Richmond v Adelaide 1993 – Die Hards

Richmond’s hopes were at an all time high in the 1993 pre-season. With dual-premiership player Swooper Northey replacing Allan Jeans (after a single season), the Tigers swept their way into the final of the Fosters’ Cup.

A huge official crowd of 75,553 traipsed out to Waverley for the battle of the sashed teams (the Bombers in the white shorts) but other reports have the true crowd as much higher. Some are still unaccounted for.


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Even though Richmond didn’t bring home the Barry McKenzie’s Favourite Tipple Cup, they went into Round 1’s match against the Horsham West Crows full of confident with their legion of die hard fans flocking to the other home of football. Or so you would have thought.

Instead, a measly gathering of 18,473 (three of which appear in the crowd scenes below) wandered over to Punt Road’s neighbour.

In this admittedly one sided highlights package, you can see that Adelaide (in the white shorts) were primed for a big season but Richmond were taking some time to adjust to their new coach. They had no answers to Chris Groom, Stephen Rowe and Matthew Liptak, let alone Tony Modra, but Chris Naish looked the goods for the home team. Tony McGuinness accepted the MRP’s view that his second quarter entanglement with the Crows trainer was careless, medium impact to the body and had to forfeit his half-time Musashi.

Adelaide 28.10 def Richmond 12.12

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If Twitter was around in 1993, then #modrawith10 would be permanently etched into micro reports of that season against Richmond, as Modra kicked a club record thirteen in the return fixture at Footy Park in Round 16, before a moderate gathering of 45,109

Adelaide 26.15 def Richmond 4.8

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A couple of weeks later, Richmond v West Coast at Princes Park drew 6,025. Apparently all trace of that game has been expunged.

Geez it must have been as hard to be a Richmond supporter in 1993 as it was easy to be an Adelaide one.


Post Script

A year later, Richmond wiped the smiles of those smug Crows in Adelaide. If a year can be a long time in footy …

Richmond 13.12 def Adelaide 12.11

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*** Thanks to Jeff Albertson and John Carr for the Youtube work.

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  1. Time for some historical research Swish. Was McGuinness from the bays and the trainer from Port?

  2. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    The trainer was the late Gary Goudge. From my very brief “research” he was with Torrens before joining the Crows.

  3. The 1994 Round XV match Swish, you’re not foretelling the 2017 GF outcome are you?

  4. Loved the vintage footage. And yes, it’s always been tough to be a Tiger.

  5. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Thanks Wrapster. I think the results speak for themselves, as in, it depends, doesn’t it?

  6. some great highlights of Tony in full flight and the Young Richo. I remember when he played in a ponytail — as did Michael Gale & Wayne Campbell.

  7. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Ponytails >>> Man Buns

  8. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Great stuff Swish, I was at that Foster’s Cup GF with a Richmond mate. Bit of manbunnery going on, but it was a prelude to a decent couple of years for the Tigers under ‘Swooper’ Northey.

    Not sure if it was opening round of ’93 or Round 20 1992 (Crows by 110 pts) but a disgruntled Tiger fan ran onto the field and started stomping on his membership before being escorted off to the amusement of the crowd.
    Godra was ripper. Stiff to miss out on 97-98 triumphs.

  9. So like 1993 you’ll sweep all before you and raise the Premiership Cup….

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