Remember this? All the pieces published after Round 1 of AFLW 2017


Tomorrow night (Friday, Feb 2) the second season of the national women’s footy league gets under way at Princes Park.


On this equivalent Thursday last year, we were all guessing at what was going to happen. Yvette Wroby was adamant the opening game between Collingwood and Carlton was going to be massive. She had been ringing the AFL to say that hosting it at Olympic Park, as originally planned, would be a disaster. She was on the ball. Fortunately the game was moved and, even if some people were locked out (what a sitauation!), it was a magnificent, historic moment.


The whole of the first round was.


Here is a link to a list of the 30 pieces which were written at the time about Round 1. They are well worth a look. The match reports capture the sheer joy of the moment.


CLICK HERE FOR THE LIST – and then click on the story you want to read.


No wonder we didn’t have any trouble putting a book of the season together. Quite of these pieces went into The Women’s Footy Almanac 2017

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