Round 10 – Collingwood v Brisbane: From in front of the Long Room (Floreat Pica Society)

By Richard Moody


Floreat Pica Society
Match Report – Collingwood v Brisvegas
1:10pm MCG, 28/5/2017


This would be the first indigenous round (otherwise known as the Doug Nicholls round) game that I have been able to attend since its inception. In preparation, and after not much digging in the Collingwood archives, it was noted that there have been 15 players who have played in the black and white that have identified themselves as indigenous. The Earliest being in Wally Lovett (1982), and such luminaries as Leon Davis (2000-2011) and Sharrod Wellingham (2008-2011) having been part of the team in the 2010 premiership year.  Unfortunately, with Travis Varcoe injured, it was left up to Daniel Wells to fly the flag.


Making my way to the MCG on Sunday there were several things weighing on my mind; firstly, was finding an Alex Fasolo badge on the verge of the footpath on the way to Ascot Vale train station a sign of what was yet to come?  Was finding the owner of the said badge once I reached the station a good omen? Was all the talk in the Sunday Age about the contract negotiations with Brodie Grundy symptomatic of the current precipice our team currently walks along, and finally would we continue the horrible repetition of LLW cycle of the first 9 rounds.


All would be revealed over the eighty minutes of football being played today.


On arrival at the ‘G’ the Collingwood crowd did not appear to be its usual self, there was a small amount of optimism mixed in with the knowledge of what had eventuated in the previous nine weeks. The Percy Beames Bar was a comforting location to have a quite ale in preparation for the game ahead, after which I took my usual seat in front of the Long Room to watch the pre-game entertainment and banner run throughs. It was interesting to see Daniel Wells wearing the 67 jumper instead of his usual 3, as a mark of respect to the 1967 referendum, also of note that Dane Beams (Ex-Collingwood) was wearing the Number 50, representing the years since the referendum, or was that games since wearing the black and white?


The game gets underway and there seems to be a lack of commitment from the Pies in the first five minutes, amplified by critical errors on behalf of Blair, whom once again blind handballs over his right shoulder straight to a Brisvegas player (unfortunately this would not be last time we would see this act today). He will be lucky to punch another ticket into the firsts at this rate and it may just be the last time we see him in the AFL.  At the 15 minute mark, we have taken the lead after goals to Wells and two to Elliott (with a new hair-do). Though one of goals was on the silly side as he should have just shepherded the ball through rather than taking the mark on the goal line. It is close to this time that I’m beginning to regret having had the burger and the chips pre-game, as its beginning to repeat on me, much like our over handballing and backwards kicking have in the last nine weeks.


Goals to Treloar and Wells finalise our goal count for the quarter, though our forwards (Moore, Greenwood and Elliott and mids are spraying everywhere when kicking for goal. The remainder of the quarter shows how little competition we have in the current Brisvegas outfit and we should have been 8.2 not 5.5 at quarter time.


The start of the second quarter coincided with the beginning of the rain and neither team have adapted to a wet weather style of game plan, and both are making a mess of ball delivery and marking contest tactics. At times, it is like being at the abattoir with both teams butchering the ball in equal amounts. There are few highlights in the quarter though. Howe’s kick into the forward line, leading to a beautiful Moore mark and goal was a cracker. Must say that 9.10 to 6.3 at half time, our behind kickers all need to go get some practice, this is becoming frustrating. Though on the other hand the majority of our inside 50’s are into the pockets making it more difficult to score the easy goals.


By the time the third quarter gets underway my patience (and that of many around me) have run thin with the consistent kicking the ball either backwards or sideways when in attack or using 6+ handballs in a row to get out of a contested situation. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. We have shown we do play on, rather than being indecisive greater than 50% of the plays lead to a scoring shot, as long as we play down the corridor. The goal that ended with the Dunn goal at the end of the quarter was great flowing football and should be a bench mark of team work.  At three-quarter time we are 11.16 to 10.6 and feeling as if we may just win this one. To date some of the key contributors to confident play have been Treloar, Maynard, with Pendles and Sidebottom showing confidence at times. Adams has been getting possessions and going hard at the ball but not delivering effectively or to advantage.


The final quarter brings on a flurry of goals (and behinds) from Fasolo, and a great defender’s goal to Maynard. Grundy is still showing the class in the ruck, and appears to be getting the tap on most occasions to either advantage or 50/50 situations. We so don’t want to lose him to Adelaide or Port at the end of the year.


The game finishes with a cracker of a goal from Elliott, and a score line not to desired of 18.21 to 13.6.


Finally we get two Wins in a row on the board and some hope of making the finals. Bucks is off the hook for another week. And now the boys are off to WA to play Freo in what should be a good test for the team on a somewhat narrower ground, where the pockets are not so deep.


1 Vote to Captain DePendbury, with an honourable disposable efficiency of 77%, though I’m concerned that there is something wrong with him other than age has he is looking considerably slower than in previous years.

2 Votes – Maynard, with 25 quality disposables, mostly focused along the half back line, he was confident in all aspects of his game.

3 Votes – Treloar, his contested possessions were hard won and showed confidence in delivery for most of the day (I don’t recall seeing him stop and contemplate after gaining possession)

Floreat Pica

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