Riverton-Saddleworth-Marrabel Hawks v the Mintaro-Manoora Eagles

Clash between The Riverton-Saddleworth-Marrabel Hawks and the Mintaro-Manoora Eagles at Clare Oval in South Australia’s North Eastern Football League. Photos by Peter Argent.

Playing in the Sand

Playing in the sand


World championships wrestling

World championship wrestling


  1. Peter- was this a home and away game? Why was it played at Clare ?
    (good to see RSMU have it over their traditional rivals Min Man this year)

  2. daniel flesch says

    Is that an umpire in white shirt and shorts with “Collingwood” socks ? The world as it should be . Well , that part of it .

  3. Peter Fuller says

    It’s an oddity, but black socks (i.e. Collingwood), were part of the umpires uniform, back in the days, when the combo of all white shorts/shirt were worn. As most umpire associations shifted to wear modifications – initially coloured strips and logos (and numbers, when they came into use) on a white background, prior to the full colour outfits – typically coloured socks came in as well, colours defined by the competition’s rep side colours. I have worn red and navy blue socks in separate comps where I’ve officiated.
    It would seem that the SA NEFL has maintained the traditional socks.

  4. Mark Duffett says

    Good to see RSMU still in same guernsey as when I played for them 1979-1982.

  5. The Wrap says

    Interesting to see the Eagle strip. There was no Eagle Jumper until West Coast was formed. Or was there?

    And how come The Hawks are wearing the Big White V? Surely that must be a no-no in South Oz?

    And what about those amalgamations? A sign of the times?

  6. The Wrap – here is the answer to your question re the guernsey
    Riverton played in the old Mid North League in Black and white stripes until it disbanded. They joined the Barossa and Light league (late 70s or early 80s I think ) and joined with Saddleworth and Marrabel to form RSMU. They had a vote on a couple of suggestions for guernseys and the blue with white V eventually prevailed
    After a few seasons in the B and L they eventually joined the NE Footy League
    (my sole contribution was playing in the Bs in the early70s)

  7. Scores please ?


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