Round 10 – Richmond v St Kilda: My big hope fading easily but positives seen

Richmond v St Kilda
1:45 pm, Saturday, May 26



As I have been mentioning here on the Almanac, my frustration having seen losses exists. When Fox Footy presents comments in regarding with Saints’ troubles on the live coverage, my eyes are wet because of losses themselves and how media covers the story and targets my footy club (whom I am supporting professional games).



This weekend, the time slot of the game is good for me as I am working only in the evening. I have been awarded with a free kick so that I am able to watch footy live. For this weekend, I no longer worry watching replay for a game we lost.



Paddy McCartin comes back but is wearing a helmet to reduce the potential risks of concussions. He has had seven concussions since 2015. Too many.



Geary wins the toss, and Jack Steven and Dustin Martin touch hands as low five. Actions start at the ‘G.



Saints try hard to score a goal, but turn over is done as Richmond’s strength. Butler gets an opportunity to score a goal at 45 metres out, directly in front. But only he is awarded a minor score.



Our kicks and handpasses are not efficient, as always. My worry comes up because we are playing the regaining premier.



In the first seven minutes, Jack Riewoldt flys up to take a mark, but our back man Jake Carlisle hits him and the Tiger gets a concussion.



Jack is taken to the bench and then to the medical room. It’s sad to see Saint Nick’s cousin sidelined the rest of the game.



Caddy is awarded a free kick and the job is done. Richmond 1.2 to Saints nil.



The same as the previous match, Alan Richardson is coaching on the bench. I am so happy that he is communicating with players directly in the boundary line.



It’s time for our boys to respond to the coach and supporters. The combination of McCartin’s kick and Membrey’s handpass reaches close to the goal posts where Newnes is collecting footy and does his job easily. Tigers 1.3 to Saints one goal.



Webster is awarded a free kick after he contested the opponent’s big star player, Dustin Martin. But our poor kicks are seen again. Then Butler finds open space and scores a goal.



Membrey who has had six possessions, four kicks and two handballs get an opportunity at 50 metres out. But he only kicks a behind. Where are his good kicking skills gone?



But three-time club’s best and fairest Jack Steven takes a mark and job is done at 38 metres out with the left angle. However Butler answers quickly.



The second quarter begins in the same. Wrong kicks are seen and balls are pushed outside the boundary line.



Caddy scores a goal for the first one in the quarter. Seeing his action, I take a player’s note for my footy with the mighty Dingoes.



“Dominate and find space to exit congestion.”



Our skipper Geary kicks in the wrong direction towards the hot spot. I am sick and tired of seeing such sloppy kicks…



Butler gets a good opportunity at 30 metres out, directly in front. But footy hits the post and it’s only a behind.



Hardwick opens arms and expresses an disappointment in the coaches box.



Tigers are back on track thanks to Dusty, and Saints’ handpasses are ineffective. I admit watching the game is frustrating.



But Membrey is coming close to the goal post to do his number one action – scoring a goal. It’s done with Steele’s kick and then Lornie’s handpass.



I start trusting boys with positive and hope Skunk gains confidence with this goal.



McCartin needs confidences too. His sensational mark only brings a point. F-word is dropped in my match report notebook.



After Rice being awarded a 50-metres penalty, an intercept mark is taken by the opponent. We cannot push towards goal square or put much pressure on the opponent.


Cotchin scores a goal.



Then strong emotion comes up when Jack Billings handpasses sloppily. Later he fails to take a mark with the ball Phillips kicks. The number 15 needs hardworking.



Lornie’s kicking behind and Hickey’s missing an opportunity with no score awarded add my frustration.



But our small forward Jade Gresham starts firing up. He narrows the margin to seven by kicking a goal at 39 metres out, directly in front. Good boy!!



Seeing Richo waving the right arm on the bench is what players need as a good communication and advice. It’s made due to McCartin’s poor kicking after taking a mark.



Being at Starbucks cafe doesn’t matter me acting like a coach. I open arms with “what?” expressions, like Chris Scott often does in the coaches box.



We trail by 13 points at the main break, but I have a hope we would upset Richmond.



In the beginning of the third quarter, I see a good example of a handpass. Handballing over opponent players’ head(s). I need to practise to improve my footy skills.



Once again Billings shows lack of efforts by not trying to collect footy at the boundary line. Where are his good skills in possessions and handpasses?



But he breaks a silence. Our forward lines exit the congestion and Billings picks footy and scores a goal.



Lornie follows scoring his second goal shortly after the number 15.



Then Gresham demonstrates good goal kicking. Steven’s handpass is handed to Savage who is good at kicking long. Gresham picks dropped footy well and finishes his job.



Saints are in front by four points.



After Steven kicking a behind, Gresham takes a mark inside 50. His job is done at 40 metres out as his third goal. We extend the lead to 11 points.



Gresham is 177 centimetres high, that is 15 centimetres taller than me. I am a very small forward and can learn a lot from our player number four.



Newnes’ missing a good opportunity to score a goal seem to get Tigers back on track.



Vlastuin’s two goals in a row put scores level. Then McKenzie’s kick is delivered to Conca and footy is pushed outside the boundary line.



Caddy kicks a goal. My worry starts coming up again, as well as my desperation wanting only a win. No loss or draw.



Wrong kicks are done by our boys and finally Richmond’s player number four starts playing Dusty show.



But our number four answers quickly as his fourth goal.



At the last break, Richmond 10.9 to St Kilda 9.5. I still have a hope to win as we are only ten points behind.



But Richmond are operating Tiger trains at the last quarter. They do turn overs and McIntosh takes an intercept mark. Dusty’s kick is on the score review and awarded six points.



Meanwhile Billings snap brings nothing and Newnes is knocked off.



But Gresham takes a mark and scoring a goal is no problem, according to a veteran Sainter commentator, Sandy Roberts.



Once again Butler kicks a goal. And our sloppy and wrong kicks are done in the last quarter. Then my player’s note is made as: “If I can’t pick footy, kick towards a teammate.”



Membrey kicks straight to bring us six points. Then tall Carlisle is doing a ruck work. But then he kicks wrongly towards the boundary line.



Richmond extend their lead to 21. We need to score four goals less than seven minutes. It’s still possible technically.



But it’s hard to break the Tiger zone. Caddy kicks two goals while Gresham kicks his sixth goal.



The final siren sounds at the ‘G and “Oh we’re from the Tigerland” is played on my Tablet. Bye bye Watch AFL App.



I’m sad to see another loss, but it’s good to see our improvements.



As always, I practise hard to improve my footy skills. On Friday, I get a sore thigh while kicking. Also my ankle has been sore for a while due to the pressure made whilst kicking. But soreness is the proof I train hard, so it’s a positive sign.



Positively is seen on my boys as well as my playing footy.



Keep positive and working hard. I play hard and support Saints passionately.



RICHMOND 3.3 6.4 10.9 15.15 (105)
ST KILDA 2.0 4.3 9.5 12.5 (77)




Richmond: Caddy 6, Butler 3, Vlastuin 3, Martin 2, Cotchin
St Kilda: Gresham 6, Membrey 2, Steven, Billings, Lonie, Newnes


Richmond: Caddy, Cotchin, Martin, Short, Butler, Grigg

St Kilda:Gresham, Steven, Ross, Webster, Carlisle, Geary


3. Caddy (RIC); 2. Gresham (STK); 1. Steven (STK)


Crowd: 48,850




About Yoshihiro Imagawa

Love, passion and pride are seen on the footy that is the biggest part of my life. 1. St Kilda Club member: I am a passionate and crazy Sainter. Just hope we will win the second flag soon, especially after Dogs and Tigers having ended long premiership draughts. 2. The Osaka Dingoes Player and Public Relations Officer: Player number 44 that I chose to honour Stephen Milne with my wish being like a small forward like him. Lenny Hayes' hardworking attitudes are adopted on my trainings and practices. Nick Riewoldt's great plays are in my player audiobook too. 3. Writing: Here on the Almanac and also on the World Footy News. My skills utilise on great footy websites.


  1. Joe De Petro says

    Nice report, Yoshi. Hopefully, you will be able to implement these learnings in your own game. Hang in with the Saints, they are not as bad as their ladder position might indicate.

  2. Jennifer Muirden says

    Lovely match review Yoshi!

    Was at the game and despite the Saints loss I felt very proud of the boys. The ever reliable and tenacious three Js – Jimmy Webster, Jade Gresham and Jack Steven were standouts in Saturday’s game.

    I walked away from the G feeling optimistic about our developing list. Especially in light of the recent debuts of young talent such as Logan Austin, Ed Phillips and son of ‘Special Fried Rice’ (sic) Bailey Rice. Add to this young guns Hunter Clark, Nick Coffield, Rowan Marshall and Josh Battle and our future looks promising.

  3. My greetings and appreciation for the comments!

    Joe – I agree with you. Watching the professional league games is teaching me how to play footy. Even I can learn from my opponents. Then I implement on my practices and training. Saints are improving.

    Jen – I am happy that you mention positively about three Js. They are performing so well. And I agree with you about youngsters.

    I’m unsure if I have mentioned or not, but my left index finger is healed and no more cast is needed to put on. But now I have a sore ankle because of too many kicking sessions. Sadly my movement on the left foot went cranky. It had been not perfect and Sunday’s two twists (one at a railway station and the other at the footy training) made worse. I still train and practise but reduce the number.



  4. Thanks for your compliments Joe and Jen!!

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