Red Letter Day

Red Letter Day.


Not a lot went right on the sporting field for me last weekend, however the results over this weekend were tops. It reminded me of a weekend some twenty or so years ago when a similar occurrence happened.

I was a member of three footy clubs in those days and most weekends would see me at one of their home grounds.  On this particular weekend Essendon were playing at the “G” on the Friday night, MHSOB were playing on the school oval on the Saturday afternoon and just to round off the weekend Coburg were playing at the City Oval on Sunday. Three games, three different competitions, three different days: what a weekend of footy.

The Dons came home with a win on the Friday night, MHSOB were victorious on the Saturday in their VAFA game and Coburg had a win in what was then called the VFA. I reckon it was the first time this had happened in my memory and I saw all the games.

I was pretty happy with the way the weekend went, however the “good wife” had a slightly different view. “That’s not going to happen again, is it?” I understood pretty quickly she wasn’t talking footy.

In those days I was a Physical Education teacher deep in the Footscray heartland, and if any of the aforementioned teams won on the previous weekend I would hang their jumpers up in the Gym for all to see and allow me gloating rights. Some of the parents joined in the fun and demanded a Footscray jumper be displayed if the “doggies” were successful.

So this weekend provided big surprises for me. I wasn’t at all optimistic about the Dons chances against the Bulldogs, but they had a great win.  Coburg now as a stand alone team in the VFL were up against the Northern Blues (Carlton seconds) and had their first win for the season and MHSOB who were in A section all those years ago and now in Division One, pulled off an unexpected first win of the season against Bulleen Templestowe.

So the Dons, the Burgers and the Old Boys all had wins on the same weekend, the big difference was I didn’t see any of them. The “Good Wife” and I had organized trip down the coast many weeks before hand.

So it did happen again. I mean the footy, of course.

Rod Oaten




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