Almanac Teams: Return to sender


B:  Chris Tarrant (Coll/Freo/Coll)     Neil Peart (Coll/Rich/Foot/Rich)    Brad Wira (Freo/WB/Freo)


HB: Paul Peos (WCE/Bris/WCE)    Bill Picken (Coll/Syd/Coll)    Terry Smith (Rich/St.K/Rich)


C: Jayson Daniels (St.K/Syd/St.K)     Paul Morwood (Syd/St.K/Syd/Coll)    Neville Fields (Ess/Syd/Ess)


HF: Warwick Irwin (Fitz/Coll/Fitz)     David Cloke (Rich/Coll/Rich)     Ian McMullin (Coll/Ess/Coll)


F: Eddie Betts (Carl/Adel/Carl)     Paul Salmon (Ess/Haw/Ess)    Corey McKernan (NM/Carl/NM)


Ruck:  Carl Ditterich (C) (St.K/Melb/St.K)    Peter Bell (VC) (Freo/NM/Freo)   Gary Ablett Jr (Geel/GC/Geel)


Interchange: John Barnes (Ess/Geel/Ess)   Trent Croad (Haw/Freo/Haw)

Paul Hawke (Syd/Coll/Syd)   Nathan Krakouer (PA/GC/PA)



Coach: David Parkin (Haw/Carl/Fitz/Carl)

Assistants: Alex Jesaulenko (Carl/St.K/Carl)   Tony Jewell  (Rich/St.K/Rich)




Some notable players/coaches/incidents of the side



Terry Smith: followed Tony Jewell to St Kilda and the back again to Richmond.



Paul Morwood: Famously joined St Kilda without a clearance before being recruited by Sydney again

when Edelsten took over, before being sacked mid year.



Neville Fields: Was traded to South Melbourne for Terry Daniher.



David Cloke: Polled 9 Brownlow votes in his last 3 games



Ian McMullin: Made his debut in Round 22 and played the next three weeks which were all finals, including kicking five goals in the Elimination Final



Corey McKernan: Left North due to fallout with Denis Pagan only for Denis Pagan to take over at Carlton after he won the best & fairest.



Carl Ditterich: A two time return to sender, was St Kilda captain in 1976-77 and Melbourne captain-coach in 1979-80



Peter Bell: Delisted after 2 games, came back to Fremantle after two North premierships to become captain, now list manager.



Gary Ablett: Brownlow Medallist at two clubs.



Trent Croad: Swapped to Fremantle for Pick 1 (Luke Hodge), returned two years later.



David Parkin: Won premierships at both stints at Carlton 1981-82 & 1995



Extended squad members


Dayne Beams (Coll/Bris/Coll)

Heath Black (Freo/St.K/Freo)

Warwick Capper (Syd/Bris/Syd)

Josh Carr (PA/Freo/PA)

Gary Cowton (NM/Foot/SM/NM)

Chris Heffernan (Ess/Melb/Ess)

Graeme Landy  (Geel/Rich/Geel)

Aaron Lord (Geel/Haw/Geel)

Adam McPhee (Freo/Ess/Freo)

Brett Montgomery (WB/PA/WB)

Justin Murphy (Rich/Carl/Geel/Carl/Ess)

Trent Nichols (Rich/WCE/NM/WCE)

Mark Orchard (Coll/Syd/Coll)

Roy Ramsay, (NM/Ess/NM)



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  1. Ken Newland was a tad earlier. Geelong, Footscray, Geelong.Only one year @ the Western Oval, 1976.

    Good seeing Graeme Landy mentioned in your team. Handy player from Echuca.


  2. A great idea, Rodney. Well played!

    One of my favourites – prior to this era – was Phil “Snake” Baker (NM/Gee/NM).

  3. Gee whizz Smokie, i’d almost forgotten Snake’s brief spell @ the blue’n’white hoops.

    Three goals on debut, three goals against the Roos, nothing else to talk about.

    I’m struggling to recall why he spent that half a season with Geelong. As a former Geelong supporter I have some memories of him there but………. It sort of coincided with you chaps picking up Croswell; was there a ‘missing’ link i can’t recall?


  4. Great work, Rodney.
    A couple who qualify from the 1970s are Robbie McGhie (Foots/Rich/Foots/SM) and Wayne Walsh (Rich/SM/Rich).
    There seemed to be a regular flow of traffic between Punt Road and the Lake Oval.

  5. Thanks Glen, Smokie and FitzroyPete

    Graeme Landy if he didnt have an errant elbow he would be a premiership player in 1980.

    Phil Baker I have a very early vague memory of him or maybe it was highlights of watching as a kid, due to his high flying. 9 Games for Geelong in 1975, 0 in 1976 back at North 1977. He sort of has cult legend status for good reason with his flying and 15 goals in 3 Grand Finals, yet played 106 Games for 125 goals. Did he play in other positions and surprised he played his last game at aged 27. Would have being good to hear on Open Mike or to lesser extent Front Bar.

    Richmond and South had a few swaps in 1970s adding the great with Pitura, Roberts,Jackson and Teasdale at least McGhie and Walsh played in a premiership

  6. Trent Croad on the bench. That’s a strong squad right there.

    George Bennett (Hawks/Dogs/Hawks) is very unlucky to miss out. 200 gamer, great mark and kick, could play both ends and we share birthdays.

  7. Luke Reynolds says

    Nice team Rodney. No doubt ‘The Wiz’ would consider himself as unlucky not to be picked in this as his non selection in the Swans team of the century. Very happy to see Ian McMullin get a berth.

    Some cricketing return to senders-
    Darren Lehmann (Sth Aust/Vic/Sth Aust)
    Paul Nobes (Sth Aust/Vic/Sth Aust)
    Ed Cowan (NSW/Tas/NSW)
    Wes Lenehan (Pomborneit/Camperdown/Pomborneit)

  8. Rodney,
    Phil “Snake” Baker was forced into an early retirement due to a chronic knee injury

  9. Thanks Rick, had to look up George Bennett, a bit before my time but 200 Games he played

    Croad I should have had starting as he has a great story on how he was a return to sender. I put Neil Peart in as he is interesting and curious about his circumstances (I forgot to put this in). He is listed as being in Richmond practice match in March 1985 which I see on Trove, unsure what happened from there as he played 15 games in 1984 for Richmond. He plays the last 9 for the Bulldogs including Finals in 1985, so unsure when he was cleared and then start of 1986 he is back at Richmond as March 23 he is listed as a so so recruit with Michael Roberts and Terry Smith. Might be more info in The Sun, The Herald or The Age but they are not on State Library or Trove websites. There may be some good stories on some of these players when researched.

    Luke great list of cricketers, was wondering if Shane Watson was one. One that you did miss and probably the best return to sender. Billy Midwinter

    1877 played for Australia
    1881/82 played for England including touring Australia
    1883/84 played for Australia against England

    Thanks Smokie re Phil Baker

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