Rookie Draft Shock – Almanac gutted

daisy thomas

Luke Reynolds has gone to Carlton at #12.  Luke said that he was disappointed that Collingwood re-signed Corey Gault at Pick #10 ahead of him.  “I’m with Jolls.  Bucks is a weak prick who didn’t have the guts to tell me to my face.  I had to read about it in the Almanac,” life-long Magpie Reynolds told our reporter at Pomborneit CC net practice tonight.  “Still Mick has thrown me a lifeline and I look forward to repaying the faith by forming a stellar midfield with Daisy and Litza”.

Daisy and Luke  Daisy and little Lukey reunited

The Almanac was further weakened by Melbourne’s selection of J Harmes from the Northcote Social Club Stingrays at Pick #2.  The Stingrays President said the loss of Harmes could spell the end for the club.  “The bar takings will take a massive hit.  I doubt we can recover from this.”

John Harmes  Harmes leads singing of Stingray’s club song after last premiership (1981)

Your reporter must declare a personal interest in the Rookie Draft as Melbourne took Norwood (SANFL) full back Alex Georgiou with Pick #35.  Alex is a 23yo engineer who has been going out with my niece for several years.  The Demons couldn’t have got a better character or tougher/tighter tall defender.

Having lost their twice premiership coach Nathan Bassett to Essendon, and a host of premiership players to the AFL draft, it is understood that Malcolm ‘Rulebook’ Ashwood will be making a comeback as playing coach of his beloved Norwood Redlegs in 2014.

For West Coast Eagles fans, talented small forward Murray Newman was given a second chance at Pick #38 after being delisted last week.  Murray has buckets of talent if he can get his fitness and off-field life together.  He is a Swans Districts boy so I know he will come back stronger after his 2013 annus horribilus.


  1. Luke Reynolds says

    Absolutely gutted to be picked up by Carlton. Just hoping to put in a solid year and be traded to the pies in a straight swap for whoever Carlton want to poach from Collingwood next year.

  2. Malcolm Ashwood says

    I am delighted to be the the new playing coach of the , Norwood FC and at the age of
    50 having recently had my , 10th knee of no I will be in peak physical fitness and despite being the only person left in the state I am sure that with our strong junior system blah blah which as we all no means is football speak for we have been raped and pillored and are stuffed .
    Luke I am sure that , Litza will take you under your wing we look , 4wd to seeing you in the huddle belting out the good old navy blues you are , Micks real gun recruit and let’s face it will play more games than , Thomas well at least the same number !
    It is reported that the , Stingrays are going to play permanently with black arm bands on so massive is the loss of , Harms the bar manager is understood to be in a foetal position screaming we are doomed this is the massive football story of the decade buggar the druggies club
    On a serious note rapt that , Mr Bean Alex Georgiou is finally on a list as a defender he may look awkward but consistently gets the job done , Andrew Collins tried to put him under pressure before the , 2nd semi to highlight his scragging tactics he responded with a , BOG . Alex is a quality individual who gets the job done
    Now I have to get back to the bar to find those magnificent supporters still celebrating our back to back flags to form the nucleus of our side , John Evans will be a rare case of father son re , Craig playing together , Wilson , Wasley , Heeps , Foster , D Ashwood
    Snaith geez it could be a interesting winter

  3. Jeez, Luke.
    The marketplace is one thing.
    But this is something else.
    If money talks, let’s chat about bringing those Navy Blues down, as an insider. I’m thinking a Jolly/ Carey/ Watto kind of hybrid effort on your part.
    See you tonight. I’ll have a brown paper bag.

  4. Andrew Weiss says

    Peter this may be a long shot but we may have a bit of a connection after reading your article and seeing that your niece is going out with Alex Georgia. The connection is that if the name of your niece is Lauren then I would have taught her at Cornerstone College as well as her sister. If the above info is correct I would therefore also know your brother who used to own the local servo called “Bauldys”. It is a small world the Almanac world if the above is true

  5. I’ve bookmarked this to read over the weekend – it’s gonna take me a few more days to process the Cameron Wood selection…

  6. Andrew,
    You are correct on all counts. Lauren and Anna are outstanding young women, so thanks for contributing to their education. Lauren is a dietician at a hospital in the Wimmera of Victoria now. I suspect that she will be heading east to Melbourne more than west to SA on weekends in the future.
    My brother Neil was an outstanding country footballer and cricketer (played some district cricket for Port Adelaide back in the day). He played in footy flags for both Mt Barker and Hahndorf in the Hills League 20+ years ago.
    My dad Don lives over the back from Cornerstone College at the Laurels in Mt Barker. At 82 he still walks 18 holes of golf at Mt Lofty twice a week. We played at the Vines in Perth a few months ago when he was over, and shot the same score off the stick. I was grateful not to get beaten for a change.
    For my part I enjoy playing modest social sport more and more, now that I don’t fret about the result any more.
    The Almanac is a wonderful community and I will look you up when we come over to Adelaide to catch up with dad.
    Peter B

  7. Congrats Rulebook . Looking forward to a big year.

    I am good for 25 goals out of apocket.

  8. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Ta Raj in breaking news Smack PB Marty Sterk Clarkey and Badge wish to be considered with these additions thru bar trade we should convertably be able to sponsor the Stingwrays and Peter B would love to catch up with you when in , Adelaide .
    Have been helping , Old Dog out with his book last couple of days having lunch with him today . Go the Knackery

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