Raving Rulebook No 10




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  1. Martin Rumsby says

    Glad you found time to record this in among the work done in preparing for and responding to the Neville Roberts article, Malcolm.Agree with you about picking the best keeper providing he is also handy with the bat. (Nice bit of trivia about the 12 people attending a shield match). I’m looking forward to the AFL draft and rookie selections being completed so that clubs, including the SANFL ones, can finalise squads for 2018.

  2. Jill Tathra says

    Good sporting comments mate. And how about those Socceroos congrats to them.

    Sorry about all the changes in the AFL. Once it was a player who changed clubs who was the odd one out now its the player who stays. Yes they go where the money is and although I think its sad can understand but what about those of us who follow a team we would be treated like dirt if we changed clubs.

  3. RB.. The keeping spot is being thrown around like a piece of confetti. It is a specialist position but is being treated as third fiddle to whoever is the best batsman.

    Imagine Wade keeping to Warnie. Three dropped catches and a missed stumping or two every game.

    Seemingly, being a top fella, and a love of the chirp behind the stumps is given more weighting to selection than the fact he couldn’t keep in a fridge is not that important to the selectors.

    Please keep up the rant. Love it.

  4. Jeff Milton says

    Totally agree you need to pick the best keeper. Apparently that is Tim Paine.
    And the need to have a Marsh in the side continues.
    If Tim Paine and Shaun Marsh don’t work out in Brisbane maybe we could bring back Rod Marsh for the Adelaide Test to fill the need to have a Marsh in the Test side.

  5. Pretty amazing that Italy didn’t end up making it through. Very happy that the Socceroos got through, but definitely not too fond of Juric as a striker and Cahill will have to retire eventually. Definitely looked better with Jedinak in midfield.

  6. Luke Reynolds says

    Rulebook, your bake was spot on, so glad they didn’t make Bancroft keep. At least they picked a proper keeper who can actually keep, odd as the selection was.

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