Round 10 – Essendon v Richmond: Dreamtime at the G 2016

This must be my seventh or eighth Dreamtime at the G and I reckon it was my worst as far as footy goes.


Don’t get me wrong the pre-game spectacle was magnificent and would have been enhanced if I could have heard the commentary a little clearer. I have always supported recognition of prior ownership and an acknowledgement of how much we could learn from our Indigenous brothers and sisters on this land, so I always feel privileged to witness their stories and dance as I did on Saturday night.


Michael Long is linked to the Dreamtime through his Long Walk . He is a person I admired as a footballer and now as a true leader of all of us.  The Dreamtime is a link to the recognition of what he is doing and what needs to be done in the future.


I should have gone home before the ball was bounced, because the best part of the night was over, such was my disappointment of the standard of the game. The foot passing and hand passing skills of both sides was dismal. There were standouts of course, Dustin Martin for Richmond was clean and precise and Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti for the Dons was quick, brave and brilliant and showed the others what football was all about.


Both sides tackled fiercely and there was no shirking of issues but when they got the ball neither side could find teammates for love or money. Richmond had an unusual, at least to my way of thinking, of going goal wards. They would kick sideways, and backwards, then repeat that movement with a couple of handballs. A bit like if your travelling to Mildura you go via Bairnsdale then Wangaratta. Occasionally it paid off for Richmond but it left me, and the Richmond supporters near me, bewildered and confused.


Mid way through the third quarter with the temperature dropping, I was sorely tempted to call it quits, and go home, but I lived in hope of an Essendon miracle. Every now and again the Dons would score but Richmond usually replied via a cross-country route to dampen my excitement.


In the final quarter Darcy Parish a great trier all night, got an early goal, followed by one from Joe Daniher and I thought we were a chance. Richmond doubled their efforts of cross- country kicking and started to fumble and I thought they started to look vulnerable.  I reckon if Brendan Goddard had of kicked truly we could have been back in the game. But alas he missed and Richmond were untroubled to win.


Both teams have a long way to go, at least the Dons have an excuse.


It’s going to be a long hard season.


Richmond  16.9. 105    defeated Essendon 10.7. 67


Goals  Richmond  Deledio 3  Vickery 3  Riewoldt 2  Grigg 2  Lloyd 2 Cotchin 2 Griffiths  Edwards

Essendon  Parish 2 Daniher2 Brown 2 Fantasia 2 Jamar   Crowley


Best  Richmond Martin, Deledio, Cotchin, Edwards, Grigg.


Essendon Zaharakis, McDonald-Tipungwuti, Parish, Goddard,Dempsey.


Crowd  56,948  MCG


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  1. Great summary Rod!

    The skill levels of both teams was pretty ordinary, but as you say, Essendon has an excuse.

    As we get deeper into winter, I’m expecting the losses to really get ugly, but to this point, credit to everyone in the footy department at Essendon because the team’s been much more competitive than I thought they’d be.

    Really pleased to see Parish continue doing good things and like you, I’m a big fan of McDonald-Tipungwuti.

    There’s better days ahead!

  2. Stainless says

    Couldn’t agree more about the standard of the game, but sometimes poor standard games are compelling contests. This one had all the intensity of match practice. I can’t remember being at a Richmond game, talking with my mates about so many things unrelated to footy and having so little concern about the scoreboard. I’m not suggesting that Richmond are anything crash hot, but it’s obvious that a number of teams have played well within themselves when they’ve come up against Essendon. The preference appears to be to go easy with the aim of keeping players fit and fresh rather than go for the jugular in the hope of a big percentage booster.

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