Round 10 – A resignation? …. a sacking?….. who’s next?


As we approach the halfway mark of the season our first footy coach sacking has occurred as Brad Scott coached the Roos for the last time on Sunday. 


Some may say he was pushed, or perhaps he saw the writing on the wall and made his move before he was sacked, but the fact of the matter is an experienced senior AFL coach has, or soon will be, replaced by a temporary appointment until the end of the season.


The question that needs to be asked is: “Did he deserve to be sacked?”


One could also say  no matter who the temporary appointment is, the difference  that person will make to the side’s performances for the rest of the season is probably neither here nor there. Not  much difference at all you would think. North Melbourne’s season to date has been disappointing and it’s difficult seeing any  improvement expected to be made during the remainder of the season.


And, as the outpouring of admiration and goodwill shown to Scott after last weekend’s match indicated, he is an obviously loved and respected person by the players.


So, why replace the coach now?


And will there be more coaches facing  the sack before the season’s end?


The Footy Almanac would like to hear your thoughts and opinions about this matter.


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  1. The Crows have always sacked their coach if the club has failed to make the finals for two consecutive years. Tread carefully Don or you may have to decamp to Port Douglas or similar next winter and spend your retirement playing golf and spending your mining fortune.

  2. Hey Mickey, There must be a big question mark over Don Pyke and his assistant Camporelli (probably wrong spelling but you know who). It’s bloody obvious the team is way down on expectations with skill errors and poor decision making obvious.

    Adelaide’s mids, although getting plenty of possession, are always under extreme pressure and don’t hurt the opposition like Dangerfield, Ablett.and co do. Top that up with a misfiring attack and the team is just not cutting the mustard.

    Perhaps Riccioto and co could consider enticing Nathan Bassett to take over the reins next year now he has served his apprenticeship at the Power..Of course, should the Crows suddenly switch on, Coach Pyke would be declared a hero and retain his spot. Here’s hoping.

  3. Brad who ?

  4. Denys Moore says

    Who is running the AFL?
    I cringed last night watching AFL 360 as Robbo, the harbinger of Brad Scott’s demise, dug relentlessly into the deep disappointment of Brad and his wife at Brad’s demise.
    Given David King had driven the dagger for weeks, what a jolly Fox triumvirate they are with Gerard…anything for ratings?

  5. Denys Moore says

    Collingwood deserved their close call win on Friday night. But possibly the highlight of the 2019 Season for we Swanees, was watching the Karma Train reversing from Essendon over our beloved co captain Rampe ..hilarious !!!

  6. Seems like clubs are staying the course longer these days. Richmond and Hardwick came good, Collingwood and Buckley nearly did the same last year. Some Geelong people have been calling for Scott, C to be ousted for several years and yet they are contending again. Bolton has been given longer than others got 10-20 years ago when clubs demanded, but rarely achieved instant success. Perhaps Presidents and boards are being more realistic that a new coach can take time to gel with the team and to stay with what they have got rather than risk more turmoil. Although Scott, B has been at North 10 years without the first prize I suggest he has been a good coach and will surely get another gig if he wants it.

  7. Ross Lyon to …………. Expert at leaving out the bathroom window just before the auditors arrive.

  8. John Butler says

    The footy media pack is addicted to change – any change – for its own sake. They’ve reacted to Scott like sharks to burley.

    Interesting to see which clubs have learned not to react. And then interesting to see how the media responds when they don’t.

  9. Denys Moore says

    Commentators have little to do than pick the final four at the start of the season. Invariably good looking former full forwards get it totally wrong. They then spend the rest of their television time hypothersising why they are surprised and how they have been let down.
    I exclude Wayne Carey who along with Jason Dunstall and Paul Roos see beyond self obsessions. I enjoy AFL but it’s time the bottom feeders were forced to acknowledge that a team must fininish 18th…inspite of global warming…

  10. Seemed like an orderly handover. The Roos have won 2 straight and could just be slipping under the radar. If his twin brother can coach maybe Brad gets another opportunity at another club. Bolts must be one big loss away from the sack. It’s getting dire and I understand Bolts is not on a contract Baut, no knee jerk reactions anymore.

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