Retired or playing on – where is the loyalty?

The surprising news arrived on Monday morning when checking Facebook posts.


Recently retired three-time premiership captain Luke Hodge is set to play for Gold Coast Suns, the Age and SEN journalist Sam McClure reports.


Hodge announced his retirement only a fortnight ago. If the story becomes reality, he will be shocking the footy world.


It is said that Suns CEO and former Hawthorn Football Manager Mark Evans has contacted Hodge offering a role at Suns that was similar to what former his teammate Sam Mitchell has done with West Coast.


What I find from the news is that loyalty can be laid on an organisation (club, team, establishment and etc) or a person.


Hodge can be loyal and faithful to Evans who has known him since the early days of his playing career. Trust and friendship might have been established in the duo. It is applied to Dale Thomas on Mick Malthouse and Zac Dawson on Ross Lyon.


People holding high positions are more likely to move to other employers to gain new experiences and skills, in general. AFL managers and coaches are those who have worked for several organisations.


Even one club players take coaching positions outside their club; such as Robert Harvey and Lenny Hayes.


Then it’s nature if Hodge plays on at Suns. But the circumstances are still extraordinary. His loyalty to Evans is different to those which N Riewoldt, Montagna, Hayes, Milne and Koschitzke had to St Kilda.


One thing I think applies to both types of loyalty is that loyalty is established with both parties’ trusts and faithful.


You loyal readers are encouraged to express your opinions on the issue, please!

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  1. Peter warrington says

    it seems to be dead in the water. but not the worst idea, the Suns have a great young list but are sorely lacking in the leadership, and Hodge could help support whoever the new coach is.

    it would be a great case of him putting even more back, rather trying to pinch one via the Giants.

  2. Yoshi, Yoshi, Yoshi…
    Surely you haven’t been caught up in the loyalty rubbish? It’s a false construct!
    Let me tell you the AFL is a massive business, and loyalty is a myth usually propagated by old-timers.
    Which makes me wonder about Dustin Martin’s reasons for staying at Richmond!
    And had he gone to Gold Coast, who could blame Luke Hodge? From all reports Lewis and Mitchell are none too happy about the nature of their being moved on last season.

  3. G’day and thanks for your comments Peter and Smokie!

    Peter – Your point of view is good. The Suns need leaders and Hodge could help them. But why has he announced retirement?

    Smokie – Haha, I sound like a person who follows traditional? But I am different in my life. Otherwise I would have not lived in New Zealand, lol. However i would stay at one workplace if I were fulfilled. It could be like how Dustin Martin started at Richmond. To be honest I admire Hayes, Milne, Koschitzke, Riewoldt and Montagna for being one-club players and hope young players like J Steven, Billings and Ross being one club players too. I understand your views on the issue though.



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