Raving Rulebook No 13

Happy 2018 from the Home of Football

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  1. Lovely Lisa says

    Keep up the good work and yes we can teach the Eastern states a thing or two!

  2. Jill Tathra says

    A good round up mate.

    Storur just cannot win in Aust. Don`t know wht but she just can`t. At least we have a few others who can and I`m almost all tennised out and the Open hasn`t started.

    Not long before footy trials and pre-season games start too so I`m feeling quite happy. Now all I need is for the weather to be nice, not hot not cold!

  3. Definitely agree about Moeen Ali, he looks so out of form and confidence I cannot believe he’s still in the team.

  4. Nathan Watson says

    Great work as always Malcolm, totally agree re-pitches here v overseas. I was surprised with Smiths comments about Maxwell, at first I thought that should stay in house. I’d say he (Maxwell) has had that message delivered before, tremendous talent that hope the penny drops for soon and we see his best. Ali amazed he played the 5th test, I like the look of the kid Crane, I reckon we’ll see a lot of him over the next 15years mate.

  5. charlie brown says

    Loved listening to The Stranglers (Peaches).

    I’m not a Maxwell fan but I agree that he was unlucky to miss out on the one day squad (even if it is yet another in the long line of meaningless one-day series)

    Australian Test team doing well against a mediocre opponent.

  6. I enjoyed the Bake of the Week Rulebook (spot on) and, as always, the videos themselves are well-produced and entertaining.

    On a separate note, it’s worth noting that the Adelaide 36ers are playing well at the moment and could be a smokey when the NBL Playoffs start in March.

    Lastly, it might be time to consider getting a digital subscription to The Advertiser too, Rulebook!

  7. Enjoyable.

  8. 1. Agree re Glenn Maxwell, he has been the recipient of more than his fair share of criticism over the years BUT has PERFORMED for Victoria in the only arena in which he can, yet gets the flick. Don’t get it….
    2. Sam Stosur – impossible to predict. Maybe Ash Barty our next top woman player.
    3. I like what the 36’ers & Ad. United are currently serving up, hope it continues!
    4. Back to cricket selections: Shane Warne had a full-page article in the press last week about the current Test side & future selection options. NOT ONE South Australian scored a mention. No Alex Carey, no Chadd Sayers etc etc. The week before, Ryan Harris & Boof Lehmann were discussing bowling attacks & talking up Jackson Bird. NO Mention of Chadd by either of them. Even our own turn against us. Sometimes I think we should secede from this country & amalgamate with NZ……

  9. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks LL.Jill afraid,Stosur weakness is mentally would love to no what she has done to attempt to rectify it.Campbell Ali being picked for the last test was bewildering a SOS to any one else would have been better for both him and England.Nathan Lynn now ruled out the cynic in me has me wondering if plot ny the selectors and Smith to make sure Maxwell was focused and yep a bit to work with re Crane.Charlie spot on re mediocre opposition the real test awaits in SA.Paul go the 36ers have been to a couple of games enjoyable in with a chance with Melbourne the team to beat and yes will make notes in the future.
    Thanks TC.Tony yes you have other states pushing there own,WA re Langer and Hussey embarrassing so yet Sayers and Carey viable options,Sayers in particular who is so similar to Philander in style hardly being mentioned is lunacy I hope Maxwell comes in and dominates thanks folks

  10. Luke Reynolds says

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for any criticism of Indian pitches from the ICC….

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