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  1. What’s the pitch look like for Saturday Raving? And how many days play will we get in? Here in The World’s Most Liveable City we’re facing seven days rain.

  2. Raving Rulebook says

    Howdy Wrap weather seems to be better than forecast this morning should be ok tomorrow arvo

  3. wrong wrong,wrong rulebook…what you have seen is a tampered vidio, do you know what happened in the parts that have been edited..NO you dont…for goodness sake mate let the law do their job and stop convicting people on dodgy evidence..if he is found guilty then ok i agree he should spend time behind bars..but what if he gets of mate..will you still hound the guy ..funny i never heard a word from you about the recent Ryder affair, which is worse mate a drunken slob footballer assaulting police or a bunch of drunken slobs brawling outside a club.

  4. Another great review, feel very sorry for Marrone, the kid has purposely turned his back to waste as much time as possible. Then to add insult to injury, Michael Zullo was seen giving the ballboy his winners medal to hold after they won, treating the kid like a hero or as if he’s just survived a brutal attack. Ridiculous really.

  5. Thanks Mate. So, who do you think the conditions will favour — pink ball & all?

  6. Yeah, regardless of the other context it’s hard to look past him knocking a bloke to the ground half his size, walking backwards with his hands up. As you say only luck stopped that guy from cracking his head and ending up with permanent brain damage / death.

    Don’t agree on the Marrone situation though. Don’t touch the ball boy cannot be a simpler instruction. That said, good luck to Sydney getting the ball off any ball kids at Hindmarsh if the reds are in front tonight.

    See you at the cricket.

  7. …”BEN STOKES!!”

    Keep up the good work Rulebook.

  8. Nathan Watson says

    Hi Malcolm,

    I watched your Almanac post this morning. C. Sayers, I’m much like yourself, “bias”. I just find it criminal that he’s not played for Australia yet and it looks like he wont play tomorrow. My way of thinking is, that as we are 1-0 up, with Perth next, one of Starc or Cummins shouldn’t play here in Adelaide. Horses for courses, and Sayers has earned the right from a body of work in the past 3-4yrs. If he can’t play here with the pink ball, when is he ever playing for Australia?

    Regarding Ben Stokes. It looks like England have misplaced their moral compass by coveting the Ashes urn. I was only 21 when we lost D. Hookes; it was heart breaking. I do understand the whole ‘standing up to homophobic slurs’ perspective, as its a different world these days. And we certainly shouldn’t tolerate or accept it any more, like we have in the past. As you know, the world saw the video – it’s disgraceful. I think Ben Stokes is a bloke who shouldn’t drink. I like a drink more than the next bloke. I drink to relax. Stokes looks like a bloke (we’ve all seen them) that, when he drinks, gains a little too much ‘Dutch courage’ and then goes the knuckle. It’s not a good look; early hours of the morning, drunk and punching-on in a street.

    The ECB is a shambles, tripping over themselves with all this political correctness BS, with the so-called (worlds slowest) police investigation. Seriously, what are they investigating? Just look at the video footage! It tells the story of what happened. The ECB should’ve said straight away 2-4games, 6-12months, or whatever. All over and done with straight away.

    NZ – wow! How’s a bloke leave his country with a ongoing police investigation hanging over his head and the ECB say he’s in NZ for “family”? Turn it up! He’ll play the 3rd test in Perth IMO mate!

  9. 10/10 again RB. If Stokes was a no name from Essex the ECB would have come out and hung the guy and let the fans throw fruit at his decapitated corpse. Fact is, he is their best player so above the normal rules. How many times have we seen it in footy and other sports. We now have guys who have beaten their missus earning $100’s of thousands as special comments hacks on commentary yet the league administrators harp on about stopping violence to women. The hypocrisy is breathtaking. Keep on raving. Love it.

  10. Raving Rulebook says

    Dave if there was anything around supporting,Stokes it would have surfaced by now and it is blatantly obvious that Stokes went way way overboard also Ryder I reckon it was around in the following,24 hours it would be dropped.Campbell disgraceful the way,Sydney treated the ball boy you would have thought he scored the winner.Wrap pink ball is dangerous especially to a new incoming batsman wicket tend to happen in clumps.Dave as I said just pure luck not a David Hookes situation.Dave can’t believe there isn’t time on added by a time keeper with set rules in the world game certainly a area where footy is a mile in front it would remove ball incidents like this yes I see the point re not touching the ball boy but remove the chance to cheat.Thanks Paul.Nathan I have no doubt that the intention was to rest a fast bowler but Cummins runs and the fact that they had a light overall work load in the 3rd innings of the game changed that desperately hope,Chadd gets a chance.Nathan yep I reckon you have nailed it definitely it appears,Stokes is a person who should not drink what so ever pathetic by the ECB and NZ cricket.Marc I could not agree more yep no name would have received a huge suspension hypocrisy in so many ways in sport staggering to say the least thanks folks

  11. Martin Rumsby says

    I can understand the frustration of the former Modbury High lad, Michael Marrone, which led to him tacking the ball boy in Sydney. However, officials of the game must be protected, so Michael will have to cop his lot. The Ben Stokes situation appeared to be many times worse than the Marrone one and, as you correctly stated, could easily have led to the death of the victim. Logically, the consequences for Ben also need to be many times more severe than Michael’s. Let’s see what transpires with the Stokes situation. Looking forward to the second test where I expect the Poms to be more competitive than they were in Brisbane.

  12. Luke Reynolds says

    Totally agree with your ravings, am amazed NZ are letting him play this weekend in their domestic competition.
    Sayers very stiff to not be playing in Adelaide, it may take an injury for him to get a run sadly.

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