AFL Round 1 – Richmond v Carlton: True Tiger traits shine through

by Simon Ely

I put the mighty Tiges in the 8 at the end of this year and last night was true testament to why.

On any given week, the Tigers should be admired and applauded by the other 14 teams in the competition (15th team is the team they play on a particular week).

Richmond has the ability to skyrocket the confidence of other sides, leading them into a major sense of false security by thinking that after playing the Mighty Tigers the game is ever so easy….

I walked from the ground last night proud of the fact this will be just another year same as the last 25: support, look for new talent, and really enjoy the win/wins the team might have – this all with a chuckle…

Carlton supporters (God bless their greasy hair) last night bellowed for September and Flags. One, I actually overheard saying “this is as good a team as ’95” when really they probably would have struggled to beat the Clifton Hill 2nds the Sunday after the Annual Winery Tour.

WELL DONE TIGERS…. True testament to the Power of the Richmond Football Club.


  1. John Butler says

    Ah yes,

    Spoken from a place of pain and frustration.

    I’m beginning to think the relationship between the Richmond club and its supporters has almost reached the abusive stage. False hope, resignation, promises made and broken, it’s all there.

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