Rising Reporter: Goddard!

by Leigh Sullivan (Year 7)

It is the 2010 Grand Final, St. Kilda have been trailing all match but have fought back from a 24 point half time deficit to have the scores level at 61 apiece with 7 minutes remaining in the final quarter. Adam Schneider who has already tasted Grand Final success along with only two other players on the field, Darren Jolly and Sean Dempster, all in the successful 2005 Sydney Swans premiership team, won the ball outside the 50. Schneider corrals Daisy Thomas and handpasses the ball to the Lenny Hayes, the veteran in his 11th season, who manages to get a wayward kick away under pressure from the Pies skipper Nick Maxwell, the ball sails to the top of the goal square to a pack of four, GODDARD!!! Goddard has taken the mark perched on top of the shoulders of Collingwood’s Harry o Brien with his former St. Kilda teammate Luke Ball trying to spoil behind him. Goddard falls to the ground and tumbles he gets back up and from 15 metres out slots it through the big sticks, St. Kilda have finally hit the lead can the heartache of last year’s loss carry them through to victory today?

Unfortunately the ball doesn’t bounce the right way for the Saints and the Pies scramble a draw. The rest is too sad a tale to tell.


  1. Leigh – Goddard’s grab was a beauty. I thought the Saints were home at that point.

  2. Lord Bogan says

    I thought the Pies were gone Leigh. Has to be one of the best marks in GF history. Goddard and Lenny Hayes deserved to play in a Premiership team.

  3. Leigh, though B.J. has gone and our premiership window has shut for a while, the photo of that mark — with Goddard at the apex of his leap and clutching the footy — remains the wallpaper for my desktop computer. I never tire of it.

  4. It’s a tough gig Leigh. Barracking for The Saints. But it’s character building. Good take on a great moment if Footy Folk Lore.

  5. Stan the Man says

    If they flicked Kosi, Gram et al back then and freed up salary cap issues they may have kept him at St Kilda. I too was sad when he left, but not so when he started with the “water works” after the Essendon game. He walked out for the money $$$ now lets move on. How would BJ feel right now after putting all the St K controversy behind him to walk headlong smack into the Essendon stuff happening at the moment…… alas I too have that mark as my screen saver.

  6. Top stuff Leigh. Looking forward to more of your words at some time.

  7. Cat from the Country says

    Well written, Leigh. You kept me rapt till the end. I I look forward to reading more contributions.

  8. Leigh
    You have captured the moment very well.

  9. That is my enduring memory of the game and how we all (non-Collingwood supporters) cheered at the thought of a Collingwood loss as much as a Saints victory. For someone who has lived overseas since Goddard was drafted and seen very few games since, it was my first big impression of Goddard.

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