Richmond’s Best Side of 2016: Discuss


Dea Rance Grimes

Conca Chaplin Houli

Yarran Martin Deledio

Edwards Vickery C Ellis

Cotchin Riewoldt Lennon

F: Maric Miles Vlastuin

I; Griffiths B Ellis McIntosh Batchelor

Vlastuin and Conca to add more menace to the stoppages. Look out, here we come!


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  1. Callum O'Connor says

    Why Cotch up forward? Plan with recruiting Townsend is to stop taggers getting to him so hopefully he will be unstoppable in mid

  2. Like your centre line. Cotchin is disappointing. For some reason he doesn’t seem to bring the team with him. Is he too nice?

    And what about the height (lack of) in defence?

    The Tigers are like the little steam engine – I think I can, I think I can.

  3. Callum – just rotating but also really like the idea of Martin and Vlastuin and Conca putting some Zeibell into our museli. And I do like Cotch and Deledio (if they can kick straight) in the F50. Can’t comment on Townsend as don’t know him but if we’re tagging their taggers we are in trouble.

    Dips – yes I want to see us flying through the ‘G middle breaking lines. Serious height issues in defence and would personally love to see Astbury where Chaplin is. Perhaps Griffiths can turn into an old fashioned chb, take some contested marks and then smash it 70m back, but that’s not really the done thing, any more – sadly.

  4. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Richmond straight away in a close to best 22 shows where it is at lacks depth to many honest battlers when even having minimal injuries who fall away when the heat comes on 3 years of virtually pushing a repeat button in a final.
    Any 1 can do all the leadership courses in the world and improve but to some extent they still have to be a born leader,Cotchin is not..Is Chaplin the worst 200 game player ever ? Thanks Peter

  5. Thanks Malcolm. I am more sanguine on the finals repeat thing: we were always going to be vulnerable to Carlton in 13 after they fluked their entry, that was still a real choke; but we won 9 finals in a row in 14 just to make the semis, and were always going to get blown away by Port at Port (I mean, they almost won the comp); and this year teams 4-8 really went across the line in a pack finish, we scored our nemesis Nth over whom we have no home advantage and they were able to play the mind games by resting players and then getting a dream 27 degree day, we selected like idiots and played like clowns and yet should have been ahead with 2 mins to go. In another dimension we were choking the life out of the Eagles in a PF with Hawthorn looking very nervous.

    So I don’t think there’s any doubt we are a much better team than 7th, and much better than 13th – stitching up the Dockers over there and the Hawks and winning in Sydney and dominating the “blockbusters” proves that.

    But… there are 13 other good teams, too. So we need to get off to a flyer and secure top 4, see what happens. Do we have the list and the coach – I’m starting to think probably not, but 14 teams haven’t won a flag in the last 9 seasons. (Aaaagh, when guys are choosing Collingwood over you, you get the sense they have made that judgment, too, and it becomes self-fulfilling : ( )

    As for your specific point, yes I see Spuds, and the issue to me is they get selected – T Hunt my fave, but I often tear my extensive hair out re Houli, Batchelor, Griffiths, McIntosh and B Ellis. Maric at use-by date, great clubman. Hopefully some younger guys come through and put pressure on those guys. And selectors respond. Not a Chaplin fan, fullstop.

    who do I really rate: Rance, Grimes, Conca (potential), Martin, Edwards, Vickery (most improved player in the comp alst year?), Vlastuin, Cotchin, Riewoldt, and C Ellis has the moves. Is it enough? Add Jeremy Cameron and a Mumford and a Harry Taylor, and maybe. Maybe a different coach.

    Cotchin showed sublime leadership in patches – saving Hardwick against Collingwood, dragging us back from the dead against the Swans – but I see your point. I would probably make Jack captain, he was unreal this season.

  6. C’mon PW; Conca is a Conker. He’s contributed precious little in the 4-5 years he’s been at Punt Road. Move Batchelor back there and if you want height go for Astbury.

    I’m with you on nice guys come lastl Dips. We’ve lacked mongrel at Tigerland since Robbie McGhie & Balmie had the Competition looking over its collective shoulder.

    There’s a few on notice at Punt Road & Griffo would be one of them. Top Four should be Richmond’s goal, and an achievable one at the. Leave Cotch with the captaincy for the moment. Until we find The Next Captain Blood. My guess it’s Vlastuin.

    The one to watch for in 2016 – Reece McKenzie.

    And I guess it’s fair to question Dimma’s contribution. Someone at Punt Road isn’t dealing with the premature ejaculation they have down there every September. Not sure it’s Dimma’s fault, but he’s the coach, so he has to wear it. Let’s see if the players heard him after the North Melbourne loss. If they didn’t they’d be the only people in The Football Universe who didn’t. NEVER EVER AGAIN TIGERS!!!

  7. Peter Warrington says

    Not sure why the alarm bells weren’t ringing. After the unlucky loss to Freo and then win over Hawthorn in r18, we were pumped by the Crows, touched up weak Gold Coast and Collingwood teams late, and then spluttered but won against the Bombers and the B-team Roos. So our form was worrying to my mind for quite a while. That warrented selection changes, but not the ones made for the Final.

    As for Conca, I reckon we haven’t seen what he can do, due to injury, suspension etc. He’s 23, a former pick 6, has played 75 games. Give him a start in the square in the pre-season and let’s see what he can do.

    Where does McKenzie sit v McBean? (and Griffiths and Vickery?)

  8. Peter Warrington says

    (re form, because we were hopeless against the Blues and Giants as well, and faded against the Sts.) all of this before the Freo-Hawks double.

    actually, I was at the great win over the Swans, and we were woeful then for a half.

    not sure how we finished 5th!

  9. I suppose we should wait for McBean & Griffo to mature, but it’s my guess McKenzie may beat them to it.

    And you
    ‘re perfectly correct Peter; we’ll need to hit the ground running this season. If we don’t, Dimma would deserve to be in the gun.

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