Rockdogs blow Megahertz off the dial

by Andrew Fithall

Solved! I now get it! Finally I understand why the AFL keeps scheduling such crap pre-game and half-time entertainment. They don’t have sufficient confidence in the quality of their own product that they can put on the same program something that might compete with the actual game in providing a benefit to the football attendee. The Community Cup organisers have no such qualms. They don’t fear the sideshow will be better than the game; they fear that the game will be the highlight. If the Community Cup football was the best thing about the Community Cup, then you wouldn’t get twelve thousand people to a suburban ground on a Winter’s Sunday afternoon.

That’s probably a bit harsh, because the football is actually worth watching. But really, it’s not very good football. But with everything else that goes on in and around the game, it is a great day’s entertainment. And there is much for the AFL to learn from what is presented. Like having the umpires and match ball accompanied on to the ground by a piano accordion player. Also, maybe introduce a few modified rules such as each team having a minimum of five female players on the field at all times, no tackling from behind, and no under-age streaking – because, as the announcer pointed out, you wouldn’t want to have the Herald Sun on your case.

The game opened with the Triple R/PBS Megahertz kicking to the Southern end with the assistance of a stiff breeze. With 2010 hero Stew Farrell in Eddie Betts’ shorts and 2010 Connolly medallist (BOG) Chris Gill in Warwick Capper’s, they should have started the game with some confidence. But the first goal went to the Rockdogs, a team comprised of musicians of mixed age and gender and musical styles, with Dave Larkin getting his first of two for the day. The Rockdogs scored three more against the wind through Michael Cini, Tim Rogers and Dan Luscombe. The Megahertz’ waywardness started early, and wasn’t remedied all day. However, as ground announcer Leaping Larry pointed out, it is not easy to hit the post from such a long way away.

In his quarter time address, Megahertz coach Vince Peach exemplified his lack of football background by exhorting his players to run and run…and to have fun. Dave Hinnrichs (AKA Dave the Scott) followed the instruction implicitly, and resplendently, taking to the field in his kilt.

Working with the breeze in the second quarter, the Rockdogs stretched their lead further. Dan Sultan showed remarkable kicking skills with a goal from forty-five metres and outside the boundary. It wasn’t until the margin had stretched to fifty points that the ‘hertz scored their first major through an undeserved free kick to Farrell. A quick reply and the margin was back out to fifty at half time.

With Tumbleweed delivering a solid forty minutes of half time rock, it gave the players plenty of time for their muscles to cool down and seize up and their bones to begin to ache before they rejoined the fray for the second half. The third quarter was scoreless for the Rockdogs, but with only two goals and six more behinds themselves, the Megahertz knew the game was beyond them by three quarter time. In the last quarter the first of the streakers was tackled (tee hee) by a police impersonator who, having given the invader an on-field spanking, when escorting him to the fence missed the opportunity to place his London Bobby police helmet over the dangly bits, and thereby recreate the famous 1974 Twickenham rugby moment.

Scoring the first two goals of the last quarter though Linley and then Cini, the Rockdogs further mocked the Megahertz by serving Rockdogs players on-field pizza. The Megahertz final goal of the day was from the boot of Dave Lawson, whose prior football fame was in an old Shepparton jumper on the various Toyota Memorable Moments ads. The final margin of thirty-five points was achieved with twenty-one scoring shots apiece, but did seem to be a proper reflection of the two teams’ relative performances.

Rockdogs’ full-forward Tim Rogers had taken an early shower, and as soon as the on-field presentations  were complete (Steve Connolly Medal to Michael Cini of Rockdogs), he fronted his band You Am I for the post-game musical entertainment, to bring a suitable end to a great day at the football.

My Votes: Cini (R) 3; Kat Spazzy (R) 2; Gill (M) 1


Espy Rockdogs                     4.1       9.8      9.8       11.10 (76)
Triple R/PBS Megahertz      0.4      1.6       3.12     4 17 (41)

GOALS Espy Rockdogs:
Rogers 2, Sultan 2, Larkin 2, Cini 2,  Luscombe, 1, Pommer, 1, Valdemarin 1
Megahertz: Farrell 1, Linley 1 Lawson 1, Gill 1
Espy Rockdogs:
Michael Cini, Kat Spazzy, Tim Rogers, Liam Linley, Rebecca Barnard, Dave Larkin
Megahertz: Chris Gill, Jarrad Kennedy, Georgia Webster, Laurel, Richard Campbell, Dave Lawson

Espy Rockdogs:
Megahertz: Jess McGuire (ankle – injured running through the banner!)

Two streakers (male), One naked cartwheeler (female) Nick Cave 1; Nick Cave 2


Official crowd: 12,001 at Elsternwick Park

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  1. All is not lost for the Megahertz. Collingwood scored 4.17 (41) in their loss to St Kilda in round 3 last year (and the Saints’ score of 10.9 in that game was not far off the Rockdogs’ in this one), and we all know what happened when the two sides met later in the year.

  2. smokie88 says

    I can’t believe that neither Lionel Ritchie nor Meat Loaf were there on Sunday.

  3. Ken Gilmore says

    Great coverage of a great day by the sounds of it. Some of your best work Andrew. Cheers Ken

  4. Andrew Fithall says

    Thanks Ken and others. I wrote this before reading Matt Zurbo’s piece so was pleased to be able to go back and find that I hadn’t mentioned grass roots football. LIstening to the radio this week, whenever people come on air who have happened to have played in the game, it is the first thing they want to talk about. I don’t have the same connection to any of the Rockdogs but I imagine they are just as into the game and want to re-live it as much as they can.

    I read yesterday that Reclink have netted about $200,000 from the day. An excellent outcome.

  5. Bit stiff on Banjo O’Shannessy, absolutely dominated the back half all game. how about the torps he was launching from full back to the centre circle, not an easy feat on Elsternwick Park

  6. smokie88 says

    200 K !!!
    Fantastic !

  7. Thanks for this great piece on a great day.

    Rockdogs did have one injury: Pete Satchell – dislocated shoulder. He came off about 40 seconds into the game, so you may have missed it! Surprisingly early.

  8. Sultan kicked the most measured, outstanding goal ever scored in cup history. Rude!!! Go Dogz!

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