Review of Urban Futbol App

By Anastasia Dimitriadis

Red Bull sponsors a new application called Urban Futbol. I decided to review the app for the Footy Almanac as many writers and readers of the Junior Almanac may be interested in trying it out. As you know, we are the generation that are addicted to apps.

You score points by flicking the ball into the balconies. When the balconies show a banner with a number on it and you flick the ball into that balcony, you get extra points. Here is my assessment of Urban Futbol:


•     Can listen to own music while playing

•     Lags a bit when starting up

•     Has a mini tutorial while loading

•     Crashed when attempted to first play

•     Has 5 levels

•     Only 2 are free

•     So much fun when you learn

•     Crashes a fair bit

•     Great graphics

•     A tad confusing at the start

•     7/10

Recommended for kids from the ages 6 to 12. To find out more just follow this link:

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