    Saints v Bulldogs next Friday night will be a last chance saloon for both.

    They won’t be contesting a prelim this year.

  9. Richard Naco says

    The tale of the round from Friday & Saturday:

    Melbourne’s triumph was the power of passion made manifest. The irony is that both their and the Bombers’ record to this point of the season is almost identical to that for each of them last year, despite all the breathless adoration of the Golden Boy’s return to Windy Hill at the fore of his cohort of coaching all-stars.

    Geelong had a training run at Kardinia Park, and apparently the Doggies were invited (but only arrived at 3/4 time when the Cats had lost interest). The Bullies mumbled something about their commitment to blooding youngsters, while the Cats quietly continued on their merry way with the likes of Hunt (the Taylor), Menzel, Duncan, Cowan, and the most impressive 42nd round draft pick in some time, 3 game veteran Nathan Vardy. (Not to mention Christensen, who was BOG in the magoos, and the yet to be unveiled Brown.) Oh, and the old folks’ home core(y) of the team, of course.

    Gary Ablett chose to celebrate his 200th by going Coast to Coast only to get smashed in a game that could only have interested anybody who likes a flutter on futile fixtures, losing as far away from home as he could go. It might have been quite different had he been playing on the figurative shores of Corio Bay that day, but hey, at least he can now afford to shout a round of drinks or two after the ‘game’.

    St Kilda proved to be only half as good as Collingwood. That being the first half, as the second was the proverbial cake walk. And the Saints get marching on.

    Brisbane Lions showed that they don’t need Fev to be dull, divided and listless, and the second Queensland team actually made the Swans look inspired, passionate and creative. It must be something to do with the (sub) tropics. The Voss gloss is well & truly dull now, so bets are now on whether he can survive the season after the worst first half performance of any team this season.

    Today the Hawks will show that while they ain’t noBuddy, they are still a cut well above the Freo road show (read: Free-o 4-o premiership points for the home team-o). The Roos will play the Crows in the one game of the round where both teams can actually simultaneously lose, and Port, the baby in the basket of the AFL, may as well just mail in their game against the Baby Blues (and save themselves the bus fare to Worst Lakes).

  10. John Butler says

    The Hawks got it done, but not without a fright.

    Adelaide continue to slide.

    Port showed a lot for 3 quarters, then threw away the effort in the last.

    Who would be the most disappointed team after round 11?

    There would seem to be several contenders.

  11. Andrew Fithall says

    Heard the most ridiculous comment from Dwayne Russell on Sunday. A player went down early in the game with the prospect that he be subbed. From Mr Russell: The sub is a first gamer. That is why you don’t have a first gamer as the sub because they might have to come into the game early, when they are not ready. I really struggled to understand what DR intended to say. Eventually settled on the idea that he believes you shouldn’t select a player for their first game until they have some experience.

  12. Peter Flynn says


    I’m starting to achieve clarity.

    By Round 15, I’ll have my prediction ready for public consumption.



  13. Andrew Fithall says

    Just keep polishing the palantir PF. Your followers await.

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