Raving Rulebook No.2


The second installment of Raving Rulebook.



  1. Enjoyable listen mate audio much better.

    Agree re touring in monsoon season nothing short of absurd

  2. Dave Brown says

    So, Pannell being the controlling umpire was a nuance I did not understand. Explains why the closer umpire (who had his hands ready to pay htb) did not stick to his guns. Highlights another real weakness in our processes that often play on is assumed because the umpire does not have time to signal/call before the play carries on. As you say, common sense would have adequately dealt with that situation, not an umpire who from 40m away front on could have had no chance of knowing if the player was over the mark.

  3. Mark Duffett says

    Having watched Sauce tap directly to a Sydney player at an uncontested throw-in, and years of watching them complete jumps and hit the ground before the ball is in reach, and set themselves up on the wrong line and distance for the ball to be thrown in, I’m more convinced than ever that 99% of ruckmen don’t understand rucking, either, never mind umpires. I’d nominate this aspect of the game to be not too far behind goalkicking and umpiring as ‘Most Least Improved’.

    Dave, seconded. This is an example of how umpiring expertise could add critical insight to match commentary. However, you need someone like Rulebook to do it, not like past attempts which have suffered from the expert being a very-recently-ex-AFL umpire whose first instinct is to defend their mates.

    Overall: I don’t always agree with everything you say, Rulebook, but in the case of this instalment every word should be graven in stone and sent to AFL HQ as holy writ.

  4. Good work Rulebook. Jeez, you’ve got a head for radio!

  5. Jamie Mason says

    Good to see Adelaide have still not legitimately lost a game in their 27 year history.

  6. Nice work Rulebook – nice production values utilising an ever-so-slight-moody sky. Suits the tome perfectly.

  7. Good post again, Malcolm.
    Get rid of the bounce and you would encourage former players to take up a post-retirement career with the whistle. I know that umpires for grand finals have been chosen on their ball bouncing ability before their decision making! Give me a break.

    The umpiring standards this season have been poor but that Crows game was deplorable. I’m a neutral in that game and thought there were too many bad calls that impacted the outcome.

    Keep up the good work.


  8. charlie brown says

    Well said Malcolm.
    Re Bangladesh (assuming it doesn’t piss down for 10 days) on pure ability would you rather have O’Keefe or Agar or Holland in your team? And what did SOK say that has apparently curtailed his first-class/test career?

  9. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Raj thank you.Dave change over posirptioning has never worked under the 3 umpire system privately umpires express that but hey don’t dare criticise publicly.Mark 100 per cent agree rucking I will debate with any 1 re the merits of a ruck back tap in defence and agree I query,Sauce re footy smarts in general re rucking at times and he is not on his Pat Malone and thank you.Raf now now I reckon there is a public photo of you in a certain grandstand pavilion which gives me come back ammunition.Mase well played.thanks,Litza.
    MarcD it is complete and utter stupidity that you are required to be a expert at a skill which has nothing to do with the game ( I was terrible at it ) thank you

  10. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Charlie having watched,Holland go thru the Redbacks on more than one occasion he is the bowler I rate the highest of the left arm orthodox m the three and the mail is more than interesting behaviour at a Allan Border medal count which he v quickly had his name crossed out re ausr selection ( allegedly )
    thank you

  11. Hi Malcolm
    As an Adelaide man your words re the umpiring on Friday night – specifically the 50 metre penalty and the assumption that it would have been “game over” are to be expected. Almost every South Australian I met or who decided to confront me in Adelaide after the game, could only speak of that incident. Obluivious to anything else.

    You obviously didn’t notice the many frees that should have gone our way for a number of indiscretions. And despite the frees to your team, you still couldn’t get over the line! As you rightly pointed out bad kicking played a part in your loss and as we all know bad kicking is bad footy!

  12. Rulebook, you’ve done it again Old Son. The Hon.Edward A. Betts nailed Mills redhot. No buts about it. Eddie let’s him go he runs 50m anyway. It was one of the worst decisions I’ve ever had the shame to witness. But the Game’s not a penalty shootout; it’s a Hundred Minute of Football. There’s no argument the Homeside got the rub of the green from the umpires, but it was The Chardonnays’ poor shooting and Steak & Kidney’s radar guided accuracy that was the difference between the two teams when the final siren sounded.

    As for the brains’ trust at Cricket Australia – I borrowed the following from weatheronline.co.uk –

    Bangladesh has a subtropical monsoon climate characterized by wide seasonal variations in rainfall, high temperatures and humidity. There are three distinct seasons in Bangladesh: a hot, humid summer from March to June; a cool, rainy monsoon season from June to October; and a cool, dry winter from October to March.

    That’s what happens when you borrow chairmen from the corporate world. There’s talk of the ARU headhunting CBA’s Ian Narev when he finishes there. Just what they need — more Kiwis. Nor have the Lowys exactly covered their hereditary management of FFA with glory. The Hermit Kingdom’s Kims could show them a trick or three.


  13. Cameron Glenn says

    Why would the cricketers was to play in a monsoon lol. Play in the snow, would be more fun. Good insight. Umpiring and kicking for goal are a pain in the bum. Bad kicking is bad football and good kicking is good football. Speaking of Razor, a huge well done to Hamish Hartlett from Port Adelaide for knocking him over accidentally and not get pinged 10 weeks for it.

  14. Great rave rulebook. Agree 100% re goal kicking and umpiring.

  15. Michael Rehn says

    Very much agree Malcolm Ashwood that taggers ought to be pinged for holding or illegal blocking and shepherding. This is something that’s irked me as far back as SANFL days when B grade taggers like John Harvey or Trevor Roe were called good taggers when they held jumpers and punched kidneys. As for the AFL I believe it needs to be halved in size with a dedicated National Reserves competition for the sake of the rest of the competition Australia wide. I won’t hold my breath waiting !!!!

  16. Really enjoying the videos, can really see the more passion about the subjects when you’ve got your voice there.

  17. Ben Larsen-Smith says

    Loved the editing Rulebook, also found it very interesting to hear your thoughts on the 8 teams wanting to win and the other two being more focused on their roles as AFL feeder clubs, think this is very relevant and appropriate comment in relation to the future of the AFL and SANFL.

  18. Simultaneous matches in final round? Nope. So I get to sit down this weekend and watch 1 out of the 9 games live, and that’s it? No Friday night, no Saturday night, no Sunday, just 1 game on Saturday arvo most likely. A disaster for viewers and the TV network broadcasting.

    Re the free against Betts, I was so expecting the AFL to lamely announce that technically it was correct because the umpire hadn’t had a chance to call play on. Clearly common sense says the ump should’ve already committed to and been nanoseconds from calling it so they should be instructed to just finish the process. Players cannot wait in the situation for the ump to decide, call it, player hear it and react, it could be 1 to 2 secs and the player long gone.

    Just another one of those areas out game relies on common sense and a feel for the sport, rather than exact reading of the rulebook, eh Rulebook? Like high contact, occasionally it’s paid for a brush on the shoulder, yet every midfielder gets whacked in the face 10 times a game when he puts his head in the pack.

  19. How’s this work for you Goat? Technically it’s a 50m penalty, but clearly Mills was off. By the Rulebook he gets another kick, but in the spirit of the game he does BACK 50m.

  20. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Jan what I have done is to explain how the umpiring process and structure is re the 3 umpiring system to arrive at the incorrect decision and I also highlighted the Crows appalling goal kicking.The Wrap I found it interesting that all of a sudden a tagger was correctly being pinged for holding on and yep appalling decision and even worse kicking for goal,cricket yet again bizarre and so typical re the minnow nations are treated.
    Cameron agree snow more fun and Hartlett deserved to win a medal.thanks,DMG.Michael we are both on the same page.Thanks Campbell and Ben.Goat I am in the camp re all 9 games played at the same time re integrity and betting issues it won’t happen due to tv rights anyway yes a pleasant change the Afl admitting a error how bout the umpiring fraternity re the system tho ! Thanks Wrap exactly that is what should have happened thanks folks

  21. Too much cricket chat

    Agree re Ruck rules and knowledge

    Agree re simultaneous games last round – something different and would be a good one for people to gather at houses and pubs and watch the round unfold

    GWS ? Behind Sydney and Adelaide for mine – team of champions at this stage rather than champion team – do they as individuals do the unrewarded things for each other that the best teams in synch do ? …. I’m not sure they do but still time

  22. 1. Hilarious that the Bangladesh tour could now be cancelled due nto the monsoon. CA to begin negotiations with the Bureau of Meteorology in the hope that a peace deal can be struck in time.
    2. The 50m penalty, let alone two of Franklin’s goals and Adelaide’s average kicking for goal means that the Crows can stay positive about their chances in September (especially considering that we won’t play Sydney at the SCG- phew!)
    3. I’m very much in favour of an AFL Reserves Competition, where effectively the Reserves team plays before the main game. I believe the extra ‘tier’ in AFL competition is good for the AFL and clubs in general, but will restore integrity to the local competitions as well. This issue will gather more steam in the years to come.

  23. Mark Ducker says

    Spot on RB yet again on everything you said. But unless we have a a true AFL reserve comp. Crows & Port must stay in the SANFL. The way it was before was far worse for players but also as you said integrity of SANFL competition. As it was, a Crows player playing for Legs was worried about what the Crows coaches were saying he had to do & how to play that weekend to be considered for Crows selection more than what Norwood coach required from him for the team success. So right now IMO we are better off than b4. Yes agree a proper AFL Reserves Comp would be best way forward but don’t hold your breath RB!! So let’s just make it work ABAP until then or never. But agree with everything else including goal kicking ( it’s worse now than b4 – as we properly spent hours at it with much less time they do today and they don’t today in case they work the quad too much!! Or as I hear more important game plans to get right. But aren’t game plans designed to score & prevent goals? But if you can’t finish the game plan what’s the point?) Cameron’s issue is between his ears, easily distracted at finish & I doubt any routine. He can’t quickly decision-make, easily rid bad options & focus like a Sloane does to perfection. Nothing major wrong with his kicking technique but just his footy brain & rushes / panics. This aspect of his game has not improved from his 1st year and maybe worth a good trade right now. Umpiring- my Uncle just shakes his head. Common sense & pay the first free correctly in each situation sets the standard. I can’t work out why the off the ball umpire can pay a free 50m away in his opinion overriding the umpire in play but 5m away can’t do the same in the Eddie situation last weekend when Mills clearly played on – not even Mills would have disputed HTB!! But like most aspects of life – not many are blessed with common sense anymore- so sad!

  24. Jeff Milton says

    The integrity of the SANFL has been harmed badly by the 2 AFL reserves sides and once again we have one of them that could do very well in the finals as long as their AFL side remains in the AFL finals race. Problem is that the VFL works for the Victorian based AFL sides so what incentive do they have to push for a national AFL reserves comp. Also more than a few Victorians probably happy to see the SANFL in decline.
    As someone who grew up watching the SANFL it is sad to watch.
    Speaking of integrity there is no doubt that some of the people dictating policy to the umpires and MRP are damaging the integrity of the game as a whole.
    Starting to sound like a real old grump but I miss the great games of the 70s and 80s.
    Rucci on the Adelaide Now website has an article on Neil Craig and it includes a photo of the 75 Norwood side with the premiership flag and the crowd pouring onto the ground Oh for the good old days.

  25. Rick Neagle says

    As always Book, very informative, accurate and opinionated. Neags

  26. Great rave Malcolm….The one sided free kicks tally in the crows v swans game was explained well by you and actually it was a refreshing change to see the umps play them…for so long now the taggers have had a free reign in doing anything they want in restricting a player from going for the ball…this includes general thuggery in some cases….it was not a 50meter penalty and should have been played holding the ball decision to Eddie who obviously was more alert then the main umpire….anyway , lots of other good po[nts you raised and agree with you on all…keep the good work up

  27. Malcolm, feedback on two things- IMHO –
    Umpiring- u mentioned the problem in a word twice- COMMONSENSE- they are too structured in following the rules and dont use comonsense….they are driving trains, can only go the way intended, they need to drive cars and change the route were needed….would like to see umps with somemore paying history too………..second point – goal kciking – it hasnt improvement true, but I think the stuation at the time of kicking has become harder, for one, ok lockett / dunstall never really missed but they were often lining up after one quick lead from the goal square, they were never sucking in thebig ones, nowadaystheyre lining up gasping after 3-4 long leads from deep to the logos and mids are having shots after 10 minute windsprints, I also feel theyre are alot more players having shots from further out too these days- I think alot more can kick further or from 50 than did 20-30 years ago,………..one more thing your audio level is to low……well done tho

  28. Well, ya need to brush ya hair for a start lol. Excellant vid, I really enjoyed it. Goal kicking .. Players now can kick goals from all soughts of places that can be impossible, but straight shots 20 mtrs out no chance. Gone are the days of the Plugga’s, Dunstalls, Hudsons just to name a few kicking 100 goals. Team plans don’t allow that anymore and that is sad. I think there is a hidden rule with the Umps for interstate matches with free kicks, within reason. Keep the crowd happy or run the risk of being killed or even worse, crowd anger between themselves. Taggers should be pinged all the time, but for that to happen then one ump has to be watching them every minute. All the teams playing at the same time would be great, but logistally impossible I think. Not enough grounds …or have a suspended final round fixture to see who is in the mix for finals. Then all those teams can play at the same time and the others can be last on the list so to speak for grounds.

  29. Luke Reynolds says

    Great work again Malcolm, good move putting the rave on YouTube.

  30. Loved it, Rulebook. I watched it on YouTube.

    They say the camera puts a few kilos on, but in your case you are not looking too bad!!

    Your hair was definitely the star of this video.

  31. Nice.

  32. John Butler says

    Agree with you re rucking and umpires, Rulebook. No body work allowed now. John Nicholls wouldn’t stand a chance today.


  33. Wouldn’t stand a chance anyway JB; too short, too heavy & too slow. But he was a champion of his era. I was three rows back behind the goals in 1972 as he chested Ray Boyanich out the marking contest from behind.

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