Raving Rulebook No.3



  1. Technology. Love it! In 1985 a fellow called Stephen Kernahan kicked 7 goals in the SANFL Grand Final. Everyone, including the coach knew he was off to Carlton in the VFL in 1986.

    Would Cornesey have demanded he commit to Glenelg in ’86 or leave him out of the side knowing he wasn’t returning?

    Enough said.

  2. Rave on Rulebook. Correct in saying that players are professional enough to play 100% every time they set foot on the ground. Even if they are going to another club they have their own individual brand to uphold. The player’s new club should want to promote their new signing as someone who gives 100% no matter what the situation is. As a defender if you show you’re not dependable, you’ll be on the pine or in the magoos.

  3. Troy Hancox says

    Cricket spot on
    No mental toughness also
    Yes, do need game time – too much focus put into their contract negotiations

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Wasn’t that Ian Fairweather and Ken McGregor?

  5. John Butler says

    What is it with the Cornes family? Must be an Adelaide thing.


  6. RBR….love it.
    Cornes comment is ignorant and dumb. The AFL is a business and loyalty in the main is thing of the past,
    100% correct with the cricket scenario.
    Am not so sure about the SANFL timing. As it has played out in the AFL the SANFL would have been second on everyone’s mind with nuances of which AFL side would finish where….
    I know the SANFL is struggling but no sure this is part of the answer to the puzzle.
    The build up to the fight was more impressive than the actual fight!!

  7. Rulebook to Cornes…whack!
    Love the passion with your cricket analysis too.

  8. Carlton supporters have been aware of the stupidity of the Cornseses for some time now…

  9. Footer – of course peeps change jobs. Buddy enjoyed his Hawks flag in ’13. Your analogy to jobs not 100% accurate… often when people resign with notice period, the company will pay em out and tell em to p!ss off on the day.

    Nobody cares about cricket in Bangladesh mate?

    The bye Rd after Rd 23 is short term pain for long term gain. Last year’s finals arguably the best in history, so no brainer to do it again. Also let’s J Selwood have another week :-)

    And the boxing was awesome. McGregor went up in everybody’s estimations by taking it to the 10th. Not a pantomime… think u got that one wrong mate.


  10. As always Book an accurate rave. Collingwood FC, Buckley and McGuire belong together and all football supporters need to grow up. Players are traded, cut and forgotten about by football clubs without their knowledge, so others have every right to look after their football futures. The football workplace has evolved for the betterment of the workers and it still has a long way to go!

  11. I don’t listen to anything that the Cornes family say.

    If you want to get a Crowd to Norwood Oval a reenactment of great footy moments, like Carman rubbing Cornes’ face in the mud would be a starting point. ( Just thinking out of the square.)

    And I love the venue for this week.

    Friday night double headers , with the women’s team would get a crowd early in the year.


  12. Lovely lisa says

    So true re the cricket, what’s going on there?
    Cornes……never been a fan!
    Love your work Book.

  13. A lot of truth bombs being dropped here, Malcolm.

    The Aussie cricketers are clearly earning all the extra money they negotiated so hard for in the off season.

    Crows actually played pretty well considering nothing on the line. Good call, though re JJ.

    Did anyone really expect anything different in the boxing?

    Cornes for Baghdad.

  14. Mark Duffett says

    Haven’t seen Cornes’ column, but reckon the whole Lever/McGovern ostracism push to be the stupidest thing I’ve heard of in a long time. If they really are going, the rational course is to extract the absolute maximum from them while you can (and as Rulebook points out, according to the terms of their contract), not diddle yourself out of even more. You pick the best 22 available, end of story.

    Similar principles should also apply to Test cricket. Every Test should be approached with the highest respect no matter whether it’s the Ashes or Bangladesh.

    I don’t mind the idea of the SANFL Grand Final being played during the AFL’s week off and starting the season earlier, however I suspect it will prove a moot point. With the likes of Alistair Clarkson coming out against it, I’ll be surprised if it’s persisted with.

  15. Thanks Book, particularly agreed with your first point about players being under contract for the season and support their accepting of other jobs with better pay/lifestyle etc

  16. Jill Tathra says

    I’m on my iPad as my desktop, yep I still use the ancient one, is at the doctors.

    When you started talking about the cricket it dropped out but yes the GF next weekend sounds good, hadn’t thought about it. As for dropping our best players why would you. Yes I know they hadn’t resigned and fear we may loose at least one of them the are still Crows players so should be picked..

    I don’t like to think we will loose them but can understand if they do go.. I mean they are young blokes in a “job” that will only last a limited number of years even if they never have a serious injury. They are setting themselves up for life and I for one if in their position would go where the money was.

  17. The Raving Rulebook says

    Thanks Lachlan and Raf spot on.Troy yes lack of mental toughness and warm up games.Swish mmmm.JB and Chris just bizarre and ridiculous by G Cornes,Chris I think the part re SANFl starting earlier is vital.thanks,Paul.
    Litza well played.Jamesey hate the benefit of finishing top 4 being devalued plenty of people finish a job and start another one shortly after more about pointing out the stupidity of it all.Neags couldn’t agree more.Farmboy love it.thanks,Lisa and marcd.Mark yes will be interesting to see how the coaches lobby to get rid of the bye this week will go.thanks,Ben and Jill appreciated and yes that is realism thanks folks

  18. Dave Brown says

    Yep, with you most of the way there Rulebook, particularly the Cornes opinion. Think that was as much about getting article clicks as anything else. Trouble with running SANFL so early (before a national reserves comp, anyway) is that a grand final this week means the Crows reserves would’ve stopped playing four weeks ago. Don’t reckon the Crows would be willing to pony up their $400k if it means their reserves would potentially stop playing a month before AFL finals start. Hey, maybe it is a good idea after all…

  19. Cricket & Rugby are both in administrative disarray, Rulebook. The Union is also in financial disarray, and maybe CA is too. What is it with the corporate world? They either want to own sporting teams, or run the sport itself. And why do the administrative bodies not check these corporate types before they start kowtowing to them? The train wrecks they’ve walked away from are on the record. I’m not sure what will get past the Legal Department at The North Fitzroy Arms so I won’t name names, but you whistle & I’ll point. And it’s only a giant harbour wave of broadcasting cash keeping the appalling football league afloat. And what do we get for it? If you don’t count the national humiliation and the damage to Brand Australia? Sweet FA.

    And while I’ve got you there Old Son, we’ll never really be told how much running of The Orangemen & The Metermaids is syphoning out of the collective barrels at Jellymont House, but you can bet it’s a shirt load.

    But it’s always been thus. And at the risk of wandering all over the shop, do you think John Coates is the first & only sports’ administrator to built himself a fiefdom? CA have been through this before too, albeit under another title, but there’s no Kerry Packer in the wings this time. But hold the press; what could CBS make from this situation? You won’t convince me that they’re out here without a plan. True, the penny in the dollar purchase price would have been tempting, but surely there can’t be two Donald Trumps over there.

    Cornes? I thought that’s what people got from rubbing the same place too hard & too often.

    Not sure I’m with you on the change of jobs. You learn your skills under an apprenticeship, you owe your master something. Cards on the table – I’m Old School. I think free agency is going to stuff The Game,

    I know you love a big statement Rulebook, so here it is. Adelaide, flirting with form and over burdened with confidence, slip up against a GWS with a rocket up its arse; then finds itself with tired bodies, and maybe a few injuries, maybe a few reports, playing a Sydney Team, fresh from a training run against the WCE on the SCG, making up for what they missed out on in 2016.. Kyrgios and Tomic will go further in the US Open.

    The caps a nice touch, although I liked the wild hair, but how about running the harrows over the paddock behind you there; she looked very patchy..

  20. Jeff Milton says

    How could anyone seriously suggest that McGovern and Lever shouldn’t play. As it turns out McGovern has just re-signed anyway. Even if Lever does go he is certainly totally committed at the moment and it may be his best chance to play in a GF right now.
    The SANFL needs to think outside of the square but I think too early in the year for the GF. They are starting the finals on the Saturday this week so do have a chance to promote that.
    Eddie’s love affair with Bucks continues. As you say good for the other 17 teams. No other coach with his record would survive.

  21. Rulebook a trial game would not have made any difference . Selectors need to pick sides for the conditions. Warner can not play away from the roads at home.

    Time to pick players who can play spin when will they learn????

  22. Cameron Glenn says

    Still waiting to see some netball and lawn bowls talk lol. Nice to see some sporting issues talked about. The SANFL could do more to promote the finals with the AFL bye week. Don’t forget Slowdown at Norwood Oval too on Sunday in addition so plenty of footy this Father’s Day weekend.

  23. Caz Phillips says

    Well we dont have to worry about Mitch hes signed for 3 more yrs with the AFC which is bloody awesome news .I think Jake Lever is easier to replace the Mitch dont get me wroong I hope he stays and relays the faith which the club showed in him when he was drafted and had an ACL injury at the time .
    Should he play ,well he adds alot to our structures and helps to win a game or 2 lol .
    Aussie cricket is a joke atm the pay deal went on way too long and therefore our preseason sufferred hugely for the test match in Basngladesh .
    Aussies havent been beaten by Bangladesh but I think the time is near and we will drop to number 6 in the test rankings .
    Until we can learn to.play spin in Asia on the pitches nothing will change .I’m very happy for young Ashton Agar tho JL has always said he has the X factor and I feel hes right .
    So me players have been greedy money wise and need to put their heads down and perform otherwise they will be on the outer for sure ..
    Don’t know alot about SANFL but still love my odd beloved Redlegs .
    Boxing does my head in and the prize money is out of this worldd like alot of sports are .More mo net need to be spent elsewhere in the communities

  24. Mark Ducker says

    Spot on yet again RB!! – Well G. Cornes sledge was accurate as Mitch McGovern resigned today until end 2020. What if we didn’t play him as some naively suggest?? Probably would have got the shits up and left for more money even though deep down happy to stay on for less. If we lose Lever / Cameron so be it – both are replaceable so long as we get high draft picks for both. Would love them to stay but won’t lose sleep if they don’t. We may be better off medium term. No disrespect to Lever, but wouldn’t mind his gig as third tall with license to drop off your man and intercept mark. As we all know, being a defender is much easier a gig than any forward position as much easier to read the game I learned that in 1990 – I found being a defender was much easier but less rewarding. But being the drop off third tall – HAPPY DAYS!! Would have loved that role!! Reading the play is very easy in back half IMO. Let’s see how good he is as a key forward – would struggle big time I’d expect. He has the easiest role in footy albeit requires a lot of courage to put body in harms way at times. McGovern could well be a key forward in time with a much bigger body once fully built up – well done Crows. He has the ability to play all aspects of ground in time too. Key forwards much harder to find and worth heaps more – third tall drop off defenders easier to replace with someone with a footy brain, though Lever is great at it but we haven’t seen him do anything else yet. Never seen him take the best key forward and shut down as well as set up from back half. If could do that, then his value escalates. Let alone be a dangerous forward!! Pay him his value and no more – leave if wishes if not happy with fair value in a team going places.Charlie Cameron – good forward pressure and rare explosive pace over lines that ends up in a goal. But usually turns it over when he takes opposition on, let alone if gets through that usually misses easy goals as like Dangerfield does not taking a steady last stride ( as going so fast) to FINISH and he panics! Charlie has not improved sufficiently – his place currently with a full team should be questioned and if get good trade value for him should end up a positive for Crows.

    SANFL GF – this bye weekend. Don’t mind it RB. Yes I agree the SANFL is heading south unfortunately. Once our generation and older are gone it will be insignificant history to next generation and beyond. Crows / Port in or out comp. will not matter IMO.

    Cricket – yes agree Test Cricket is King as a true test of cricket skills. But without the bankrolling clown cricket ( for the non-pure cricket masses with coin) then no Test cricket. Between a rock and a hard place – hence no lead up to Bangladesh Tests with resultant failure. To be honest RB, I don’t really care about Tests in the sub-continent. Any 5 -day wicket that turns like it did on Day 1 is not a Test wicket and hence the result is meaningless and a joke. What these countries fail to realise is THEY are hurting Test cricket’s long term future as putting their interests fully before the game. I only take out of it those blokes who show some deep grit to hang in there in ridiculous conditions – not the result.

    Keep punching!

  25. Good work Rulebook …. ! Cornes 1,2 and 3 can be egotistical in the extreme so not reading or listening to some of this rubbish is the best bet .. as you have responded I will say that the comments of Cornes 1 may reflect a lost man .. we are in the 21st century where players are employees, nothing more and nothing less so well said. I will say that if Collingwood want to back Lever to the tune of $4.5m for 5 years then they can have him, I rate him very highly like most however he is a 3rd string defender at this point and we have no information to say his body will stand up to having the greater load that will come – If he was wanting to stay I would have thought 1.3m -1.4 m for 2 years should have done it, the fact is he most likely wants to be home with his family – end of story.I am happy for Adelaide to be branded as paying unders in AFL circles, most of this comes from journos who like to be noticed – the evidence suggests Adelaide are getting a lot more right than wrong. We will take the draft picks and move on. SANFL is like so many comps in Australia being trodden on by the bigger bodies (AFL, Cricket Australia), to meet their needs in identifying high performing talent. The old days are well and truly gone, when push comes to shove SANFL can’t be all things to all people and until the AFL is prepared to bite the bullet and create it’s own reserves comp the SANFL and other comps are grist to the mill, I hope that sooner rather than later this is resolved for the betterment of all SANFL clubs and most importantly the competition. I can see the days rapidly approaching when there is a Test Cricket World Cup competition which is run as a totally separate entity perhaps every 4 years with much greater financial backing and not using pitches that resemble somebody’s backyard pitch at the end of a day’s play at Christmas time. At the moment Test Cricket’s reputation is being lessened when we see ridiculous tours such as this one in Bangladesh played with no almost no real preparation whatsoever. I have no interest in watching 2 boneheads being paid obscene amounts of money to beat each other up while we have millions of homeless all around the planet with little or no food to eat and no health care whatsoever ! Keep up the great work!

  26. Good to have a chance to comment on other sports as well as AFL, so thanks Malcolm. McGovern’s signing is a relief, Sloaney’s appendicitis is not. Suggest they check out the club’s dietician ASAP, ha ha. 2 appendectomies in 1 season??? Gotta be an unwanted first. Crows may develop a reputation for strange illnesses at crucial times… remember Mark Riccuito’s parvo virus from 2006? May have cost us the flag that year…. Sloaney is fairly irreplacable, especially in a final, BUT the club will NOT risk him unless he is 100%. Other guys must stand up; vs West Coast, we had several outstanding players but also too many quiet ones. Tom Lynch & Mitch McG. hardly saw it, Eddie still has the goal-kicking yips at times & Riley Knight won’t want to repeat that effort, especially with Talia, Tex & Greenwood set to return. I thought Hartigan was good in his 1st game back, & Paul Seedsman impressive for much of the day, but they have some issues to iron out prior to the big one at Adelaide Oval on Sept 7th.
    Speaking of Adelaide Oval, I saw a most impressive century from Usman Khawaja there some time back vs South Africa. The Usman I saw on TV vs B. Desh was an imposter, surely… what was he thinking with that run-out?? Let’s hope Warner (74n.o. at stumps) & the Captain can save the Test. BUT there are guys in that squad who wouldn’t have got within a bull’s roar of the Test team 15 years ago. (No South Australians in there of course….)

  27. The Raving Rulebook says

    Dave yep that is my thoughts re no Afl in SANFl and start earlier.Wrap couldn’t agree more re incompetent administraton re sport in general and bending over re the corporates and the amount spent re GC and GWS if it was declared would at least end the dribble that we can’t afford a Nat res comp.John Coates and sporting admin imo thinking they are bigger than the sport itself not the 1st and won’t be the last.GWS for mine the opponent in that if they are on they beat any one you just don’t no which side will turn up.Milts my thoughts re SANFl is more how vital it is to start early with no Afl that depends on the Afl actually thinking and governing the game overall which is its responsibility.Raj I think it shows how the standard of shield cricket has fallen there isn’t a Bevan or Lehmann standing out re playing spin bowling and they did try S Marsh in India big 1st session today.

  28. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Haha, ‘Fairweather’ that cracked me up Rulebook.
    Buckley 2 more years? The rest of the footy world is rejoicing. Good stuff mate.

  29. The Raving Rulebook says

    Cameron yes some actual promotion would not go astray and there is a game re the disability sector before the Slowdown at Norwood oval on Sunday.Caz I think,Lever will develop in to one of the best players in the game in a variety of positions unfortunately it won’t be for the Crows and yes I thought it was greedy by the cricketers big time ( admit I would love to no the full details) v imp day for aust test cricket today and boxing money is just obscene.Ducks while I totally agree far far easier being a defender I think,Lever could become a gun midfielder as well huge loss but also bloody hard for the individual to knock back huge dollars coming from home even more so when the partner wants to go home.Cameron hasn’t kicked on yet.Ducks unfortunately and it’s shattering I agree totally re SANFl.Cricket I no it needs the short form of the game but I hate test cricket not being sacred while I no where your coming from re wickets on the sub continent I want us to improve there thank you.Bill I agree with every word just so angry with the Afl for its lack of concern of the overall game and yes money re boxing and poverty in the world it is just disgusting.Tony agree with every thing re the Crows we need Sloane big time and lots to iron out before the finals.Usman wow just wow he has had a putrid test match and agree completely our side has fallen away there are players who would be Shield players at best a decade ago.thanks,Phil thanks folks

  30. I think players are professional enough to play for a time whilst not signed for next year, glad to see mcgovern has signed but would still love to see jakey lever on board!

  31. Very interesting Views Mal
    Never liked Corns always spues his rubbish
    My thoughts on the players in question why shouldn’t they take the money and still play as the are contracted those guys are too good to just leave out
    To the sanfl these comps should align with other state comps and start earlier and finish before the Afl grand Final !
    I don’t like the break in the afl the bloody season goes for long enough lol

    As for this joke of a fight who wouldn’t take 100 M to fight either of them seen better fights on the streets growing up
    As for the Test match seens Cricket Australia have no pride in our current cricketers
    And want them to be the laughing stock no warm up matches dont we have the ashes coming up soon
    If we dont have any confidence how are we meant to kick the poms asses! !
    Your thoughts on Dusty ??

  32. Dusty won’t get the love anywhere else that he gets at Tigerland. But who knows which way he’ll jump. If he listens to his Mother, he’ll stay. If he listens to his Father & manager, he’ll probably follow the dollars.

    The To & Froms are playing some pretty savage cricket right now. We’re going to have to pull our selves together to stave off annihilation. They may just do that, pull their sox up, today.

  33. Terrific RB. I’m just catching up with a few of these and some other articles. Plenty to contemplate here. I like your point about having the SANFL grand final during the AFL’s pre-finals bye I reckon a lot of the other competitions should take advantage of this.

    Next video link I want you to do it in a dinner suit!.

  34. Book – Much better than your first effort. Agreed that Cornes is an idiot – insane to not play Lever. As for the cricket – I have lost a huge amount of respect for the game with the overpaid and underworked elitists now playing for Australia (?Money). Most people would be more than happy to get paid a fraction of these dopes to do even half as well. Similarly for the boxing – what a joke for $300 mill I would even have a crack! Keep up the good work.

  35. Luckily McGovern has signed on now, but both him and Lever are in our best side and need to play finals. Very much agree with the SANFL grand final should’ve been this weekend in the AFL bye.

  36. I don’t normally read Cornesy’s Column, but his title did catch my eye. It’s a romantic ideal that sporting clubs and players should be loyal to each other. It’s an ideal that certainly has a place in amateur or even semi-professional sport.
    However, it’s an ideal that has no place in Professional Sport. Just as Professional Sporting Teams have no place in Amateur or Semi Professional Competitions. Pro-Ams are for exhibition only.
    Totally agree that the SANFL Grand Final should be this weekend of the AFL “Bye”; but that won’t suit the 2 local AFL Franchises. When they both slink off to the AFL Reserves (VFL)……… then rejig the SANFL to a 21 round comp, start it earlier, clubs play each other 3 times, have a top 4 finals and play the Grand Final on Fathers Day!!!

  37. Interesting concept sanfl finals agree with the timing to maximise exposure the logistics would be a problem I think but I’m sure you would sort that out

    If you have a player that has a contract and he is in the best 22 you play him

    Regarding the fight I now know how many stupid people are in this world anyone who paid to watch that has more money than sense

    Sadly the icc and all of it’s members have lost sight of what the fabric of the game is all about the reality is that the game will be controlled by money

  38. Your thoughts about the Australian cricket team have proven correct. How they can think that an internal trial in Darwin is going to prepare them for spinning wickets on the sub continent was going to be sufficient is astounding. We have a shocking record on the sub continent, especially against spinners but the powers that be decided that minimal preparation was the way to go.

  39. Agggghhh. We lost to B. Desh….Now that we have blown the Test match & are headed for a possible 6th!! ranking, surely it is time for some more fundamental changes by Cricket Australia. The lopsided programme is part of the problem. We now have 5 shield matches jammed into November & early December, followed by a near 2 month hiatus while the hit & giggle fast-food 20-20 takes centre stage. Then 5 more matches are jammed into February and early March. If a player (ie Chadd S.) is deemed unsuitable for 20-20, they get to twiddle their thumbs for nearly 7 weeks at the height of summer, with only some club cricket to occupy them on the weekends. And we wonder why we are not developing good all-round Test batsmen. Look at the dismissals of Khawaja & Wade in the 2nd dig! On a spinners minefield, Wade decides to go back in his crease, stand flat-footed & swipe blindly across the line! Jesus wept. I think Renshaw has a big future, so I guess they need to persist with him as he is mentally tough, Handscomb is Test quality although he didn’t have a great match, and Maxwell, while talented, is just too hit-and-miss at the highest level. Both Victorians at no. 6 & 7 need to go, Wade is NOT the future. Get this blasted tour over & done with, then when Ashes begins vs the equally struggling Poms, let’s see what Alex Carey can do with the gloves & they could do worse than try Jake Lehmann at no. 6. I would love to see Travis Head in there one day but even a South Australian fanatic like me has to admit that he needs to find consistency at Shield level first.

  40. Ok.
    1 at a time.
    Firstly, ask Graham if someone in his industry, ie. radio, is taken off air when they decide to move to another station?

    Secondly, we have no patient batsman anymore.
    We have become impatient supporters, who want 400 in a day.
    I long for the days of Allan Border grinding out a ton, on minefields, and batting for his country. He would never threaten to strike over money.
    He played for the baggy green, and that was good enough for him.

    Lastly, the SANFL finals should be played at suburban grounds this week and the SANFL should be flooding tv and radio pumping it up.

    Norwood v Dogs at The Parade

    Sturt v Port at unley.

    Both would get somewhere near 8000 I reckon.

    Good rant RB

  41. The Raving Rulebook says

    Holsty v much so,Patto agree with every thing and I detest world cricket and the lack of common sense re warm up games for visiting sides and Dusty isn’t going to struggle financially in his life.Wrap Martin has been advised correctly he is set up any way but will always have appearances and that sought of thing for the tigers.aust cricket mmmm grrrrr.thanks,Dips and no re dinner suit.( may be if Crows make gf ) Thanks Droop agree wholeheartedly with every thing you have written.thanks,Campbell.Bill v well put spot on.Tubby again agree totally.ST yep bizarre and incompetent by both administration and the players dumb dumb dumb.Tony totally agree and Healy was plucked and played with less 1st class experience than,Carey could not agree more re the stupidity of programming each aust summer both Travis and Jake have to be more consistent and demand there selection.Roachy very very well put I am sure,Graham would still come up with something bizarre.AB would be spewing and yes why it isn’t at the suburban grounds is bemusing to say the least thank you

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