Rd19 2012 FEARLESS: and the gold goes to that tubby guy from the iselect ads!

The Olympics and the footy – toss a coin in the air…it doesn’t really matter. It’s just a great time to be in couch potato heaven with your remote control in hand. Watching my eldest son learn about countries and events/sports that he’d never heard of prior to the opening ceremony. It’s great stuff….even have to duck nerf arrows from a would-be archer! I was happy to see the slogan: “Inspire A Generation!” Is that the criteria upon which to judge expenditure from the public purse. Who knows …but I’d rather spend it there than medically tending to an overweight bunch of youngsters lacking the inspiration. Get inspired kids.

Geelong and Hawthorn have had some epic encounters in the last few years and it was no different on Friday night at the G. The Cats showed who was the reigning premier leading by 45 pts at qtr time. Not to be outdone, the Hawks got to within 17pts at the half. Toe to toe in the 2nd half, but the Tomahawk roosted it on the siren. Cats by 2pts.

Western Bulldogs hosted the Roos and the 1st half was an average scrap marred by North’s over handballing and the Dogs pressure. After ½ time, the roos got on the afterburners and broke free, taking a 4pt ½ time lead and converting into a 54pt win. All not lost for the Dogs – Talia, Johannisen made solid debuts. Petrie 5, Tarrant 3.

Denis Cometti referred to it as a coachkiller, as he sat in a commentary box at Etihad, listening to the score from Skoda. GWS was leading Port comfortably and won by 34pts. Unfortunately he was right. Port/GWS icons – Choco, Chad and Brogan had contributed. What do the faceless men at Port want? An improved 2012? They got it.

Fremantle and the Eagles was arguably the most important derby ever. It soon turned into a fizzer. Freo was in control from go to whoa! A good conspiracy theory was that the Eagles took one for the state of WA, to get both teams into the finals. The absence of Darren Glass can make so much of a difference. Super Pav kicked 8 and got BOG.

The fact that Collingwood and St Kilda was determined by the worst umpiring decision ever was costly costly costly! BJ Goddard’s reaction post siren said it all. Lip readers? To think that Harry O thought it was a mark and Bucks thought so in the presser…well…Look, the Saints had their chances but what a way to kill off the year.

Richmond won and there was no heartache for the tiger army. Even at the 32min mark of the last, when the margin was 40-odd pts…a bit of Tiger heartburn I’m sure. How can champion Simon Black start in the green sub’s vest? Odd! He must’ve been injured. A young Lions’ team could’ve used his greatness from the start – surely?

Melbourne won the game against the Suns in the first quarter. Melbourne led by 40 pts at qtr time and won by 42pts. Can only assume it was quite even then for three quarters. Brad Green kicked 5 in front of the Demon faithful and Colin Sylvia got better. Little Gazza was upstaged by Harley Bennell who kicked 3 and had 38 stats.

Sydney won as expected against a valiant Carlton. Jarrad Waite back, away since rd 7, Kade Simpson was back with a helmet and Jude Bolton got an ugly leg injury..2-3 weeks is better than expected. Ultimately, the Swans threatened to break the game wide open. The Blues fought on, minimising the loss to 22pts. Ratten should be kept.

Adelaide got a wakeup call in the first half. The Bombers were on and led by 22pts at the main change. A 7 goal to 3 3rd qtr by Adelaide gave the Crows the lead at the last change. In the end, the round ended as it began, two sides going toe to toe for 4pts! The last qtr featured Mulletboy who was everywhere in the last 2 mins. Crows 4pts.

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