Round 10 – GWS v Brisbane: Monaros win in unconvincing fashion

Greater Western Sydney Monaros v Brisbane Lions

The Showground
1310, 7 June, 2015

A beautiful day in Sydney, I had to ride over to Bondi Junction in the morn for work and it was a joy to be out. Buggerall traffic, great fun shooting up some of those curvy streets, riding a gear or two lower than required just so I could hear the triple howl. Bloody heck, it’s good to be alive.

Quite a few more cars on the road by the time we left for the Showground, wombling around in that clueless manner of weekend drivers. I yelled at the most egregrious of them more than usual.

Not much happening in the first term. By crikey, we were behind at the first break! The ground announcer read out some stats, we’d had fifteen forward forays for one goal while Leppa’s Lions had gone five for two.

Leon Cameron doesn’t look like the hot-gospeller type but he must’ve given the lads a good ol’ tongue lashing. The first few minutes were a bit sloppy, a bit too much of second-guessing themselves, but then it clicked and the Monaros nailed three goals in four or five minutes. Brisbane had barely had a touch to that point.

It was, eventually, a six goal to two term in favour of the locals. They did play some pretty good football, no surprise, really, but…

They play to the forward pocket. A midfielder gets the ball, sprints past the centre and then looks to give it off wide. Okay, when there’s another runner out there with space and time, fair enough, but several times it goes wide regardless. Maybe that’s some kind of game plan but the Monaros have one of the worst stats for goalkicking efficiency, which has to relate to the number of set shots from the pocket.

Granted, McCarthy kicked a beauty from the pocket, a low trajectory bullet. JC’s a great kick from anywhere. But too often did players get too cute. They got away with this against Brisbane but it won’t win finals.

All part of the learning curve, I guess. I’d like to learn why the best seats at the ground, on the eastern wing, have a unused stage blocking the view and if we can get a few lounge chairs up there for our personal use.

Brisbane looked a bit sharper in the third, despite being down ten goals to four before they kicked the last two before the break. Given some 1300 games worth of experience was sitting on the bench, they didn’t do too bad. At one point Leuenberger even threw Mumford to the ground while contesting a boundary throw-in.

I had a quiet thrill in the fourth when the score read 10.10.70 to 7.7.49. After the Lions kicked that seventh behind I heard one of the blokes a few rows behind say “Seven seven forty-nine, that’s your favourite score.” A moment later I heard a mention of “fifteen ten one hundred” and I was quietly satisfied to know that someone nearby appreciated numbers as I do.

The Monaros kicked four straight midway thru the last to confirm the win, but slacked off and let Brisbane kick three in six minutes. The final score seemed apt. Leppa’s Cubs weren’t too bad, they kept on having a go while the Monaros, for all their talent, didn’t really nail it like they could have.

They best figure out ‘nailing to the floor” and “putting the boot in” pretty soon cos they meet Collingwood next week. Some are already calling it the match of the round with, natch, the “who’d have thought it?” proviso. The 4&20s are looking surprisingly good and the Monaros only away win this season was against St Kilda. Still, they did run Hawthorn damn close twelve months ago. I wouldn’t be calling it a ‘make or break’ game but it’ll be damned important to these two teams. Seven and three is way beyond what anyone expected from either.

The Monaros get a rare game on the Big Stage and possibly the biggest crowd they’ve ever played to, almost totally against them. They have to learn to play to hatred and feed off it.

1310 start next Sunday, hmmm… My Melbourne-to-Sydney record is nine hours, if I leave home at 0400 I oughta be at the MCG in time for the match. Or in a rural gaol. Gee, hope they’ve got television in Gundagai cells.

Monaros 1.3 7.5 10.8 14.13 (97)
Lions 2.1 4.3 6.6 10.7 (67)
Monaros: Cameron 3, Coniglio 2, McCarthy 2, Stewart 2, Treloar, Shiel, Ward, Whitfield, Griffen
Lions: Bewick 3, Beams 3, Zorko 2, Robertson, Green
Monaros: Ward, Mumford, Coniglio, Shiel
Lions: Taylor, Paparone, Beams, Christensen, Martin

3 – Ward; 2 – Christensen; 1 – Coniglio

Crowd: 9079

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  1. kath presdee says

    …so we’re not counting wins against Carlton Earl? Fair enough.

    That said, not at the game but watching the replay yesterday I had to agree with Callan Ward who was disappointed with the efforts of the boys; despite his BoG (by a long way). I’m glad they recognized they got away with it and I hope that means they’ll treat Collingwood like a proper test not like the Doggies where I think they were over-confident and underprepared.

    Then again, we haven’t had too many wins when we don’t play well. I suppose that’s a first.

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