Round 10 – Carlton v Adelaide: Some Sombre Reflections

I am in a reflective mood before this game starts where news is only really emerging now at how close we were to losing Brent Radar Reilly and the medical battles he has gone thru and continues to do so,it may well have
been like Peter Motley the fact that being a elite athlete enabled him to pull thru. I am sure every 1 wishes him the best in his complete recovery. In a football sense (after all, life is more important) Radar was having a huge
pre season and was set to erase the IMO puzzling way he was treated by the Crows selection panel in 2014. Radar was under rated, courageous, very good overhead and good disposal skills, he is being missed.

Saturday morning sees me out and about selling raffle tickets for Down syndrome I turn on the radio (watch later) to find the Crows are away to their customary poor start (might as well just start the game with the opposition 20 pts up grrr !) The terrible news come thru that Carlton champion Chris Judd has done his ACL a terrible way for one of the best players ever to end his career. Although it is somehow fitting that his last act of play in an AFL game is taking a mark over a super star of the game today in Patrick Dangerfield. Carlton Captain Marc Murphy is having easily
his best game of the season on ball and Kade Simpson is dominating. The maligned Nathan Van Berlo is assigned Simpson and cuts back his influence on the game. Charlie Cameron then finishes off the Crows 1st fluid movement of
the ball, marking the ball close to the boundary he proceeds to casually turn on his left foot and goal with elite skills. I am delighted Mitch Grigg is having a significant influence on the game his long left leg re disposal is desperately needed by this Crows side. Rory Laird continues to go from strength to strength and must be moving into All Australian mid year squad of 40 consideration (this is picked but not released publicly.)

Half time arrives 2 seconds early for the Crows as Tex Walker is about to run in to a open goal which may have helped his confidence. Surprise surprise poor kicking for goal has limited the Crows lead to 19 pts I am now watching the game live and Carlton have burst back Murphy is killing us, Henderson is having a influence and the smooth moving Patrick Cripps has got on top returning big man Matt Kreuzer (great to see him back playing) kicks 2 goals. I am not sure what I am more angry with the Crows shocking disposal errors and pathetic kicking for goal or Eddie
McGuire’s commentary. I thought Carlton was meant to be Collingwood’s mortal enemy, Eddie showed in his eyes it really just is a extended VFL competition and that SA and the Crows in particular are your most despised side. For
goodness sake surely it is not that hard to commentate with a hint of non bias. I am sure most people agree he shouldn’t commentate Collingwood games but today’s commentary has been disgraceful and so unprofessional, go back and host who wants to be a millionaire! (thoughts folks?) rant over back to the game.

3q time and the Crows are only up by 4pts despite having 8 more scoring shots while there have been some appalling disposal errors by both sides and shocking decision making it is certainly a willing contest where has this
effort and endeavor been Carlton? Josh Jenkins who has been disappointing this season showed signs against
Fremantle is proving to be 2 quick and agile for Sam Rowe influence on the game is significant and more so in the last quarter. Levi Casboult is looking dangerous for the Blues but with his shocking ball grip and drop this will generally fail in a crunch situation sure enough he misses a set shot. The mercurial Eddie Betts has been well held by Zac Tuohy marks cleverly and goals to put the Crows 9pts up.

These pesky blues won’t go away though and Dennis Armfield goals from the resulting centre bounce and the difference is less than a kick. The Crows fittingly finally seal the game from a lovely kick over the top from Laird
and Jenkins runs in to the open goal to seal the game. While in some respects it has been a poor performance by the Crows, there is no doubt Carlton were a hell of a lot better than recent weeks. It had been a brutal contest the
previous week against Fremantle and it showed in their performance also against the Tigers (does that count as a Tigers sledge, Mase and Jags?) It may have taken a lot out of both sides’ bodies. What fantastic support
for the Crows in the crowd today the colour in the crowd and the noise when the Crows kicked a goal stood out (had to try and drown Eddie M out.) It may have played a significant part in the Crows getting up. Well the old saying
at least a win is a win and at 6 wins and 4 losses the Crows are a chance for the 8 I will take that!

Adelaide 14-15-99 def Carlton 14-6-90
Goalkickers: Adelaide Jenkins 5,Lynch 2, Betts, Wright, Cameron, Dangerfield, Walker, Van Berlo, Jacobs 1

Carlton Casboult 3, Kreuzer, Arnfield 2, Menzel, Cripps, Everitt, Henderson, Tuohy, Bell, Graham 1

Adelaide BPs Dangerfield, Laird, Jenkins, Jacobs, Thompson, Grigg, Lynch
Carlton Murphy, Cripps, Simpson, Tuohy, Henderson, Carazzo

Malarkey Medal Votes Murphy ( Carl ) 3,Dangerfield (Ad) 2,Laird( Ad) 1


  1. Dave Brown says

    Thanks Rulebook. The Judd injury was awful – you don’t want to see anyone get injured like that. At least he got a really good send off from all of the crowd as everyone was thinking the same thing. Laird was outstanding in what was otherwise a pretty terrible game of football. Saw the highlights last night and was taken aback by Eddie’s barracking. After Friday night’s game I wonder if commentators barracking might become the theme of the round.

  2. John Butler says

    Rulebook, after the last few weeks’ discussions regarding crowd behavior, it was appreciated that the Crows fans were generous in giving Judd a (presumed) send off.

    The differing perspectives of separate states is always amusing. Adelaide people have long seemed convinced that Victorians have it in for them. In my experience, we don’t exert much effort thinking about you at all.


  3. Barb Jamieson says

    I agree , the Judd injury was a shocker, and it would be a terrible pity if it’s career ending, a champion deserves to go on his terms , that’s football for you .
    I am a one eyed Crows supporter , and will respond to John Butlers comment about South Australian supporters .
    Firstly , like him, I dont particularly think too much about the Victorian teams and their supporters , I put my passion into my team , and consider any other side as simply the opposition , on the day . However , in recent times , thanks to social media, I’ve seen enough idiots to understand that not everybody thinks like him and I . I can respect a champion, regardless of who he plays for , and for what they put into the game to entertain us , but some of the garbage we see and hear , along with the keyboard haters , simply has made me steer clear of a few sites , where people choose to display , not only their ignorance about the game , but also their own bias , disguised as passion for their team .
    Saturday’s game result was no surprise to me . If anybody expected a walk in the park on the ground after all Carltons dramas during the last couple of weeks, then they are not over blessed with footy nouse . Carlton responded to their critics , and showed true grit , and they should be acknowledged for that . I know a lot of Crow Supporters bagged Eddie for his commentary ,, I heard the same stuff they did , and feel like banging some heads together and telling them to grow up . I think that largely, the older, , more footy orientated supporters are like me, are wondering if there is a new breed of supporters emerging , who need to learn about life, and football
    Our skills level was certainly down , but I didn’t see the so called disgraceful game a lot of our supporters did , but I did see our shortcomings , but I have a lot of faith in what PHIL Walsh is doing , and will continue to do , but truly, I think some of our supporters saw him as the Messiah, and despite him telling us there was a lot of work to do when he came to the club, they think it’s done , and this is all that PHIL will ever get from our players
    Goal kicking really is our weakness in the game , and I hope and believe it will get better , and of course the four points matter , I would be the first to be unhappy if poor goal kicking cost us that , but the team is rebuilding under PHIL Walsh.
    I could use injury as an excuse for some of our weaknesses, but like PHIL , I wont , and I could use our hard game the week before as an excuse, but I won’t do that either , but I have no doubt that the week off , and the return of a couple of key layers will be of huge benefit .
    I enjoyed the game , it was far from the best we’ve played , but I certainly didn’t see it as the shambles some people did, and from the comments from football media, neither did they , albeit , it wasn’t one of our better games

  4. Jeff Milton says

    After a great game against Freo failed to bring a win, a poor game against Carlton at least brought some premiership points.

    Quite amazing to hear the President of the Collingwoof FC say WE were unlucky when referring to a missed opportunity by the Carlton FC. There was a time when Carlton and Collingwood were supposed arch rivals.

  5. It was a match that included some great moments, truly bizarre passages like the Adelaide goal square comedy, the awful such as Judd, and elements of the old fashioned contest.

    6 and 4 is a good return for Adelaide, but we’ve got some massive challenges coming up.

    Don’t fret too much about the Fox commentary. Eddie’s positively balanced and neutral next to Stephen Rowe!

    Thanks Malcolm.

  6. Good to see Carlton at least having a crack now that the grumpy old egomaniac is gone. That is all sensible fans ask for – an effort.
    I watch a lot of footy (and other sport) with the sound turned off. I often have it on for a quarter to help identify opposition players then turn It off. I like some ABC radio (I have a soft spot for GWhateley) but their Adelaide (Peter Walsh!!!) and Brisbane (bland) crews leave me cold.
    Sporting commentary is like political “debate” these days. Moronic drivel pitched at partisans and idiot swinging voters.
    I am tempted to throw something at the TV every time I see or hear Basil Zempilas. Even my idol Dennis Cometti was giving me the irrits on Sunday afternoon. But it may have been me more than him given the circumstances.

  7. Jamie Mason says

    Nice to see you work the Tiges in again, Book. I think you secretly admire us

  8. Lovely Lisa says

    Sad to see Judd go down, Eddie is a moron glad he hasn’t made to China yet!
    Keep ’em coming Book.

  9. James Jolly says

    Hmm… where does one start? Did the crows play ordinary or carlton play well? To me it looks like tex is carrying a niggling injury. Sloane was good first game back. Dangerfield strong first half but i felt was well held after that. All up not very convincing and they will benefit from a weeks rest.

  10. Enjoyable read Book. Eddie has no credibility since Milesy was booted off Hot Seat on a Jackson family question.

  11. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Well we lost the corresponding fixture last year, so four points is four points.

    If Tex is injured, it seems to come and go as he looked alright against the Saints a few weeks back.

    It was good to see Eddie howled down by J Brown in the last quarter commentary. Next time, don’t press Red for Ed.

    On the money once again ‘Book

  12. Campbell says

    Very unfortunate for Chris Judd, and as per usual, Eddie McGuire’s commentary made me wish that I didn’t have ears!

  13. Great write-up Book. A sad end to Judd’s career, and we/Crows were lucky to escape what was always a danger game. Umpiring favoured us greatly in last quarter, although it favoured Carlton earlier. Carlton have enough good players to trouble most teams on their day, they just fall away quickly. Jamison would not have let Jenkins kick 5. Smurf played a brilliant Captain’s game, and never in Crows history have we been able to shut down opposition stars. Tex on the other hand, jury still out on the decision to make him Captain, externally anyway. Last week’s tough Crows/Dockers game resulted on this week the top team losing, and the bottom team almost winning.

  14. Nice one rule book. Carlton were due to put up a fight and had some useful ‘ins’ this week albeit judd was unfortunately injured. Keep on writing the Tigers off as we go better when under the radar! Was a great weekend as I saw the bays win well yesterday so that was cry encouraging too.

  15. Good writeup Rbook. I must disagree with the votes. I thought Simpson was Calrton’s best but Dangerfield was BOG.

    As for Eddies commentary it was a disgrace. I have never heard anything more biased. That boofhead should give it up.

  16. Eddies commentry showed no respect for Crows supporters and hope fox never lets him commentate a Crows game again. i too thought it was a danger game new coach and all. but we got the points and have players coming back from injury after the break. we have had 14 injuries since beginning of year so they are welcomed back. shades of last year, but Walsh will coach them better

  17. Mahatma Coat says

    Book – I didn’t get to watch or listen to the game (but did record it). As a Blues supporter I was disappointed that they didn’t win. The Crows have been hot and cold since the end of round 3 and this was a good opportunity for the Blues to pinch a win. From all accounts they showed the determination and competitiveness required, but just couldn’t make it happen.

    It was sad to see Judd go down with a career ending injury. I can’t stand the West Coast Eagles so didn’t follow his early career, but enjoyed watching him will the Blues to a win many times during his years there. The one that stands out is a wet Friday night game in Sydney a few years ago. Carlton hadn’t won at the SCG for something like 13 years. Judd blitzed the second half and practically dragged his team over the line. His strength and speed to gain possession and burst through the pack was one of a kind.

    I’ll watch the game some time this week as it sounds like an absorbing contest.


    PS: There needs to be a test of intellect before allowing any past players into any commentary box. Sadly it is lacking among 99% of them. Tim Watson is up/down there with BT in my book.

  18. Good write up and couldn’t agree anymore about Eddie M. Terrible display of bias.

  19. Martin Rumsby says

    Perceptive comments as per usual, Malcolm. An absorbing, but at the same time, frustrating game to watch. At present I’m not convinced that the Crows are a top 8 side. I’d love to see them put another team to the sword in the same way they did to North Melbourne in the first round. I hope the bye gives the team some time to refresh and have a real crack in the second half of the season.

  20. Luke Reynolds says

    I’m glad Eddie doesn’t call Pies games anymore, and usually find him to be a good caller. I didn’t hear his call of Saturday’s game, disappointing he’s gone down that track. Biased commentary really has no place, what has happened to a totally unbiased call?

  21. Tom Martin says

    Book come on, you’ve only got a soft spot for Radar ‘cos he looks a bit like Bernie Vince. Until his tragic injury he was actually #4 on the list of 40 blokes in the AFL who most look like Bernie Vince (this is picked by Rulebook but not released publicly.)

    I will never get tired of reading you bang on about the plague of ‘Rabidus Cyclopsis’ in the AFL.

    In terms of bias and favouritism, you make Eddie McGuire look like the frigging Statue of Liberty. That said, no matter how famous Ellis Island might be for accepting the world’s poor and homeless, it probably would have drawn the line at the average Collingwood supporter.

    And yes Mase, Jags, that was a Tigers sledge in the match report. How do I know? Book only ever mentions Richmond in order to denigrate them. It’s like a sacred oath.

    Yes, Malcolm Rulebook is the most one-eyed man in football. So much so that when he umpires, the crowd heckles him to about his monocle, rather than his specs.

    Some things in life, like the class and nobility of C Judd, never change.

  22. I still think crows have a big task ahead, i dont think we r consistent , never confident, i wish i was and against carlton exposed some big names.

  23. ^ * sorry, nothing written here can compete with Tom’s charismatic diatribe above!!

    For Judd not to go out on his own terms is rough, but we all know fairy tails almost never exist in footer. I too tore my ACL in last game, age 32, in a marking contest, early in the game, in a loss, in a team that wouldn’t make finals… that might be where any similarities finish!!! Didn’t stop me from pulling over in the car & bawling my eyes out for half an hour, knowing the white line adrenaline rush would never exist again.

    Tiger fans, when team is up & about, are the biggest social media whores on the planet, looking anywhere for a snippet like a kid playing “where’s Wally”! [of course excludes Mase, who is a true legend, and was so unfortunate at Alberton Oval in ’06].

    Watching Mrs Radar [he’s punching out of his weight division btw!] break down on TV was poignant, reminded us of how close he was to permanent strife. The Carlton game itself was very low standard for AFL, but sometimes to win ugly like that can kickstart a season, and Jerker hitting form as Tex lulls a bit is timely. Will be intriguing to see how Carlton play in a month, once the “honeymoon period” of the new head coach wears off.

  24. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks folks John some Vic’s do some don’t re South aussies.What is a fact is that the commentary fri night and re eddie everywhere was nothing short of disgraceful.
    The game skills wise was average to say the least,Martin totally agree re the crows mind you with the injuries over all it has been a reasonable effort so far.TM yet again you deliver pure gold the amazing ability to pay the crap out of some one yet they love it.Jamesey doesn’t matter what grade we all still wish we were playing and miss it!

  25. E.regnans says

    Thanks very much for the update on Brent Radar Reilly.
    I had that lingering sick feeling of grave concern upon hearing of his injury.
    This young fella will probably never be the same – he may be similar to the old Brent – he may be completely different – but he won’t be the same.
    There’s no way to predict this stuff.
    It seems that no two closed head injuries are the same.
    I have my own experience of this ( As do many many others, unfortunately.

    All the best to Brent and to his family.
    It’s probably a long road ahead.
    Thanks OBP. And great comments.

  26. Sally Bangla Dickson says

    Another good read Malcolm. I feel we are a mid of the range side this year. Not a lot of luck with injury but our first qrt starts have been horrendous and our set shot goal kicking is shameful. Your spot on with Eddie M. He actually makes me sick with his BS

  27. Thanks again Malcolm, I was at the game but I haven’t had a chance to watch the replay I’m keen to listen to Maguire’s commentary.
    It was an ugly game in parts but they got the job done, errant kicking almost cost us the game again. Should’ve won by about 6 goals.
    Bring on the Hawks!

  28. Linesboy says

    Thanks for the lucid account, Book.
    I happened to travel over for this game and found it incredibly frustrating to watch with the countless skill errors.
    However, I did have the sad privilege to be present at Juddy’s last game.
    Especially having just learned that during his farewell presser “The only time he choked up was when he thanked the Adelaide Crows supporters’ show of respect when he was stretchered from the field for the last time.”
    Yep, I was, in part, responsible for one of the greats choking up!
    Farewell Juddy…not only a brilliant footballer but a fine man.

  29. Tom Evans says

    Good reflection of the days events and of course the game! It was a scrappy, yet entertaining contest and could have gone either way! Good to see Carlton give their fans a Glimor of hope for the remainder of the season!

  30. Crows lucky to get the win which they needed!

    Sad to see Chris Judd go like that. Credit to the fans there with the respect shown.

    Plenty of Crows fans over there like it was a final. Fantastic to see!

    Yet to watch the tv replay but from what I have heard Eddie sounded so anti SA. Must remind him of the elimination final loss to Port Adelaide. Speaking of Port, they are Carlton’s next opponent. Such a shame both SA teams only get 1 regular game at the MCG and play big clubs at Etihad.

    Despite byes in the AFL, SANFL and NRL there are still plenty of big games coming up.

  31. Sam Penniment says

    Definitely agree with your call on Eddie McGuire rulebook, cant say the rest of the foxtel commentators any good either though. I think the fact that they seemed perplexed as to why the crows appeared disappointed in the rooms after suggests a lack of intelligence. Think Jonathan Brown suggested it was because they were tired, while none of them suggesting it was because they’d given a disappointing performance and only just beaten the bottom team. Guess Browns lucky he was a good footballer!

  32. chocka bloch says

    Well played Book! Patrick Dangerfield for President! Eddie Betts the best buy in a long time. Get Juddy’s hoof fiixed & put him in the Blacks. The Bye is well timed to rest before flogging the Hawkies.
    Bob Neil be with you

  33. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks guys OBP as you realize its a long road ahead yet for Radar.i see the crows either just making or missing the 8 and yes disposal by foot and goal kicking is a weakness.linesey spot on it was fantastic that the crows supporters gave the departing champion in Judd a fantastic departing reception..Sam correct while Eddies commentary was disgraceful but the whole panel weren’t much better.chocka the scum could squeeze Judd in if Rebecca his wife runs water and May Bob be with you !

  34. Rather listen to James brayshaw attempt to pop a valve on radio than Eddie. Still on for Eddie to win the Coleman. Keep up the good reporting Rulebook.

  35. Since Eddie Betts started modelling his game on Nick Haslam (circa 2006) he has really flourished as a player.

    Good to see the crows up and about.

  36. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Raf think I’d rather listen to Marcel Maeceau than either of them,thanks
    Slipper no doubt Nick Haslam has played a significant role in Betts reaching the elite status ( well done yourself and the Chards today )

  37. Willow Wilson says

    A good summary Rulebook, it was a frustrating and at times a comical game to watch. The Crows kicking skills and efficiency of ball movement is a real issue, and top 4 teams wont be beaten unless that improves.
    I think commentary is a bit like umpiring in that you only notice it when it is really bad. Leaving aside any bias, it felt like both Eddie and Anthony Hudson were constantly yelling to try and generate excitement. Just call it as it is, two teams having a crack with terrible skill execution.
    Final reflection, how happy is Cam Guthrie from Geelong who swapped jumpers with Judd a few weeks ago after the Cats beat the Blues. People were puzzled at the time, but it looks like a very savvy move now!

  38. Great report!
    Was sitting on the edge of my seat when Rory Laird laced out Jenkins in the forward 50 with 2 and a half minutes to go, was a scary game and just got over the line.
    Have a big game against Geelong this week lets hopefully get over the line

  39. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Great call,Willo re the swapping of jumpers by Guthrie with Judd and yes a huge game this week,Sean
    Thanks folks

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