Raving Rulebook 18


  1. Luke Reynolds says

    Spot as always Malcolm. Whether we like it or not, duty of care is very important.
    As for the A-League Grand Final, that was a shocking miss by the linesman let alone by the review. Can’t think of any sport that has been improved by video reviews or TV umpires. Victory were the better team on the night however.

  2. RB you’ve been around footy and umpiring for a long time. I found the Hawkins report for feathering the umpire absolutely absurd. But greater minds than mine convinced me that rubbing Hawkins out was right because umpires are untouchable. “No matter what the level of contact” said Michael Christian. This week 3 blokes get off for, in my view, much worse examples of “crunching” the umpire (especially S. May). Now I’m completely confused. Hawkins had no more intent (probably less intent) than the three who got off. What’s going on? The AFL is now so political it seems to reside inside its own rectum.

  3. Dips – I reckon you are spot on about “political” and the direct involvement of Steve Hocking in the process makes the AFL a very selective investigator/prosecutor/judge and jury all rolled into one.
    Gold Coast are off to China so we need the best contest to help Kochy market the game overseas. Carlton are struggling so we can’t rub them out because they have a big potential support base.
    Hawthorn and Collingwood players never get rubbed out because Clarko and Eddie have a direct line to God, and Eddie is Trump Lite makind life uncomfortable for anyone who questions him or his.
    Nic Nait and Tomahawk? Eagles and Cats can look after themselves. MRP (Christo picks up his weekly pay cheque Monday morning in the same envelope as the week’s “findings”) and Tribunal are a farce.
    Give unto Caesar what are Caesar’s, and give unto God whatever Gillon wants.

  4. Wait a second! The AFL is appealing the Curnow brothers decisions?? There is commonsense after all? I await the outcome.

  5. Agree with NicNat tackle and Hawkins suspension.

    Can’t believe Curnow/s got off but that’s about as understandable as the continuation of Carlton receiving prime time games.

    Crows should roll out the Iraqi Minister for Propaganda at selection nights – too much hamstring awareness for my liking.

    RB – wouldn’t the Showdown be better if it was Port v Norwood? Beating the Corporation isn’t the same as beating the Legs.

  6. Rulebook says

    Dips I totally agreed with the Hawkins suspension and thought he was lucky to only get 1 as you know
    while I feel that Hawkins was more demonstrive than the others it is ridiculous that they got off but why oh why didn’t the Afl appeal the May decision ohh that’s right they don’t want the game in China to be a thrashing absolutely pathetic,touching umpires is SACROSANCT give them 1 for stupidity.
    PB blue and gold blinkers off,Nic Nat totally correctly suspended,Clarko seems to have to much power and while a great coach has got ahead of himself ( may we’ll be the subject on RR in the future )
    Marc D yes disgusted with the Crows bullshit over there injuries v much so and nup they are all corporate businesses at Afl level I miss the real Norwood v Port rivalry at a strong SANFl level thank you

  7. Rulebook says

    Luke the majority of footy supporters do not understand duty of care what so ever the only sports which benefit from video reviews are where it is conclusive with tennis probably the most notable it certainly hasn’t improved the game we both love cricket
    ( thanks for your help as always mate )

  8. Lovely Lisa says

    As always keeping me up to date, thanks Book.

  9. Cat from the Country says

    The MRP and the Tribunal are lacking fortitude.
    So players who did not touch the umpire were fined.
    If they toched the umpire they must be given a week off.
    This is giving the message that it’s OK to touch/ brush off the umpire … you’ll only be fined.

    Great message for our youngsters.

  10. Sitting in front of the Warning sign was appropriate! Good work, Rulebook!

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